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In tab it signifies which fret is fretted.... A 3 on the E string would be E string fretted on the 3rd fret for a G note


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I'd recommend anything by Jack Johnson.....   Times like these http://www.chordie.com/chord.pere/www.u … ;id=135025 is a good choice for E shaped barre chords and the progression makes it super easy....   There's a video at the bottom of the above tab with me playing it but I have to warn you it's an old vid...lol


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A scalloped neck is a neck with the fret board concaved between the frets like this...

I don't see it giving a "sharper sound" IMO It would require more control as you'd have to be carefull of the prssure applied when fretting or you'd push it out of tune... However ,on the plus side, you could do some neat wobbles and such by just pressing harder and releasing instead of bending... Overall I don't really see it as a plus but to each his own.....

I don't understand his scalloped fret statement at all.   Maybe he means crowning them?? Scalloping them would throw intonation out the window I'd think... You'd be changing the contact point of the string on the fret....


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I've never been into the more traditional sports... Baseball, basketball, track, soccer, football, etc.... I just have zero interest in those.
I used to compete skating and did well locally but never pursued it.  Back in my teens I was heavy into martial arts (TKD and JKD) and again did well in local tourney's. Did a lot of Freestyle bmx and surfing too but never in any real major comps...

My favorite artists.... In no particular order :

Jack Johnson
Trevor Hall
Bob Marley
The Beautiful Girls
Andrew Belle

Why?  Simple... I relate to them smile


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I prefer Elixir PB custom lights on all mine except my short scales which get mediums and are often tuned in taropatch...    Also my cedar topped Yairi prefers custom light bronzes over the PB's...


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An even 100 here today with a heat index of 114.... Getting hit by severe thunderstorms now smile  Love a good storm with lots of lightning.  I've been standing in the yard watching it till it started raining too hard just a sec ago....


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Surfing and Paddling/fishing would be my two main things I do for fun.... Pretty much every weekend I'm doing one or the other.      Other than that, I build my jeeps. I don't know if I'd call it "fun" but I enjoy working on them and am constantly tinkering. I don't get to the trails as often as I'd like though....


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Take a piece of paper and put it between the frets and strings and move it around while picking them till you mute the buzz with the paper.... That will pinpoint the problem fret and we'll go from there. smile


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Fretted or open? Which strings? And can you tell where it's buzzing from (nut, saddle, frets) listen closely and you should be able to tell.... Have the guitars ever been set up properly?   Just trying to narrow it down so I/we can offer you the best advice smile


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He replaces the nut with one that has been slotted to space the strings further apart (putting the E and e right on the edge of the fretboard) and then sands the the crowns of the frets flat to level the board....  That's what he calls his "String Science"     Ruins a guitar is what it really does.....  Well not really, but they'll need a refret and new nut to fix most of the time......  At least the ones I've seen....


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That's just starting bids smile There'll be a reserve on each and personally, I wouldn't touch one that Danny Zager has ruined with his "string science"


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Welcome to chordie blountscreekman smile I have to ask...  You from NC?  I take an annual fishing trip to Blounts Creek next to Chocowinity, NC....


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lol liked it enough to pull the audio... I'll be spinning it smile

Can you post a pic?  I hate giving blind advice smile       

If lemon or Olive oil doesn't do it, just remove the pins and saddle and give it a light sand with 800 or higher paper....

Looks Like a PE-Supra model but they only come in white that I'm aware of...   They may have had different finish options in past years though...   Have you contacted Aria directly for info on it?

Sup Cliffhanger and welcome to the forums!!  As for adding pics, please follow this link http://www.chordie.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=14150

Zurf wrote:

Cool.  I have my sticker pending something.  I didn't realize it was an inside the window deal, and my trucks windows are tinted extremely dark.  So, I am holding it in a safe place for when I am forced to get an economy grocery chaser instead of using my V8 4x4 pickup.

Zurf the stickers are exterior mount die cut vinyl.   Peel the back, stick it on and then carefully remove the top sheet.

Mine are tinted too


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Good album! Better than most of the stuff he's put out but I still hate him...lol   I mean he's a good artist I just don't care for him as a person...


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I guess I play a lot of depressing tunes....  Or at least songs that most would consider depressing.  However there is only one song that really tears me up everytime I hear or play it. It's the only one that really gets me....   Turns my insides into knots and such, and that's "Wonderful" by Everclear http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUfgAbFY4CA&ob=av3e       There's just something about it... I really feel those kids pain. I can see my sister and I sitting on the doorsteps when we were little, me holding her hand telling her they'd quit fighting soon while we cried together thinking we were losing our family....  Not that we had a bad childhood at all, It was actually pretty great, but my parents fussed bad for a couple years when we were young and that was so scary for us as young children....  At that age family is everything... All you know and all that makes you feel safe and part of something in a world so much bigger than you... Seeing/thinking it's all falling apart is so tragic...   I listen to the song pretty often now (at least once a week) and it reminds me how important the little things are to our children and makes me want to be the best parent I can...

That's called a Bridge Doctor... It's used to correct severe bellying in acoustics. It's usually installed with a brass pin though instead of a screw.

Even with the repair installed it looks like you barely have enough break angle over the saddle... So either it is still bellied or the neck will soon need resetting.

If this wasn't disclosed before purchase I would also seek a refund.


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Just curious if any other chordians hang out on Turntable? I've been there a lot the last couple of weeks as I've found it a good place to share music/bands with like minded people....   I was thinking of setting up a room for Chordie members but didn't know if there would be an interest...         

Essentially it's just a cyber room with 5 dj slots (turntables) on a stage.... People hop on stage and play whatever they like and others in the audience (or on stage) can rate it and chat about the music being played.

As an example... My wife and I are hanging out here this morning http://turntable.fm/acoustic_waves

Also as a plus, You can upload original pieces and share them as well smile


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Where's the ....


One of my favorite tunes smile


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Lately it's been mainly Marley, Trevor Hall, ALO & Tea leaf Green....