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Hi Tunedeaf,

No bashing from me, in fact I will let you into a little secret as long as you promice not to tell anyone else. I often play F as x33211 and Bm as a xx4432 especially if I am learning a song or I want a quick chord change.

The fact is I learnt to play them that way. I then later had to learn to play them as barre chords and I wished that I had done it properly from the start which was the reason I was advising Rich to learn the barre chord now.

Maybe you and Cytania are right. Rich will certainly be able to play these chords easier this way and if it keeps him playing, then that is good.



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Hi Rich

The easy answer is to transpose the song to a different key. Down one semitone and F becomes E, down 2 semitones and Bm becomes Am. However the real answer is to actually learn to play them. Try and find a song that you know that has either one F or one Bm in each verse (or transpose the key until it does) and practice on that.

As you probably realise, it has been written in the forum time and time again, the three key words to learning to play the guitar (or any instument for that matter) are practice, practice and then more practice.

Persevere and you will find it slowly getting easier as your fingers get stronger, more supple and automatically go to the right position.

Good luck



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Another one of your classics James. I put a country style waltz backing to this and both Igor and I enjoyed it. Igor liked it that much he even sang the harmony. lol

Roger and Igor


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Hi Steve,

I am no expert, there are far more qualified people out there, but I do get by recording so I have some practical experience.

Firstly you do not need your powered speaker as your mike would pick from there also but you will need headphones to monitor your input. So basically your mike and instruments are fed to your mixer along with any device for backing tracks and you use your mixer to control your volume levels etc. Connect your mixer to your PC and you should be ready to record. You may need to purchase a lead and adaptor to interface your mixer and PC but that should be fairly straightforward.

You also need to try and control the noise in the environment you record in, dogs barking and children shouting can ruin an otherwise perfect take.

I hope this is for help



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Hi James,

I thought I had replied to this earlier but I must have had a 'senior moment'.

You have done it again another superb song. As you did not state the rhythm for this one I put it to a slow waltz tempo. The romantic songs are always my favourite and I really like this one. I think I will soon be able to perform a whole evening with songs I have hijacked from you and other Chordie songwriters <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif" border=0 alt="Laughing">



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So DLC is Donna then,

I have just visited MySpace and come 'hot foot' back to post this.

I really enjoyed "I'll Be With Those Angels" and I will listen to it again and the others later. I told you that I liked it when you first posted it on the forum. I like it even more now I have heard it. Well done.

Just to make it easier for anyone else to locate your site here is the URL:

<a href="http://www.myspace.com/donnaconnis" target="_blank">http://www.myspace.com/donnaconnis</a>



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Hello James,

This is Igor, Roger is resting after playing  "My House of Cards" six times on the trot to amuse me, so I am replying on his, and my, behalf.

I found a thigh-slapping, foot-stompin, yeehaw style that I have been trying to get him to use for ages and it worked for your song just great. The words are amusing and we have had a grand time this afternoon, thanks to you.

Talk to you again soon

Igor (pp Roger)


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Hi Moddish,

I have just played your song and I am also very impressed. Like Ken I omitted playing the A chords. I liked it without the A and not knowing where it is placed, and of course not knowing the melody line, I did as they say in the song and 'I Did It My Way'. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif" border=0 alt="Laughing"> 

The Am to Em change is a sound that I am particularly fond this is a cracking effort. Well done.



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Hey Alex,

You took me by surprise but in no way am I offended. Quite the opposite in fact.

The fact is I really enjoy playing other people's songs and <u>every</u> song that is posted here in the chopro format (and a lot that are not) I will play and sing. I generally write a backing track to help me get a feel of the song and to keep me in time.

But what I like best of all is to hear non-professionals performing their own work. I do not care if they are not the world's best guitarist or singer (I certainly am not) and I will always do my best to encougage others to try.

I had better go now as Igor is getting impatient for us to select the next victim, sorry song to perform. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif" border=0 alt="Laughing">



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Oh Alex, what can I say. My plan has totally backfired.

For the benefit of our Chordie friends out there I had better offer an explanation. I, like several others, was very impressed with Alex's first attemp at songwriting. In an effort to encourage him to perform the song I wrote, recorded sent him a backing track. Although pleased with the track he was still reluctant to record the song.

OK, so plan 'B' comes into operation. I recorded the song myself and sent him it thinking it will be so different from how Alex envisioned it he will do the correct version himself. It just goes to show how wrong I can be.

