Good pull Russ you got yours cheaper than I got mine and I bought mine direct from Roland but than again I had to pay tax. I have a childhood friend more like a sister that works there so I get all my stuff at cost.  All I can tell you is love it, love it and love it.



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skydivr103 wrote:

Thanks everybody. I think the ES has a deeper more resonant sound, especially in stereo when you run one amp set for treble and one for bass. More meloncholy if you will. The Les Paul fairly screams at mid-range, kinda of the darker edge of rock/blues. The Strat seems to be more versatile, somewhat of a biting edge. With the selector switch and pedals you can get varied tones. Just wondering. Right now I can get one or the other, but not both. Unless of course I go with a Casino, and maybe an Americn Standard strat. I have an epiphone Les Paul, that will do for now.


Your on the right tract going with the casino and a strat, more bang for you buck and you already have an epi paul with the money you save you can hot rod the strat & epi. Change the strat pick ups to texas specials and some rockfield swc's for your epi. You can change the epi buckers with Rio Grandes, Seymour Duncans or EMG's but for the money the Rockfields are a good buy ($100.00 american).  As Jaygordon75 said the pros usually have a few of each.  One thing that you did not mention about the 335's or clones is feed back when you have your amp cranked.


Bootlegger guitars.

I have 2 fender strats, 3 strat type (Washburn, Dean & Series 10) 3 custom made strats (I built) and a Michael Kelly Patriot Q Lp type clone, also a custom SG that I am going to finish as soon as it warms up for clear to dry. I forgot my 64 Fender Mustang.

Check out B-Bands while your at it.

Good luck,
Bootlegger guitars.


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The cheer leaders first then the Cards because Curt's an old guy.


upyerkilt wrote:

how about just whack him over the head and knock him out the nwaken him at the station and tell him how he fell over?


That would not be nice King, what you do is give him a screen test after all he wants to be heard. (a screen test is not puting on the seat belt on the suspect, speeding down the road and then stopping so you do not run over that imaginary animal that just darted out in front of you. In the U.S the units had metal screens to separate the front seat from the back seat. Now a days the most screens are plexiglass and do not have as much effect as the metal screen when the Adam Henry's face comes in contact).


LesPaulGuy wrote:
Russell_Harding wrote:

sounds like you know what your doing, just curious what if he has no belt or belt loops smile

LesPaulGuy wrote:

As a cop myself, you'd handcuff the wrist to the belt ... I'd never handcuff someone to the armrest as your looking at a lawsuit if you get into an accident and he's "stuck" with the car ... as far as mucic, I'd keep what I had on the radio, which was usually a hard rock or metal station ... if he doesnt like it, he's not going anywhere anytime soon and it's only a short ride to the cell  tongue

Don't throw me a curve this early in the morning Rus ... it requires too much thinking until I've had my coffee!  tongue

Ken ... it's easier if they're intoxicated, then you can say it's just a bad hangover wink

From prior work experience, if he does not have belt loops or a belt you can use your hobble cord (les paul guy knows what one is) loop it around his waist and hook him up from there.  If he is an Adam Henry then you hobble both his ankles and cuff his hand to his ankles. As far as music once again if he is an A.H. you sing very badly to him or no music at all.


Good job Paw enjoyed seeing the video pulled my guild and did fills while I watched. Good to see Junior with his rythym box looks like he has stretched since his last photo.

Keep up the good work bud!



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Here's mine.

Guitars: SRV, Duane Allman and Mr. Clapton.
Bass: Nathan East.
Vocals: Mr Plant and Joss Stone.
Keybords: Paul Shaefer.
Drums: Mike Lazik (former Albert collins touring band unyil AC died) and Lavon Bell (former EW&F).


