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This is the second of my quadrilogy (hope that is the right word) of songs for the love that never was. I have uploaded it on MySpace at URL:


I Need You By My SideRoger Guppy


Verse 1:

[D]Oh my darling how [Bm]I love you,

With [Em]all my heart and [A]soul

There [D]is no one [Bm]quite likeyou,

I [G]need you [A]by my [D]side.[Bm]

Verse 2:

I [D]only have to [Bm]hear your name,

Or your [Em]voice, or see your [A]face,

My [D]heart beat goes on [Bm]triple time,

I [G]need you [A]by my [D]side.[Bm][D][Bm]


[G]I need you [A]by my side,

There’s [G]no one else but [A]you,

[G]My prayer will [A]always be,

[G]For you to love me [A]too.

Verse 3:

Your [D]sweet perfume is [Bm]all it takes,

To [Em]set my head in a [A]spin,

Only [D]you can make me [Bm]feel this way,

I [G]need you [A]by my [D]side.[Bm][D][Bm]


[G]I need you [A]by my side,

There’s [G]no one else but [A]you,

[G]My prayer will [A]always be,

[G]For you to love me [A]too.

Verse 4:

To [D]see you here in [Bm]front of me,

Would be [Em]my idea of [A]heaven,

E[D]specially if you’d [Bm]say to me,

[G]You need me [A]by your [D]side,

Just [G]you and [A]me for [D]ever,

[G]You and [A]me side by [D]side.



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Another good song James.

After reading Ken's comments I got out the denture fixative and practiced the phrase before I attempting to sing this one, it flows nicely and I do agree with the sentiment. How you and Ken keep coming up with these ideas I will never know. Songs about fleas!!! peanuts!! some lateral thinking is needed on my part I think.

I have to add that following your answer to my question about copying songs posted here I have been able to copy, print and sing the song in next to no time. Thank you again.



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Thank you James,

I somehow thought that you would come up with a solution for my problem. I will give it a try at the earliest opportunity.


I have just found "Flabby-Assed Buffoons". The ideal candidate!


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Hello Warren,

Welcome to the Chordie forum. I am not an experienced songwriter but I have just played though your song and then sat and re-read the lyrics and I have to say that it is very much the type of song that I have written, not that I write that many, but very emotional. I hope that this is not written from experience, although from the amount of feeling expressed I suspect it probably is. I think, particuly as this is only the second song you have written, that there is merit and potential in your writing.

Keep them coming.



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Is there an easy way to print out a song as it is seen posted in the forum? A standard print command prints it as a text file and the only way that I have found is longwinded. I have to:

1. Right click on the song and select all (I am unable to select just the song this selects everything, adverts, the lot)

2. Right click on it again and select copy

3. Minimise Chordie and open Word

4. Right click and paste

5. Highlight the just the song, right click and copy

6. Open a new document, right click and paste

7. Save as text

8. Open 'By The Chord' to be able to print it as seen.

There must be an easier way, but I have not found it- help please. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_confused.gif" border=0 alt="Confused">



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Hi Ken,

I just had the same problem getting here from my 'favourites' shortcut I had to search through Google to get here.



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Ken I can't wait to hear the performance of "I Used To". Proof that even the most unusual ideas can be the inspiration for a song!



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Hello andy.d,

Welcome to Chordie. I am afraid the only advice I can offer here is to edit each song and remove anything on the page that is not neccessary. As most songs I have ever printed take two pages each I think your 50 will still take 100 pages though.

I hope someone can come up with a better solution for you.



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Thank you James and Ken,

James, I wrote four songs for the love that never was (I hasten to add she has in fact become a good friend). I am working on the other 3 to depersonalise them and will post them here as soon as they are ready. And James I would never describe your songwriting as gravel, I, and I am sure many others, enjoy your contributions - keep them coming. But the big question on everybodies lips is <u>what has happened to Hot Monkey Love ?</u>

In answer to your question about the equipment I use, Ken. I had to rebuild my PC last September and I did go OTT on the soundcard. I bought a Creative X-Fi Platinum which has the big advantage of having a front panel with all the input and output connectors, but I could have probably managed just as well with a cheaper one. James's song and my two songs I created the same way. I used Band-in-a-Box to make the basic backing track and then transferred this to a Tascam 4track Portastudio where I was able then to record a second guitar, oohs, arrs and harmonies on to the track. Then record my voice and playing over this finished backing track. I bought the Potastudio second hand and for little money a few weeks ago and it makes multi track recording easy.

