They should only include amateur players. Cos if they included pros then the UK team would just be the current Scottish team in a different strip. smile

David, Rangers ARE the best team on the planet, doesn't matter whether anyone recognises this or not! lol.



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Well done on kicking the smokes Roger. Just don't do what I have done and start again. sad

I only managed 20 seconds cos I spilt my coffee and a coupla words of an earthy nature flew out of my mouth. smile

anyone know if there is an affordable gizmo to record lyrics onto?  I was out for a drive yesterday and found myself thinking up what I thought were pretty good lyrics. By the time I'd gotten home I'd forgotten what they were! Much grumpiness for the rest of the day as I tried in vain to coax them from the memory bank.



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Well, if Ken is going for Pete Townshends first guitar.....I want his second one!

Or perhaps Peter Greens Les Paul. smile


What about this one from The Monks....

'I had to take her dancing, I couldn't let her down
So we caught the bus to the other side of town
Out upon the dance floor, I wasn't getting far
So I had a drink with my friends up at the bar
I asked them what they thought of her they fell about the place
And they said nice legs shame about her face'

Maybe not, eh? lol  wink

Perhaps not the sort of lyrics intended, but what about the 2nd and 3rd verse of a certain song by Rabbie Burns?

As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,
So deep in luve am I;
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
Till a' the seas gang dry:

Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi' the sun;
I will luve thee still, my dear,
While the sands o' life shall run.

Not exactly a description of beauty.....but she must have been a 'right wee stoater' (very beautifull) if he came up with lyrics like that for her. smile



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Happy Birthday James. Not a Whisky hand myself, but I'll raise a can of Red Stripe to ya later on tonight.

And many thanx too yerself and the other Administrators and Moderators for your time and effort that makes this site what it is.

Enjoy the football.......but we all know that it's not really football, not when ye use your hands!!!  wink



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I tried one or two Takamine guitars before I plumped for my Simon n Patrick one. There was one in particular that really impressed me ( though I don't remember the model) and I was gonna go for it untill I noticed a pretty bad scratch on the top as well as the back, so I put it back. Sounded really good though.

Enjoy your new guitar rebel. smile



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Disco was basically invented for pissed up Aunts, Mothers and Sisters to embaress themselves dancing at weddings, family gatherings etc. wink


Erm, I might be wrong here but since I'm online I thought I'd get my tuppence worth.
Is it not the case that the Chinese were making a form of Whisky way before us Sweaties and Paddys?  (sweaties; sweaty socks - Jocks. wink )

I thought it was a try as well, untill I seen the TV this morning, his foot rubbed the line just before the ball went down, no try. Not much of a game but over the piece SA deserved it. Well done tae England for reaching the final though.

National song?  Allys Tartan Army - Andy Cameron, perhaps? lol



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Gaye Bikers On Acid.

And their close cousins....

Lesbian Dopeheads On Mopeds.


The first piece I learned was the intro too Sally Cinammon - Stone Roses.
First song I could strum through was Half The World Away - Oasis. That was also the song I made my big breakthrough....being able to sing n strum at the same time. Woohoo! smile

Still can't play anything in its entirety, riffs,solos etc. But I'm getting very close with Mollys Chamber - Kings Of Leon.


Well, my 2007 albums are pretty similar in choice to yours Doc.

Foo Fighters.
KT Tunstall.
White Stripes.
Amy MacDonald - This Is The Life.
Amy Winehouse - Back To Black. Or, Biffy Clyro - Puzzles.

All time list?  Changes on a regular basis tbh. But these 5 will always be hovering around the top.

Stone Roses - Stone Roses.
Paul Weller - Wild Wood.
Stiff Little Fingers - Hanx.
The Who - Tommy.
The Clash - The Clash.


LOL Modtar. Cheers Doc, I like that way that one works. Maybe I'll just call my small collection my Modtars collectively. lol smile

I already have an Amy, Roger. Nice suggestion though.
Annabelle doesn't work for me unfortunately Patrick, but thanx for the suggestion.
Triskele works for me, an unusual name,a nice talking point as well when someone asks about the name. So it's now between Old Dolls Triskele and Katy.

Methinks I'll need to play her for a few hours again today and decide if she sounds more like a Katy or a Triskele. smile  Thats gonna be a fun decision to make, smile woohoo! 