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cameronkl7 wrote:

Hi Geoaguiar,

   Well, today my heart was broken, I decided to go back and get that guitar, it was gone! I was sick, I loved it so much, it felt so right in my hand, as if it were your first born, looking up at me for the first time smiling, saying I'm the guitar you've been looking for, I belong to you. It felt like a piece of magic in my hand,I felt with this guitar I could reach my potiental, I was devasted that it was gone. I wanted to cry, it was like a piece of my heart was taken from me. I guess the moral of the story is, if and when you find the right guitar, wife, car, or be it whatever, you better grab it, wait, and it's gone.


That's to bad camronkl7, I am not throwing salt in the wound when I write the following. I check the site this morning at work and seen your post and thought that I would let you know how much I like my MK Patriot Q series that I practically stole ($259.00 american brand new). I also wanted to encourage you to go back and buy it. I have an aftermarket case and it cost me around $100.oo with taxes so the price was a deal for the one you were looking at. The MK Patriot custom comes with Rockfield SWC pick ups my Q came with stock MK paf pick ups. Since I build guitars I bought a set of SWC's to install in mine (just have not got around to doing it yet) and basically have the same as the custom with an extra set of volume and tone controls. The fit and finish are great as you got to see on the custom. I build mainly bolt on neck style guitars and am going to pick up two ready made set necks and probley build to custom les paul type guitars this year. Save your money and either pick up a MK custom and or a Decree and change the pick ups to swc's on the decree you can pick up a new set for $100.00.

Good luck,

Bootlegger guitars.

Edited to correct misspelled words by bootlegger 8:35PM.


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Is the duncan a double stack or regular humbucker? (to lazy to jump to the duncan website) You did not mention if you body is routed for two single coil pickups and or a single and regular humbucker. If it is routed s-s (single coil/single coil) then you still can add a double stack humbucker without cutting the body to fit a regular humbucker. The wiring can remain the same using the existing three way switch. You can get the double stack schematic from duncan or the regular humbucker from the fender website. Feel free to pm me if I can help.

Good luck.

Bootlegger guitars.


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DrewDruncan wrote:

It should be an easy, 5 minute job to resolder the wire. The trick will be determining where it goes. Look to see if your pickups have 2 or 4 wires. If your guitar has coil cutting, to allow humbuckers to be used as single coils, there must be 4 wires. Sometimes, even if they are not used in one guitar, the pickups come with 4 wires, for use in other models.
Next, look for the wires from the other pickup. Does the green wire go to the switch, or ground (bottom of a pot, the bridge or other ground connection point)? Can you see an empty spot on the switch with a blob of solder, but no wire? If so, that is where it goes. If it is a ground wire, there are a number of places it could go, all would work just fine.

Green is 99.44% of the time is a ground wire, in a h-h it is usually soldered to the bare ground wire and taped off.  What type of switch do you have a 3 way toggle or a 5 way switch that will determine what schematic or wiring diagram (both the same) to use. Let me know if I can help.

Good luck,

Bootlegger guitars.


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GreyHame wrote:

Is it difficult to replace the pickups?  special toolz??

It al depends on you skill level, if you can read a schematic's and solder than no. There are various modifactions that cal also be done as well as hotroding the existing components.

Good luck,

Bootlegger Guitars.

SouthPaw41L wrote:
klt_js08 wrote:

Okay so,

I'm a fairly new guitar player but resently I've had problems with my amp connection. I find it will cut off and on randomly as i play. I dont know if its my guitar or my amp, I'm not really guitar savy. It would be great if someone could help me out. smile Thanks

Hello klt_is08 and welcome to Chordie. Your problem could be a number of things;
-you may need to replace your guitar cable(cord)
-you may need to clean the contact points inside the plug on your guitar and/or inside the input on your amp
-your power sources (power cord from amp, plug-in source, ie power strip, extention cord, etc) may need replacing
-there could be some wiring inside of your guitar that is about to  come undone or is shorting out. If your plug in source on the guitar is loose, the wiring from the plug will 'twist' each time you plug in/unplug. After too many 'twists' the wire will break.