I wonder if you James, or Ken or anyone who is follow this thread has any songwriting projects on the go at the moment that you can tell us about.



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Hello everyone,

Back in January I posted the words and chords to "How I Love You". Since then, with help and advise from James McCormick, I have re-vamped the lyrics, added an extra verse and put it on MySpace at URL:

<a href="http://www.myspace.com/rogerclive" target="_blank">http://www.myspace.com/rogerclive</a>

The attachment is the revised words.


Hi D.L.C

From private correspondence I know you are not sure how to post your songs in chopro-format to appear with the chords above the lyrics and in the correct places. To help I have started re-writing I'll Be With Those Angels for you. I will let you complete it as I am not 100% sure that I am putting the chords in the right place for you. As I said in an earlier message go to www.bythechord.com to check it. (I am so grateful to James McCormick for directing me to that site it is so useful). Dont forget at the end  to put [/SONG]

I hope that this is of help



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Sorry for the typing error it should be www.bythechord.com

Roger <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_redface.gif" border=0 alt="Embarassed">


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Hi Sandsoftime,

Sorry, I forgot to mention in my previous message that Chordie is in the process of starting a sister site for us to be able to publish our songs. The plan is for us to be able to upload, not only the words and chords, but also a MP3 version of the song being performed. Check the Songwriters section of the forum and scroll down to the 7th August 2006 thread from Admin titled 'Publish your songs on the Internet' for more info. I think there are a lot of us eagerly awaiting this site to come on line.



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OK David 137, straight from the horse's mouth so as to speak (no slight intended there cheetarah, it is only an expression and I don't want to be the target of a lady's wrath). Ignore what us men have been saying, listen to what the lady has to say and you're bound to be on a winner.

When you write this song you must post it on here with a report of how it was received as many of us now have  a great interest in your romance.



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Hi D.L.C,

I have just played and sung your song 'I'll Be With Those Angels' and I enjoyed it, thank you. I did however have a little difficulty fitting the lyrics to the melody in places but that may just be my interpretation and style of performing it. If you are able to record it why not put it on YouTube or MySpace and post the URL here. I have said it before, if you give two musicians the same words and chords and you will have two different songs so it would be nice to hear your interpretation of your song. On saying that though it is actually good to hear a completely different interpretation of a song.

As for backing your singing you are able to write your own backing tracks with a program like Band-In-A-Box (www.pgmusic.com). You write the chords, select the style and tempo and you have a very good backing track to enhance your singing and playing. You have drums, bass and other instuments playing along with you, and you can change instruments and the volume of each to suit your needs. There are probably other similar programs but this is the only one I know.

Finally if you want to write in chopro-format read through the first announcement of the Songwiting section titled Post Formatted Songs it explains how to write in chopro-format so that your songs posted here will have the chords above the lyrics. It needs to be written in plain text (not as a Word document) and you can always check that it looks OK first by visiting www.bythchord.com as in the resourses there you can browse your song and even print it to check it is OK before posting it here.

Good luck and keep up the songwriting.



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Hi Ken,

Just watched and enjoyed you new video. I will elaborate a little more on what I wrote on YouTube.

You have very cleverly crafted the video to your song and I only hope that time has at least softened if not healed the wounds of the one you wrote this for. I am sure that they took a lot of comfort from it at the time.

Well done



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Hi bigrinwv,

This is the second time you have raised this query and both times I have spent quite some time trying to reproduce what is happening to you without much success, I'm afraid.

The only way that I can get a remove message is by accessing a song already in my songbook. At all other times I get the add message. If you are not accessing songs already in your book I am afraid I cannot help.