Finally got around too buying myself a half decent acoustic. Ended up with a Simon & Patrick Woodland Cedar ( a lovely mellow sound)........after annoying the shop help with my insistence on faffing around with high end Martins, Taylors and Collings before announcing I couldn't afford 'em anyway! lol. Well, it's probably the only chance I'll get to play one of 'em. smile
Ok, shes maybe not the greatest guitar ever built.......but I fink I'm in lurve with her!! lol

Now I need to find a name for this particularly lovely edition to my guitar family. My Strat is PJ, and my other acoustic is Amy......but what to call my new un????
At the mo, Katy is high on the agenda, after KT Tunstall.

Do any chordians have a suggestion for a good guitar name for my little baby??

Anyhoo, I'm off to smother her with chord shaped love and scale shaped affection. smile

Aint it funny how a guitar can make a big tough Scotsman go all weak at the knees and gooey inside?? lol


Foo Fighters latest album is getting some serious airplay in my pad. As is Amy MacDonald. smile


Hey Rockerchick.

You know all I would say too that?

Don't let the bastards grind you down!  Xcuse the language peeps. smile

You don't have to like anything you don't wanna like either! R&B is shit anyway, so you're 100% right not to go there! lol

Moving to a new area always has the potential of causing grief of some sort. Give it time and I'm sure you'll meet loadsa folks that are into the same sort of stuff as you. As for the ones that say the only good thing about you is that you play guitar......they aint worth knowing anyway.
Wear what ye like, do what ye like and like what ye like! Be yourself and you'll float through life just fine. smile



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Hells Bells - AC/DC perhaps?

Ghost Town - The Specials.



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No, I'm not reading that one. lol   But I'll tell ye what, the fishery I'm just back from has a copy of it in the cabin!!  lol  Maybe I'll take a wee sneaky peek at it. smile



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Hi Jaimey,

I've posted something similar before I think, but I'll mention it again cos I reckon it's a good way of getting ideas for a band name. Take a look at your favourite bands and check out the names of some of the more obscure tracks, B sides (do you still get them?? lol ) album tracks etc. Maybe you'll stumble upon a decent name that way.

Best of luck.



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It's kinda difficult too categorise music today.  R&B is certainly one style, and doncha just hate the way the pilfered the tag R&B?

Over here in the UK I guess if you were to pigeon hole the current sound then it would probably be Indie Rock.

It's easy too see that quite a few of the current groups are influenced by certain groups from the 'old days' wink  The Who, The Stones being just two examples. But then you get groups like New Order/Joy Division and The Smiths from the late 70's early 80's influencing current bands as well.

I reckon if you make music then absolutely everythiing you listen too, or have listened too is going to be an influence on your sound. Whether you actually realise this (or not) when you are composing a tune is a different mattter. smile



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I read a tremendous volume of books. In fact, I read so much that it's actually too the detriment of guitar practise. sad

The last couple of books I have been reading are; Ian Rankin - Rebus; Exit Music.  David Fraser - A life of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, and a couple of books on fly fishing (my latest hobby), and a rather lenghty one regarding the history of the Knights Templar. That particular one being an extremely difficult piece of work to get my head around!

I've read quite a few instructional books on guitar as well, the latest being Chords and Scales the complete theory.

History of the ancient world, trashy 'whodunnit' novels, Biographies.....if it has words then I'll be tempted to pick it up.

But a word of caution. Don't believe everything you read! smile



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The Who. Stiff Little Fingers. Black Sabbath. Kings Of Leon. The Clash.



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Surprised that Ken never mentioned them, imo one of the most underated bands ever are Stiff Little Fingers.

When people talk about Punk Rock it always amazes me that SLF hardly ever get the credit that the Pistols or The Clash receive.
A tremendous band imo.



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Agree with Jerome on this one. It's very hard too come up with something original nowadays. Like he said, everyone is influenced by someone.

I was going to say the Happy Mondays until I read the part about using other bands riffs. They ripped off everyone from Donovan to John Denver! Their sound was imo pretty unique and original, and they influenced quite a few bands.



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An old workmates sister who happens to be a model lived round the corner from me for a while. We were always winding him up about it, saying we saw her on page 3 of The Sun (topless modeling for those outwith the UK) and cutting the heads of the page 3 girls and swapping them for a previously purloined pic of his Sister! Childish, I know....but amusing nonetheless.   Note: she never done glamour modeling at all.

One day when he was dropping me off from work his sister was walking past, so purely to wind him up a wee bit I turned round and started walking backwards looking at her whilst making the obligatory 'PHWOOOAAAR' faces......turned round and walked straight into a lampost!!

Lying on my arse with my workmate and his Sister both laughing hysterically at me, my 'wind up' didn't seem quite as amusing. lol



If I was too choose a more recent effort then I would plump for Kings Of Leon - Holly Roller Novocaine.