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Scrimmy, Al give that a go first thing tomorow, inability too pick up guitar without dropping is kinda holding me back at the mo, but if it works, many thanks too ya.  smile

I should mention, this was the first record I ever bought....Bright eyes being the one that was bought FOR me! lol



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James, me ole cocker. That is indeed the tune I'm after.:):):):):):)

The part at 1.05 - 1.26 would be greatly appreciated. the part from 0.45 - 1.05 would be an added bonus indeed.

Pretty pretty please, come up with the notes someone. smile  Ad be extremely gratefull. Fanx. smile


Could any kind Chordian possibly help me work out the notes needed to play a riff that I've always loved but can't find anywhere, please?

The song is actually an old Dance/Rave tune from the early 90's or late 80's; Bomb The Bass - Megablast. The tune itself is a version of the music from the film 'Assault on Precinct 13', ye know the one that goes, doot doora doot doora doora, doot doora doot doora doora?  Soz, it's the best explanation of the tune I can muster, being slightly inebriated.

The thing is, me mam gave me a 'Record player' so as I could play all me old vinyl!!!!  Yep, one of 'em fings that plays huge black vinyl CD's lol. So I've been having a whale of a time trawling through my old albums, 12"s and singles.
When I stumbled on this particular tune it reignited my love for it and  I decided I'd like to have a go at it on me ole Guitar, methinks it will be presented to PJ to interpret it. Amy and KT being tempremental little guitars that only play what they want to play,  when they want to play it!! Coupla wee buggers that they are! lol

Anyhoo, it may be that it can't be played on guitar, or that the ole purists would flog me for deigning to let that filthy Dance music near a work of art that is the Guitar, but, ye'd make a rather tiddly, old(well am 34!) man, trying too relive his former youthfull days of dance glory in the form of guitar, rather happy if it ye could help me out. smile

I really would appreciate it if someone knew how ta work it out for me, I just don't know how to play by ear or I would have done it meself. smile

Fanx, Craig. smile

P.S  Soz if I rambled a wee bit there. I'll never learn tae stay away from my pooter whilst I've got a Red Stripe in hand! smile


P.P.S  Happy Boxing Day. smile


P.P.P.S  If ye have to suffer a genre you really can't stand, then I'll appreciate your effort twice as much. smile Fanx again.


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Welcome back Doc.

Not much I can say that hasn't been said, but I sure as hell hope you get fixed up soon. Take care bud and have a good Christmas......:)



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Jackie Wilson says - Dexys Midnight Runners.



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Thoughts are with you Doc. Hope everything turns out well for you.   

Haste ye back. smile


The first album I ever bought was Bomb The Bass - Into The Dragon.
That purchase was too send me down a road of spending a heck of a lot cash on music, I've now got well over a thousand CD albums alone!!  I reckon a record exec somewhere has upgraded his BMW several times on the strength of my purchases alone!! lol

The first one I can recall owning ( although I never bought it) was Tommy - The Who. I pinched the cassete from my fathers car when I was about 11 years old and wore it out within a very short space of time. smile   



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Bonn was the one that done it for me, although Brian Johnson was more than an adequate replacement.

The one member I reckon is irreplacable is actually Malcom Young, strange as that may seem. smile



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Didn't get lucky in the draw and wouldn't pay crazy money too see a band, Even though I would have loved too have been there.

On a Zeppelin note; I got the first session of my new tattoo yesterday, the Hermit from the inner sleeve of IV. By gawd does my back hurt! Only two more sessions to go now.

Having seen The Who and The Stones I'm of the belief that, although they may be just a little slower and a tad older than they used to be, they can stilll put on a show to rival any band around at the moment. I sincerely hope that Zep, and Floyd for that matter, bite the bullet, bury the hatchet and go on tour too show those of us who weren't around first time just why they were so damned good! smile



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'the psychological Barrier of 100 dollars'

I think all that means is; that the price of oil per barrell has never been $100 or more. So, pyscholigacly it would be a bad thing if it did, Re; peoples faith in the econnomy etc. It would probably lead to a slowdown in the econnomy if it broke the barrier of $100.
Hope that makes sense, I know what I'm trying too say but not sure if I've said it! smile



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At the risk of losing whatever street cred this 34yr old still has, I'll tell tell ye another that merits a mention. smile

Phil Collins. Not that keen on his music, but the guy is a pretty good drummer.