I always like to begin my troubleshooting from the guitar and work my have from there. (guitar, cable, amp, main power source)

Good Luck Resolving Your Problem,


Go with paw's check list, first your cord, then your input connection, check for loose or broken soldered connections in your guitar. Be extremely
careful if you open up your amp, you can still get shocked if your amp is not plugged in and your transformer is still energized.

Good luck,

Bootlegger guitars.


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jaygordon75 wrote:

I've got both and there is some difference but a lot of that is how much are you willing to spend. My Mexican Strat was at a Guitar show in almost new condition but was very cheap...I bought it and found that it just didn't sound right...I don't know why because my daughter has one that sounds absolutely great and I've seen others that also sounded great...anyway, it has become my project guitar. Currently it has a Seymour Duncan Lipstick neck pickup, a Carvin Middle, and a Seymour Duncan JBjr bridge and sounds great...I haven't had any complaints about the looks, fit, or finish and once it was properly set up it's a great playing guitar. It'll never retain the value (or collectability) of an American made Strat...but it's now a player!


You found what I try to tell persons about all the time your guitar is know a player one that you can go and be confident anytime or any situation you play it. In other words a go to guitar. big_smile



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Royce Drake wrote:

Take the back cover off and jam a piece of wood between the trem area where the stings go in and the guitar body . . . this is called "blocking" the trem.  Loosen all your strings first before you do this so the springs can pull it all the way back and there can be no movement when you tighten and retune them.  Usually a piece of wood about 1" x 2 1/2" x 3/4" will work for this . . .

You can also tighten the six screws that holds down the trem, place all five springs on the (yes all five). Since your usings .12's (12 gauge high E and 52's on the low side) you have to reset your action since your strat came with a set of 9's. Or as royce said put in a trem block and reset your action to accomidate your new 12's.

Good Luck,

Bootlegger Guitars.

Greendale wrote:

Hey there, I just bought a new jackson and took off the strings and now I can't seem to get this thing in tune and operate the way I want it too.
Any help is great! Thanks


You can replace all your strings at once.  Once your strings are on and streched (yes stretch all your strings when their new) back off all of the fine tuners on the top of the bridge. Tune flat close to 440 and tighten your locking nut, once that is done use the fine tuners to tune to the 440.

Good luck.


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micky the mooch wrote:

hiya chordies
                     i know you can buy dedicated cleaners, but anyone got any ideas for DIY / HOMEMADE cleaners?
ave got some greasey looking frets off my fingers and need to spruice my guitar up

cheers micky


I have used lizzard spit for the last 8 years for all my fret boards (a citrus oil, and GHS polish it is a non silicate and does not leave a hazy residue.




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bensonp wrote:

Yes, acoustic.  I have been checking out Takamine also.  And yes, I won't order one without trying it.  That's what I did with my Fender and I am not as happy with it as I thought.  I was just wondering if an expensive lowend would be better than a cheaper highend.  I guess I know the answer to that also, but I'd like to hear some opinions.  Thanks for the replies so far.


The tak's are nice but as mentioned by jerome you have you have to play them all. The high end low end does not fly my reasoning being that I have played $125.00 washburns that played better than the ibanez's,ephipones, fenders and ovations on the wall that had a higher price tag.

Good luck.



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Roswell3980 wrote:

Hello all,

I'm shopping for a new guitar (my price cap is ~$700, but lower is always better big_smile ) and I need some advice. I generally play older rock -- Beatles type stuff.

Now, my caveat is that I'm a lefty. I'm also limited to what I can get via Guitar Center. As you can see here, their lefty electric selection leaves a lot to be desired.

I had been looking at the Epi LP Custom or the Epi Sheraton. However, the Sheri's lacking of fret markers above 15 and it's relatively jazzy sound makes me think it may not be too suitable for me.

Recently, someone also recommended I take a look at the Fender Standard Tele. I've also noticed that GC has recently added the Hagstrom Swede, and have heard some good-ish things about that.

