Well at least we got ya laughing.  smile

No worries JJ.  You're among friends here.  smile And I know how you feel about being out of touch where you live, not around many folk.  We're in the same boat.  You've never been in a boat accident have you????  Maybe I better drive.....   lol 



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Yup, I love Supertramp.  Had all their albums.  smile  Always nice when a song or artist can bring back great memories.  smile

You know why you feel like crap?  Because even though it wasn't your child coming in to harm's way, you were still paying more attention to this innocent child than it's own parents.  I see it happen every day.  I'm driving in our neighborhood and there are countless young kids, running out in the middle of the street and the parents are nowhere to be seen, or standing and chatting with another neighbour.  Then you read in the paper the next day about how a child was hurt or killed by a vehicle and the parent's quotes are something like this, "I just looked away for a second".  It only takes a second for an accident to happen.  So many times I've seen parents in public with their kids or at a function and they seem to think that everyone else will watch out for their kids, that they're on holiday or something and don't need to.  It's very weird.  So JJ, I think you're probably more upset at the parents than anything else.  THEY should have been watching their child, not you!  But for their sake, thank goodness a caring soul like you was on guard.  Just my opinion and I know that not all parents are like that.


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Hey Al,

I just pre-ordered the new Green Day off iTunes.  Comes out this Friday here.  It downloaded one song immediately.  Sounds great!  Hope you get it for your birthday.  smile

Yup got a new amp.  A Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.  It's sweeeeet!  We've got to do a whole lot of practising before we record anything these days.  :LOL 

Have a great day!



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There's a great write up about Foxboro HotTubs on Wiki. 

"Foxboro Hot Tubs and 21st Century Breakdown: 2007–present
Green Day recently released a new album under the name Foxboro Hot Tubs entitled Stop Drop and Roll!!!. In an interview with Kerrang!, Billie Joe revealed that 2008 would "be a fair estimate of the release date of their new untitled eighth studio album."[35] In a recent interview with Carson Daly, Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson revealed that Butch Vig would be producing Green Day's forthcoming album.[36] In October 2008 Green Day returned to the studios with Butch Vig, to start recording the new studio album. Two videos showing the band in the studio were posted on YouTube.[37][38] In the tour section of the band's official website, the message "World Tour coming soon!" is shown.[39] In the December 9 issue of Alternative Press, in-depth details about the new album were released. According to the interview, Green Day are recording in the same studio as they did for American Idiot, Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood, California. "This album is more... religious", and is influenced by Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and The Beatles, to name a few.[40] Billie Joe Armstrong said when he was being interviewed for Kerrang!'s readers poll, that it will be more power pop than punk rock.[41] The new album will be titled 21st Century Breakdown and will be released worldwide on May 15, 2009.[42]"

I was at my guitar store last month buying my new Amp when I heard one of these songs come on.  I asked Jerrett if that was Green Day .  He said yes and no, it's Foxboro Hot Tubs.  I immediately came home and bought it on iTunes.  And yes, it is a very silly name.  big_smile


Great story JJ and pics too.  Sorry about your mate.  Sounds like you've got lots of lovely memories though.  smile  And Guitarpix!  I'm so jealous of your beach pic!  I miss the water so much being from the East Coast of Canada originally.  Thanks for sharing, both of you!


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Love the lyrics.  Can't wait to hear it!



(11 replies, posted in Bands and artists)

Cool Ken.  Thanks for the review.  I'll have to check it out.  Have you heard their other CD/Band, "Foxboro Hot Tubs"?  It's great!  Can't wait to hear the new Green Day one though.  Should be a great concert for you and the missus. 



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I found a lower action was better for me as a novice.  I'm lucky enough to have the guys at my guitarshop able to do it for me and if it's not right, they'll tweak it till it is.  smile  I think the action or height of the strings off the fretboard is a very personal thing.  Too high and it may be hard to play and to low and you can get buzzing.  My only advice is to get someone who knows what they are doing to adjust the truss rod for you or at least show you how to do it.  You could damage your neck if you don't know what you're doing. 



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Way to go everyone!  Nothing better than going out to the garden to pick your own food.  I don't grow as many veggies as I used to (we have a great farmer's market each sunday very close that I buy local produce, chicken, bison etc) but I still have a very lovely herb garden, all perennials with some annuals thrown in each spring.  I usually grow some arugula, lettuce and spinach in a big tub each year now.  Tomatoes most years too.  The rest of the yard is all perennials, vines, trees, shrubs, lawn for Bocce Ball and a hammock and a few pots and hangers of annuals around.  That's enough work for me.  Gotta save sometime for playing the guitar.  wink 



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My guitar teacher introduced me to Joe Bonnamassa a while back.  Crazy guitar player.  Bought one of his albums.  Love it.