What can I say? Only thank you to Alex for writing "I'm Lost" and I am pleased you liked my interpretation of it.



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Hi moddish,

Well done unfortunately it is too late to get out my guitar and play your song. I shall do that tomorrow and post a comment then. I just thought I would let you know about the formatting. For a first attempt you have done far better than I did, you got it just about right but the first word SONG should be in capital letters and you omitted the final /SONG again it is in capitals and the square brackets. It is these two commands at the start and finish that change the format and put the song in a box. A very minor point, where you have put admin should be your name.

I hope that helps



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Hi Alex,

I am not going to argue with a guy who has been to music college and I am sure that in fact we both mean the same thing an A chord with the second string open. It is listed as an A4 in the chord chart from Chordie resources where I got my information from. My apologies to bloodfingers for getting the chord name wrong.



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Hi bloodfingers,

After looking at the video of what you are wanting to play I have transposed and altered the chords to the start of the song. With your cappo on the second fret play the chord shapes shown and you should be OK

<div class="song"><link rel="StyleSheet" href="../css/chordie.css" type="text/css" media="screen" title="Chordie style"><div id="singlesong"><div id="singlesongc"><div class="header"><h1 class="finaltitle"> Home</h1><h2 class="finalartist" style="text-decoration: none">Daughtry</h2></div><div class="song"><div id="firstcol"><div class="textline">

</div><div class="textline">

</div><div class="chordline"><span class="bracket">[</span><span class="inlc"><span class="absc">E</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>    <span class="bracket">[</span><span class="inlc"><span class="absc">A4</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>    <span class="bracket">[</span><span class="inlc"><span class="absc">E</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>    <span class="bracket">[</span><span class="inlc"><span class="absc">A4</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>    <span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">E</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>

</div><div class="textline">

</div><div class="chordline"><span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">E</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>I'm staring out in<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">A4</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>to the night,

</div><div class="chordline"><span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">E</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>Trying to hide the pai<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">A4</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>n.

</div><div class="chordline"><span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">E</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>I'm going to the pl<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">A4</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>ace where love

</div><div class="chordline">An<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">C#m</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>d feeling good don'<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">Dmaj7</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>t ever cost a t<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">A4</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>hing.

</div><div class="chordline">An<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">C#m</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>d the pain you feel's a d<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">Dmaj7</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>ifferent kind of pain.<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">A4</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>

</div><div class="textline">

</div><div class="textline">

</div><div class="chordline"><span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">E</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>Well I'm going <span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">Dmaj7</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>home,

</div></div><div id="secondcol"><div class="chordline">Back to the<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">A4</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span> place where I be<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">Dmaj7</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>long,

</div><div class="chordline">And where your <span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">C#m</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>love has always<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">Dmaj7</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span> been enough for m<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">A4</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>e.

</div><div class="chordline"><span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">E</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>I'm not running <span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">Dmaj7</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>from.

</div><div class="chordline">No,<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">A4</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span> I think you got me all <span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">Dmaj7</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>wrong.

</div><div class="chordline"><span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">C#m</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>I don't regret this <span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">Dmaj7</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>life I chose for m<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">A4</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>e.

</div><div class="chordline">But these<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">C#m</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span> places and these<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">Dmaj7</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span> faces are getting o<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">A4</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>ld,

</div><div class="chordline">So I'm going home<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="inlc"><span class="absc">E</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>.          <span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">A4</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>

</div><div class="chordline">Well I'm going<span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">E</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span> home.        <span class="bracket">[</span><span class="relc"><span class="absc">A4</span></span><span class="bracket">]</span>

</div><div class="textline">

</div></div><div class="grids"><img class="chord" alt="A4" src="http://www.chordimages.com../ramimages/i8/A4chord_002200_1.png" /> <img class="chord" alt="C#m" src="http://www.chordimages.com../ramimages/i7/Csharpmchord_NN2120_1.png" /> <img class="chord" alt="Dmaj7" src="http://www.chordimages.com../ramimages/i9/Dmaj7chord_NN0222_1.png" /> <img class="chord" alt="E" src="http://www.chordimages.com../ramimages/i1/Echord_022100_1.png" /> </div></div></div><div style="display:none">



[E]    [A4]    [E]    [A4]    [E]

[E]I'm staring out in[A4]to the night,

[E]Trying to hide the pai[A4]n.