Now, Guitar Center is about 3 hours away from here and I'd really rather not make the trip until I have some idea of what I'd like to check out (they've told me they'll order two or three guitars for me to play with if I tell them what I'd like to try, as they don't deal with too many Southpaws).

So, my question is this: what's your advice for this? I basically need to be able to narrow it down to a few.

Thanks all!

Build one, you can get an american made kit with an ash or alder body (your choice) in a lefty config. for around $300. plus shipping. The money you save can upgrade pick ups, machine heads and the trem.



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DrewDruncan wrote:

Do you know the radius of the fingerboard?
Lots of vintage guitars, with a small radius (7.5 - 9.5") will "fret out" on bent notes, esp. above the 12th fret. That is whay newer guitars have a larger radius (12") or a compound radius (12-16"). That gives you a flatter fretboard overall and with a compouond radius, it gets even flatter as you move up the neck. Though, first position chords are more comfortable on a smaller radius neck.

If I had to bet, I would guess that one of the higher frets was not properly dressed at the factory, or was not fully seated. If you see a fret (above the 18th) with a tiny visible gap between it and the board, you could try tapping it gently with a plastic headed hammer to seat it. If you sight down the neck, from the bridge end, and see a fret that is too high (proud), you can block sand it with 320, 400 & 600. That will make the top flat, so you'll need to re-round it with fine sand paper or synthetic steel wool without out a block.

Wibble mentioned that it is a Epi LP studio model which means it has a t-o-m bridge which is a 12 deg radius. The only way to change the radius on a t-o-m is to buy blank saddles and recut to the given radius you desire. The frets may be high and or also the neck may need to be adjusted. The problem with sanding the fret is that if you don't use a radius block the fret will not have the same radius as the rest of the neck.



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southpaww51 wrote:

Thanks for the tip Doug, but alas, going over the pots and switch with a bottle of contact cleaner was one of the first things I tried with no luck.  Also, when I checked out the selector switch, I had it plugged in, then tapped either side with the end of a screwdriver.  Noise was produced when I touched each side, so I assumed the switch wasn't the problem.  Is it possible that something else could be wrong with it?  It seems pretty linear, as long as the soldering points are all right and contact is being made in either position.... Is there something else I'm missing?

Download a wiring schematic and work the wiring backwards checking each wiring point. Sounds like there are some wires mounted on the wrong solder points.




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06sc500 wrote:

Does taking the covers off of pickups affect your tone at all? What about lipstick-style single coils? Just curious, thanks!

The only difference is if they are potted (waxed dipped) to help with the shielding (cutting down on the hum).



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Tyler31 wrote:

Thinking about saving some money for a Les Paul and I don't know weather to save money on an Epiphone or wait longer for a Gibson. I want the best bang for my buck, but i don't want to settle for a cheaply made piece of junk just to save money.  Thoughts?

Michael Kelly Patriot, I have a Patriot "q" series which has been replaced by the decree model. Change the pickups (I have a set of gibson 496R & 500T) and I would put it up in quality to any new Les paul as far as quality & workmanship at about 1/8 of the price.



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06sc500 wrote:

What brand of guitar is considered to be the fastest playing? I've read that Ibanez guitars are quite fast, as well as ESP and Kramer.  My Danelectro actually has a faster and flatter neck than some cheap Strats I've played.

It's the action set up and milling and crowning the frets which will make the guitar neck fast.


Bootlegger guitars.


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slopicker wrote:

ive got a 73 gibson has an odd looking electronic and cant seem to find a replacement for. it belonged to my dad and id like to have it restored, its got a few dings and the finish is colored. can this be sanded and redone?  the serial #030084.ive been told that the 84 was the year of manuf. i dont see how that could be.. thanks for your input. i dont know how to attach photos but ive got them for e-mail

Don't restore you will lose collectors value, can you describe the electronic you are speaking of.