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If you want to play it above the 12th fret its simple.

<div class="pre"><pre>-------------------------------------------7--8--12--11

Hope this helps.


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Before playing with the neck be sure that its not the strings, as previosly mentioned. Also if your not going to be playing slide on it, measure the distance between the 6th string and the fret board, it should be about an 1/8 of an inch. If its any closer than that raise the saddle on the bridge. Then intoneate it, which is simply tuning the open to the 12th fret, if its off take a screw driver & turn the screw at the end of the saddle until you get the pitch the same.

Also when using your tuner make sure its reading at 440 hz.


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I have played many guitars since I began playing.

Currently my favorites of which I own are;

-Fender Strat, with Texas Special Pickups, Reverse Tremlo, 13 gauge strings, and high action because I like to play slide with it

-Fender Strat, nothing special for lead & rythem

-SX 12 String, with Bronze Plated Strings

-Johnson Acoustic, with Nickel Plated Strings

-Martian & Co Acoustic, with Nylon Strings

-Gibson Les Paul, nothing interesting with this one

I am in love with the Eric Clapton and SRV Series Strats by Fender, I'm planning on buying both with in the next year or two.

I own roughly 45 guitars now, many of them I just have because they are collectors items.