[E]I'm going to the pl[A4]ace where love

An[C#m]d feeling good don'[Dmaj7]t ever cost a t[A4]hing.

An[C#m]d the pain you feel's a d[Dmaj7]ifferent kind of pain.[A4]

[E]Well I'm going [Dmaj7]home,

Back to the[A4] place where I be[Dmaj7]long,

And where your [C#m]love has always[Dmaj7] been enough for m[A4]e.

[E]I'm not running [Dmaj7]from.

No,[A4] I think you got me all [Dmaj7]wrong.

[C#m]I don't regret this [Dmaj7]life I chose for m[A4]e.

But these[C#m] places and these[Dmaj7] faces are getting o[A4]ld,

So I'm going home[E].          [A4]

Well I'm going[E] home.        [A4]


I hope that helps,



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Hi gitaardocphil,

My answer to your question is probably not really what you were looking for as I have to say my parents are responsible.

Christmas 1958 (I was 11) Father Christmas left my brother and I a four string, plastic, Elvis Presley guitar each. It came with an autochord, a plastic device to attach on the fingerboard and press buttons to play the chords (G Em C & D7 I think). No complicated fingering or painful finger at that stage. I remember the songbook that came with it had 'Home On The Range' in it and we drove our parents mad continually playing it. The beauty of it was we were making music with very little effort. Plastic wears and breaks and we moved on, learning properly on six strings but if it were not for that gift I would not be writing to you now.

The attached photo is me, my late father and my brother Colin, with our Elvis guitars, Christmas 1958.



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Hi Altex

Glad to hear you are back, we've been missing your imput. How is the Altex/James McCormick venture progressing?



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Hey Ken, I put out the challenge perhaps a heavy metal fan will take it up and produce a rock version of With You. Only time will tell....



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Hi lx_rubin,

The last live rock show I went to was here in Portugal and the star was Rui Veloso. OK I had not heard of him either but he is 'the father of rock and roll' here and has been their number one performer for many years. Although I could not understand a word, my Portugese is terrible, I thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

What I found incredible though was that there were younsters to senior citizens  not only tapping feet and clapping hands to the music but singing along to his songs. Everyone enjoyed it and the atmosphere was electric.



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Hello everyone out there in Chordieland,

I have always said that give two musicians a set of chords and words and you will end up with two completely different songs. I spoke to Ken and James about this and we thought it would be fun to see what happened if Ken and I recorded one of James's songs. We have both recorded "With You" and the results are very different. Hear for yourself. Ken's is on YouTube with a cracking video:

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VzifUoDRqc" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VzifUoDRqc</a>

Mine is on MySpace, no video I'm afraid, just a 37 year old photo of my first wife:

<a href="http://www.myspace.com/rogerclive" target="_blank">http://www.myspace.com/rogerclive</a>

I hope one day we will hear James's version of how he intended it but until then if anyone else wants to record their version of this song James, Ken and I would be very interested to hear it.



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Amen to that Bootlegger.


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And I did and it was good!! In fact I am going to add this one to my repertoire, I sing far too many serious songs and need some lighter ones. With your permission of course James.



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I have to agree with happi munki's expression wow is the right word especially as this is your first. Reading the thread I am also pleased that James McCormick sorted out your earlier problems with the formatting as I was able to just pick up my old guitar and sing your song. A little morbid it may be but the chords changes flowed nicely and the lyrical temp was good. I will finish by saying there is nothing crappy about it and keep them coming.



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I do not think there are any hard and fast rules with this one Ron. I think you should use whatever you feel comfortable with and whatever produces the sound you want to hear. They are not too expensive so why not get a selection and find what suits you.

As an aside, where does one get Chordie plectrums from Ken? I have never seen them in my local music stores mind you I am in Portugal but if they are available in the UK I can soon get some sent over.



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Hi Ken,

I just tried that but the access is limited to privileged users. Perhaps through the abuse me thinks!



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Hi James,

You have either led a very exciting life or you have a fertile imagination.

In spite of your introductory note I wonder where the inspiration for this song came from! Please watch out for flying frying pans! <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif" border=0 alt="Laughing">

Seriously though, It reads through very well, I shall transfer it to my 'Hijacked Songbook' and play it as soon as I have left the forum.



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I have been following this thread with interest and surprised that there has been no mention of Hank Marvin. Oh well, perhaps I am just too old and it is all youngsters out there in Chordie land. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif" border=0 alt="Laughing">