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Sounds like an amazing weekend Badeye!  I remember seeing Joe Murphy a few times.  Great band.  I'm jealous.  Especially the location.  sad  Homesick and all when I hear you talk about the bars, bands and places.  Oh well.  Just keeping writing about it here for me to enjoy.  We have two Neil Young DVD concerts.  Neil Young Heart of Gold, 2006 is mostly his Prairie Wind album.  And they say he made it after he found out about his illness and thought he might not make it, so there are times you can hear that in his lyrics, very haunting.  The more rocking one we have is Neil Young Red Rocks Live.  A bit more of a rock show.  It's from 2000, so a bit younger Neil performing.  The musicians he has performing with him are brilliant.


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My friend in Halifax mentioned that as well.  Let's hope it's true for you all.  smile



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That's awesome craig23.  I tried fooling around with iTunes.  Got it to open a song from iTunes in Windows Media Player but it wouldn't play.  Says it must be converted, as you said.  I'll keep trying though.  Thanks again for the tip.



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Lots of Willie Nelson tunes.  "On the Road Again" is a pretty upbeat one.


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swredman wrote:

Thank you all for the advice guys (and gals I take it).

I was hoping that avatar could pass for a girl too.  :LOL

Here's another one I found when I first started that was very helpful and free. 

http://www.looknohands.com/chordhouse/g … ex_db.html

Has every chord imaginable.  The diagram of it, how it sounds, you can save it or even print them off. 

RavenLady (Heather)


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Hey swerdman and marcustee!  Welcome and congrats on taking the big step of learning to play guitar.  I too picked it up in my 40's almost 3 years ago.  It's been the best thing I've ever done for myself.  big_smile:  It's an amazing feeling when you can play a note, chord, riff, song, whatever that you couldn't do at first.  Don't get discouraged if you seem at an impasse at some point and don't feel like you're progressing.  It happens to us all.  Just work past it and all of a sudden you'll notice an improvement in your playing again.  smile  There's lots of great instructional books with CD's and DVD's, for all levels and styles.  I take lessons weekly (fortunate enough to be able to) and would highly recommend it if you can too.  Finding a teacher that's right for you can be frustrating sometimes, so if you don't like your teacher, move on and find another one!  Try and find other people to play with and learn from too if you can.  And just have fun! 

swerdman I just got a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (tweed, so cool) a couple of weeks ago.  I love it!  Good luck to both of you!



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Acoustic: 6th Ave. Heartache by The Wallflowers and Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan
Electric:  Saving Grace by Tom Petty I believe???? 



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alvee33 wrote:


What would I do without you?

Don't know Al.  Let's keep in touch and not find out.  wink



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KajiMa wrote:

Hey Alvee,

Or I could be talking complete cods and it's all refering to what the Fab Four reputedly consumed in Buck House when going for a gong.

Exactly!  Your closer with that example KajiMa my dear.  wink  From Wikipedia:

"4:20 or 4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) refers to consumption of cannabis and, by extension, a way to identify oneself with cannabis drug subculture.

The origin of the term stems from a story about a group of teenagers at San Rafael High School in San Rafael, California, United States in 1971.[1][2] The teens would meet after school at 4:20 p.m. to smoke marijuana at the Louis Pasteur statue. The exact time was chosen because that was the time that afternoon detention was dismissed."  cool

And you're WAY off with what bogarting a doobie means.  Bogarting is hogging it all for yourself, not passing it around, sitting chatting away and smoking it all yourself, like my brother in law does!  mad

There is a Humphrey Bogart actor too though.


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Great advice, proceed with extreme caution.


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getfiddle wrote:

Happy 420 to everyone. I'm sitting here with a fat one in my hand.

You gonna bogart that or pass it around, dude???



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Wow,  a Dr. Hook Tune!  Sorry harry, wish I could help ya but good luck.  Great old Band.

Guitarpix wrote:

Hannah Montana " Let's go Crazy"   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZezxacTpvw4

I Keed, I Keed, I just make a little joke (said in my best Triumph the insult dog voice) smile I would never!

I don't know Guitarpix.  You know here name and the name of her song????   :LOL