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I'll go for Moon the loon. He tips the scales over Ginger Baker purely because Keith is the only LEAD drummer there has ever been! wink

I think Dave Grohl is worth a mention as well.



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Well, I've only been playing for 18 months or thereabouts, maybe nearer 2 years. When I started all I wanted to do was to be able to pick up a guitar and get a tune out of it, which I can do...not a pleasant tune, but a tune nonetheless. smile  So I'm happy enough where I am, I can strum a few tunes, play a few riffs and a few easy solos. My grasp on theory is pretty erratic, forgetting stuff one day but remembering the next.
My practise is deplorable though, guitar isn't my main passion ( although I do love playing ) reading and listening to music is my main passions, so I usually end up cramming any practise I manage to do into a very small part of the day. I start off with the greatest of intentions to work through scales and little excercises though, but always revert to strumming away like a good un. All in all I'm happy where I am with my playing but will continue to progress, albeit it at a slower pace than most I'd imagine. smile



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Yep, best of luck tae the boiz today......I've a feeling we'll need it!

I reckon we'll do well to get a draw off the Italians. My heart says one nil Scotland, I'll be happy with a draw, but my head says two nil Italy. I hope and pray I'm wrong.

Mind ye, I agree with ye on that bet. Might have a cheeky tenner on it myself. smile



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Gawd, this is a toughie. So many to choose from.

I'd probably plump for Yesterday or Let It Be. Although, Brown Shoe, Taxman and Norwegian Wood would run 'em close. smile



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Why not ask a local music store too give away a few free copies when someone purchases a CD by a band in your Genre?

You needn't give away all your discs, just some of them. Maybe that would help create a bit of a buzz around your band and introduce you to a bigger fanbase. Then when they're in the shop asking about YOUR CD, well, that's the time too sell 'em.
Speculate to acumulate.

Can't hurt to give it a go. smile

Good luck.



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Not seen anyone lately but I've got The Pigeon Detectives and Kings Of Leon to look forward too in a couple of weeks. smile

Would love to see Seasick Steve though, saw him on telly at Glastonbury, fantastic. smile



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Foo Fighters are playing at the O2 Arena, 17th and 18th.
Gary Moore is playing Sheperds Bush Empire, 16th.

Just googled em, dunno if they're sold out or not though, sorry. smile


I got an original of God Save The Queen when I bought a stack of old Punk singles. If memory serves me right I paid around a tenner for the lot. A bargain for moi methinks. smile
Only problem is the cover is quite tatty, which knocks a fair few quid off the value. It's not something I would ever consider parting with though. smile



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Cheers for the info Southpaw. Everydays a school day as they say. smile

Doc, I reckon the Brazilian stuff probably will be better, cos thats what the high end guitars use. Why? I know not. But those buggers are bound too have a reason for it. smile



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Re; Rosewood, Doc.  I think the Brazilian variety is a protected tree nowadays. Only a tiny percentage (if indeed any) can be used nowadays. That's why they use the Indian stuff now.....I think.

I don't know if the human ear can honestly tell the difference or not, but I reckon it's one of those things where you don't actually notice it's there, but you'd notice if it was missing. If that makes sense at all.


Yep, Amy Winehouse is a tremendous singer. She doesn't have her problems to seek either, but, I reckon when her hubby gets locked up for his GBH and perverting the course of justice rap she might stand a decent chance of getting clean and taking her career further.


Way too many songs I'd love to play for me to narrow it down to one. However, the sound I would absolutely love to be able to produce has to be Eric Claptons from his Cream days.



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Has to be Gary Oldman. One of the best Actors around imo.

Theme song?  Probably Made Of Stone - Stone Roses. No reason for it, I just love that song. smile


Yep. Her album has bagged a regular spot on my current playlist. teriffic album. smile