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This was a funny post, and your reply was brilliant.

It reminded me of a question my later father would ask me when I tried to lie to him as a kid.  I'll censor it to remove words that might be offensive.:

"How G-- d-----d dumb do you think I am?"  Fortunately, I was wise enough to recognize it as a rhetorical question, long before I heard the phrase, and never answered the question.:)  The jerk who sent this scam email must have burned out both brain cells, "thinking" that anyone would believe that letter.

I have received similar email and the occasional telephone calls from a scammer who claimed to be calling from "Windows", claiming that my computer has a virus and he was calling to fix it over the phone   Anyone stupid enough to fall for either of these scams almost deserves to be taken to the cleaners..


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I'm glad that you were able and willing to hit the eject button on those spammers.  They should be punished by being force-fed a diet of Spam, Spam, Spam  continuously, while hearing the Spam routine from Monty Python.  Now, I bet all of you who read this post won't be able to resist thinking of hat skit and the tune.  smile


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The way dudes asked about is the way Rickenbacker 12-string guitars get their unique sound.  But, as others pointed out, it would require re-working  the nut and bridge slots.  The reason Ricks sound different is that the human ear hears the very slight delay in the picked strings even though the difference is less than a second.  We end to remember the last note  played.  It would be interesting to see if Rickenbacker would be interested in making an acoustic guitar similar to a 360-12.

I describe myself as old enough to know better, and young enough to remember when I didn't.  I'm 64, actually.  It's only a number.


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One of my first songs I learned to play was the riff from "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction."  I finally realized that it was backed by just 3 chords in the rhythm part.  I also was taught the chords from "House Of The Rising Sun", but I wasn't taught to use the arpeggio technique.  I figured that out on my own.

When I found I could play a simple I-IV-V chord progression, I felt pretty good.  Because my first guitar had a horribly thick neck, it held me back several years.  I smashed my first guitar back in 1976, a la Pete Townshend.


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How about, "Oh Daddy" by Fleetwood Mac?  I've read that, when Christine McVie sang it onstage alone, the men in the group could be seen wiping tears out of their eyes offstage.


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"Dogs" and "Dogs, Part 2", both by The Who


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Adding "Fido" and "Old Blue", both by The Birds, which also reminded me of "Bird Dog" by the Everly Brothers.


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Search under the word "pedals", using the Search function here.

"Mountain Jam", a live jam by the Allman Brothers, is long enough that it covered 2 sides of an LP, or about 40 minutes.  It's their cover of Donovan's "There Is A Mountain."


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Here is my IP:, according to http://www.ip-adress.com/ip_tracer/.

Thanks for your help.
Bob Cummins


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This is the second time I had to post about this issue.  I am an American, NOT from the U. K., yet I am blocked from looking at several Beatles tunes.   Why am I being blocked?


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Lately, I have received the following message when I attempt to load a Beatles tune:
"MusicSales UK is claiming exclusive copyright to all the Beatles lyrics in the UK, and has asked Chordie to block all access to Beatles tabs for users originating from the UK."

Having never been anywhere bear the UK, how does this make me a user "originating from the UK"?