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I enjoyed listening to your latest song Phill.
I like the way the song poses the question of whether it's a real or imagined killing.


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Thanks for the listen etc and taking the time to comment always appreciated.
Peatle I do get the odd Squirrel in my urban garden plus Badgers and Foxes. The Badgers cause havoc on my lawn digging holes.
I tried to post a picture of a visiting Squirrel on the post. The img tags don't seem to be working.
so this is a link to the picture.
https://myspace.com/onlyarkady/mixes/st … /373648463

I guess there is a certain amount of payback from life or seems to be as we get older.
I now tell myself when I commit a fau paux that I'm going to be paying for that later and I usually do smile
I enjoyed the song Phill.


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Thanks guys for taking the time to listen/watch and the positive comments.
The birds I get to see in my garden are pretty much bog standard UK fair though entertaining for me and the wife.
All the best.

I reset the password on my old Myspace website page recently and rediscovered some old music I did a while back.
Myspace used to be the place where chordie members used to post in the old days. It became difficult to use as it upgraded itself so fell out of favour..
Anyway I did this little vid a while back. It's a montage of pics taken of garden birds and set it to some original music I wrote and recorded.
Nothing wonderful. Just nice. smile

https://myspace.com/onlyarkady/video/ga … /108719017


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Great cover of a great song.
Your mates version is excellent as well.


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I feel it is one of your best colabs.
Both the song and recording are great.
I enjoyed listening.


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Hi Russ
Great cover...
I'm a Tarantino fan myself and seen most of his popular films.
Django Unchained being one of the best. With his films you have to expect the unexpected and of course bloody violence. smile
His scores for his films are always great.
Well done.


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Quite catchy number. smile
Well done.


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Thanks Bill for the idea.
I thought I'd give an instrumental view to the inherent sinister aspect of AI.
Personally I've always preferred the sugar coated "Bicentennial man" outlook to Robot behavior than the "Terminator" view of mankind destruction.


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Now we are posting songs here I keep forgetting to check to see what's new. smile
Very nice.
Maggie Coulter has always been one of my favourites reworked sounds great.
Old friends as good as any you have recorded.

HI kim Good luck with your Ukulele journey.
The Ukulele seems to have got rather popular of late or more probably I just didn't take much notice of the instrument being a guitar man. LOL
Anyway I found your songs entertaining and worth developing. Being mostly an instrumental composer I find lyrics hard to do and always admire songwriters with the ability to literary find the words.

Hi Kim
The songs as presented with chords and lyrics are fine as they are here in the songwriting forum.
I will have a listen when I get on my PC with a decent sound system.


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RIP Keith
ELP was to me was one, if not the of greatest of all prog rock bands ever.
I really can't say how much they influenced my musical choices growing up in the 70s.
A sad day indeed for me. All I can say is thanks Keith.


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Hi rusty
Nice to have another English South Easter with us. I hail from Essex. Also I'm another old duffer still making music.
Welcome to the old boys home of mostly retired guitar lovers.


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RIP George Martin.
He always came across when interviewed as a really nice man..
He certainly had a great influence on the Beatles in the early days.

Please could you provide the Chords and lyrics in the post or a link to the Chords and lyrics in the previous post of the song.
You could just delete the post and add it to the original one on the song.
Or just post it in "My local band and me" as per the new Chordie guidelines.
It's a pain I know but it's now the way we do it.
Great song and an performance by Phill well done.

In future please post any recording without lyrics and chords attached in "My Local Band and Me" forum.
As the post will be considered a performance.
This applies to original songs recordings as well as covers.
All recordings posted after the 1st Jan 2016 that fall into the category above have been moved.


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TIGLJK wrote:

Thanks Guys

Mods - can you tell me why it won't go in to chord pro format - I entered it according to directions as I have always done in the past. Is there something new I need to do ?


The problem about the chord pro in the songwriting forum has been reported to Admin.
If there is anything that should be changed in the formatting then we will post here.
Hopefully it will be sorted soon.


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I've noticed there doesn't seen to be any way to log in on the start page yet. I'm using an iPad haven't check other browsers.

Hi Zen
If you mean a video that shows shows and plays in the post then the answer is no at moment.
A link to a host website is all that's possible.
It's a cool idea though. Chordie's website is being revamped at the moment so it might be possible in the future.


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Well this my 8th year of being a Chordian and this song and video just brought home to me how much improvement there's been over years.
I won't say more I'd only echo the comments above... But wow..
Well done you two.


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A happy Christmas to all Chordians where ever they maybe and healthy and happy new year.


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I concur with all the sentiments above..
Here's wishing you all a great Christmas and healthy and happy new year.


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Wow great song and video.
Well done both of you.