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hi mine is called THE SLINGERS

but i kind of like



i have been playing with a few guys now in a covers band doing the favourites form the past 50 years. The people i play with have more than20 years experience each with myself intow on just 18 months.!!!

if you live near the area or fancy watching us saturday 2nd june we will be playing at the Alma Arms in highland road southsea.

come and give us an opinion. We would appreciate any comments so we know what to work on, whats good whats not etcc......

Hopefully see a few of you there!



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wonder if anyone could tab the string bits or any type of lead for dizzy. would really appreciate this as ive seemlessy searched the net with no joy.

many thanks


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just joined chordie and would like to tell u all about my project im working on.

my sister gets married next year and i have formed a small band for a one of gig on her wedding.

i am currently forming a song book for a time of about 1 and halfs and would like some advice on what would be good to play in this time, seeing as it will be my first!