I am dating myself when I add these bands: lynyrd skynynrd, molly hatchet, the outlaws, the allman brothers. Double or triple guitar players playing alternate leads, harmonizing, sustain, and over all attack! Not to mention a genre of guitar players that knew their instruments.(micheal schenker, eddie van halen, warren di martini, randy rhoads, Mr.eric clapton, robert cray, Mr.steve ray vaughn) to many influences to name. Some food for thought!


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The nano web & the poly web are coatings on the elixer brand strings. The coatings were designed to prolong string life (keep them clean from oils and sweat from your hands). Elixers are good strings but they are expensive(semi expensive they range from $10.00 to $15.00 on sale). There are two ways to keep your fingers from hurting, practice until you build up callouses or switch to nylon strings. I have a guitar by my chair and pick it up through out the day even if for five minutes of struming. This keeps my callouses in playing shape.  Good luck and the pain will go away.


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I agree with PRISONER as far to the work he had done on his guitar. A good guitar tech can do your set up and make it play much better that an off the floor guitar. But you also have to consider the cost of parts and labor involved. The cost for a set up maybe minimal (my Guild set up cost $45.00) that did not include the cost of the strings. Speak to other musicians about good guitar tech in your area and ask them for referencs. What is the price range that you are looking to spend on a guitar?


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Take a look at the Parkwood acoustic guitars. I have yet to play one but they look well built and reasonably priced (per a guitar center add I recieved. They have a website take a look.