Joy 123 wrote;hi , i am 46 years old, female, from beautiful nova scotia, i am self taught and started about a year and half ago,  i have a yamaha 410 or something like that and just bought a new simon and patrick,  i love love love guitar and singing,  and alcohol helps for playing and for people listening, hahahahaha,  its all good and fun
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Too funny I am 47, female, from beautiful New Brunswick...hahaha self taught too. I almost have in 4 years now....and I love it too, my friends and I have a blast every weekend...and yes as you say alcohol helps for sure....hahahahaha you would fit right in with us smile. love it, love it, love it!
PS: I have 5 guitars now....can one ever have enough? lol I think NOT!


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Well a big Hello Boxer....I am also female and have you beat by two things....I am older...45 and I have been playing for 2 years in July hahaha.....I have several female friends that all are learning with less than 2 years.....we are having a ball and are also addicted. We play nearly every weekend....I just bought new strings today and hope to put them on when I get home :-) Keep playing girlfriend!