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The solo on black sabbaths sweet leaf is pretty cool. Try also moby dick by led zeppelin some sweet fills and stuff in there man...


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dude your a pigeon you can see it for free on the net! Smells like teen spirit at no.11? ***********
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My Top 10

1.How many more Times? - Led Zeppelin

2.You - Radiohead

3.Know Your Enemy - Rage Against the Machine

4.Cochise - Audioslave

5.Where is my mind? - Pixies

6.Marquee Moon - Television

7.Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth

8.Dead Star - Muse

9.Blood Sugar Sex Magik (Live off the map) - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

10.Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix

Id like to play as good as Tom Morello so i could make all those sounds. Also to be as good as Jimmy page would be cool. Id like to jam with Eddie Hazel from Funkadelic!!!


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Anyone figure out the tabs to this awesome song?


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Nonsense. I have a sh**ty acoustic guitar and i can play it but i started with electric.  Loads of great guitarists i know started on bass and moved on to el guitar. This acoustic to electric stuff is silly. A guitar is a guitar.


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Anybody interested in forming a band? I play Guitar, Drums and i sing alright. Any itstrument players, songwriters or singers welcome. E-mail me at White_<a href="mailto:Tiger90l&#64;yahoo.com" target="_blank">Tiger90l&#64;yahoo.com</a>

Must Like:Rage against the machine,Muse,Pixies,Velvet underground, Joy Division, Television and Public Images 1st album. If you like any of these.


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I started electric 1st and it was easy. I much prefer the range of effects and everything you can get from an electric guitar. Like Tom Morello! I have a Black Fender Strat and i love it....every night.