A suggestion. Why not leave these open and have anysong that mentions colour and anyinstrumental piece without choosing specific numbers? This way there will be a greater variety of offerings.


OK I have not been here for a while so I am going to start March off with a cover of Jeff Gilpin song, although I have adapted the original to personalise for my Baby Girl, Donna:




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I have moved your post as this is an 'About Chordie' question.

The usual cause of this type of problem is 'cookies' (and not the ones you find in the pantry smile ). Please try clearing your cookies and see is this resolves your problem.



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Is that you in disguise Ken? If so welcome back, if it is not Ken then welcome anyway. smile



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I have never been a fan of Gibsons. I am not comfortable with the neck, the semi-acoustic (or hollow bodied electric, if you prefer) models are far too heavy and I have always considered them overpriced. However I would be very sad to see them go out of business and I am hoping for a turn round for them.



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Phill Williams wrote:
Baldguitardude wrote:
topdown wrote:

That is so bad I almost reported this post as offensive. Not Dilly Dilly big_smile

Quit gherkin me around!

Well you two seem to know your onions?

Eggzactly smile


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Thanks Doug. I never knew that, but just tried it and it works. big_smile



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Wow. Actually you are right, I am crazy and have been for years. It runs in the family. lol

I really enjoyed listening to you and your new guitar.




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The eagle-eyed of you may have noticed that there is a 'new boy' Moderator.

There were a couple of sections that could do with an extra pair of eyes watching over them so, after 5 years and 3,000 posts, as well a getting a unique title, Tenement Funster is now one of the team and can now look forward to being paid annually his share of the imaginary pickles. lol

Welcome to the team Rick.




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As you can see Peatle, Rick rather liked the one you suggested for him and has asked me to add it.



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After a discussion with the other Moderators we have decided that, from now, on anyone reaching 3000 posts can choose a title for themselves. That being the case, I have written to Rick (Tenement Funster) and asked him to get his thinking cap on.

We will still award Members with less posts a title if we feel that they deserve one for any reason like the 'Chief Hoarder' which has just been given (no prizes for guessing who received that lol), but the landmark 3000 message posters deserves the option to choose their own.



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This makes you one of just fourteen. I have just checked and there are only 14 Members who have posted 3000+ messages.





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It may be that Jango does not have the song in it's library but with not knowing what song you are looking for no one will be able to help you any further than that.



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Mark Knopfler and Jeff Beck tend to play without a pick. smile



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Welcome to Chordie, I have moved your post here as I think it was out of place in the Jamplay section.

There is only three things you need to become a great guitar player:

(1) Practice;

(2) Practice;

and finally

(3) More Practice........ lol



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Just giving the title 'Historian' sounds a little bland so lets have some suggestions for something more imaginative.


I bought this Yamaha EG112 as a bare body and neck, I had the body painted at a car repair shop and acquired all the parts to build my 'go to first' electric guitar.


Back in 1968 for my G.C.E. 'O' level exam in woodwork I built an acoustic from scratch, only buying the fret wire, tuners, nut, saddle and tailpiece. Acoustic it was not very good, it did not resonate well, but was fine with a pick-up and I gigged with it on several occasions. I have no pictures I'm afraid.



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Not knowing the answer to your question I imported a public songbook. Finding no way to delete the songbook I deleted all the songs and was immediately presented with this page:


I clicked on the 'Delete songbook' tag and it was gone. Possibly if you have had empty songbooks for a while you may have to import a song and then delete it to get this delete page.



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Sadly I will not be able to make it; mind you it is perhaps as well, otherwise Paul and I would end up fighting over the 12er. lol



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Sorry to hear of your loss and and it is understandable why you have not been around for a while. You were missed, and asked about, on several occasions so I am sure we will all be looking forward to hearing more from you, I know I will.



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that looks to be a good buy. There should be profit in this one. smile


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Especially for a musician and bought for me by a friend:


Zurfl, if you have reduced your strings to 10's you will have reduced the string tension and the neck is likely to have arched back slightly. Look along it (or preferably use a long straight edge) to check it is true. My guess is that slight back arch is the problem and a slight release of the truss rod tension will do the trick.

The other thing is there may be a spur on the outside edge of the fret which need filing off.

I have had this happen a time or two myself.



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Did you try clearing your cookie as Doug suggested before you posted this reply?


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Wow!! my idea of Heaven, being paid to hang around with a beautiful girl who can sing. smile

Well done to your grandson, Ed.