Good luck



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Hi Sandsoftime,

Welcome to Chordie. I think you were asking how to put a s new ong onto the Chordie database. Chordie is basically a search engine and so it does not have it's own database but accesses the other ones on the 'net. To have a song available on Chordie it has to be on the 'net elsewhere and then by letting admin know the URL for it they can sort it out. If you look in Resourses under frequently asked questions you will find further info there. I hope I did not misunderstand your question and that this is of help.



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By popular request, well by James McCormicks request actually, I have also posted this song to YouTube at


I think that this is easier to access.

However if you want the DVD to own it is available only by mail order through this site at a mere �10.00 plus p&p

Autographed  copy by Roger        �20.00 plus p&p

Autographed by Roger and James    �30.00 plus p&p

If you want the composers autograph you will have to wait for the time machine to be completed.

James this is private for you so I know no one else will read it. We go thirds with the profits after expences on this. However if Charles Converse does not collect his third in person we will split that also. Is that OK with you?



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That was very deep James,

If I translated your comments correctly are you saying that David 137 should ignore anything that he is thinking of to write and just write what his lady wants to hear to gain her fair hand? <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_confused.gif" border=0 alt="Confused">



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Hi badeye,

Your efforts have spurred me on to write another verse:

I can't get no relaxation,

She won't accept no explanation,

Every hour I have to prove,

My devotion with Hot Monkey Love,

And I'm tired, and I'm tired, and I'm tired and I'm tired,

I can't take no, no, no, no, no more Monkey Love. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif" border=0 alt="Laughing">  <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif" border=0 alt="Laughing">  <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif" border=0 alt="Laughing">



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Hi James,

I was very impressed with this song.

I live, in a caravan, in Portugul at an orange grove. There are only 5 of us here. Michael, the owner, who has 15 cats, one of which (TT) has adopted me and has lived with me for 6 months now and is my constant companion. Neighbour Debbie has 3 cats and there are between 6 and 10 ferals around at any one time. I therefore have quite a collection of feline photographs and your song gave me an idea for a video. This URL will take you there and I hope you like my interpertation of your efforts.

<a href="http://www.veoh.com/videos/v229309n4wbJpMa" target="_blank">http://www.veoh.com/videos/v229309n4wbJpMa</a>

My 'recording studio' is my awning and all the photo's are mine. As a little aside I was particularly pleased with the picture of Liver and her 3 kittens as she is completely wild and will not let any of us within 10 feet of her. TT (Twinkle Toes), my companion who likes to play in puddles, opens the video.

I look forward to your comments and anyone else's who cares to watch it.



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James like Altex I enjoyed your new song but just to personalise your latest creation I have written my own last verse <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif" border=0 alt="Laughing"> 

My church is fast becoming the place I make new friends,

My church gives me help,advice,amusement without end,

My church is a place where folk all over the world come,

My church is, of course, the one and only Chordie Forum.



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My initial thoughts on 'Hot Monkey Love' were to write new lyrics to a well known Stones song but doubling up on the first two lines. It started like this:-

I can't get no satisfaction,

I can't get the right reaction,

I just want my honey dove,

To make with me Hot Monkey Love.

But I tried and I tried and tried and I tried,

I can't get no, no, no, no, no Monkey Love.

It did not really flow and I got stuck there I'm afraid so I was waiting for the other, more prolific lyricists, Like yourself, Ken and ZombiE to mention but a few to come up with some ideas.



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Hello MusicalMonkey,

I agree whole heartedly with pondrat15's comments. Most of us play for the pleasure of doing so, it does not matter if we cannot play well, it does not matter if we cannot sing well, as long as we enjoy what we are doing and are not harming anyone else, well, get on with it my friend and have fun. I have been playing rhythm guitar for for 48 years as a backing for my singing and have enjoyed every second of it. I have played in bands, duos and gone solo so keep at it and do not be disheartened.

As for easy songs to play you need to do no more than look in the Public books under Absolute Beginners to find some suitable songs. In fact look through any of the songbooks and you will find the words and chords for the songs so you need to be a rhythm player to perform them.

Good luck to you,