I play acoustic mainly although I do tinker with an electric from time to time. I'm not interested in becoming a professional....I just play for the self satisfaction! I'm not much of a singer but have been working on it.. My main question was .....Do you ever get to a point in playing were most new ostacles are conquered with more ease? Or is it always as challenging to learn new techniques?

I have a few friends that play very well and you're right they are invaluable!

I took a set (5) private lessons from a local insturctor to help with barrs, scales and theory. I know it's not enough but it helped to fill in the blanks from the info I had allready gathered.

I started learning the guitar almost 11 months ago..(I'm 33) I think I have progressed fairly well. The first 4 months for me were spent  just learning a wide variety of chords and progressions, a few scales, and several strumming patterns to practice the chords and progressions with. After that I allowed myself to start on songs. I made sure to work on multiple songs with diffrent rythyms and patterns as to not fall in the habbit of alway playing the same ones. At 6 months I started working on some tecniques trying to add style to the songs that I had learned (hammer ons, pull offs, walking bass lines, palm muting, chord variations, learning barr and power chords, etc..) That's were I'm at know. Playing a good variety of songs and still trying to perfect them. My question  is once you get the fundamentals down does your learning become faster or do you pretty much progress at the same rate? I realize everyone is diffrent so I'm just looking for your experiences. I practice constantly (atleast 4-5 hrs a day) and don't plan on changing that habbit. What can I expect?

Man to turn back the clock to when I was 12 and quit guitar after 3 lessons....


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Ok I haven't seen these mentioned so I'm going to throw it in the pile of suggestions. Look into the TakaMini by Takamine. I had a martin backpacker, and the Takamini at the same time. I sold the martin if that says anything... The sound of the tak was just far superior in my opinion. Plugged in it is incredible. Here's a link  to one http://www.takamine.com/?fa=series&sid=357  Highly recommend this guitar if your looking for a travel guitar with electronics and a grown up sound. Peace!


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Have a look at this guitar and brouse around the sight. Best prices I've found yet. I've personally bought 6 guitars from this site.

http://www.adirondackguitar.com/accoust … akG340.htm

good luck, happy shopping!!

Great site! Your right on the prices! Thanks for posting this. The takamine G340 would be an excellent choice also...It was actually my first guitar (about 11 months ago) I've never seen a guitar come so well setup from the factory! Excellent playability, wonderfull sound and to me the gold hardware really sets it of.. I actually posted the review for this guitar that ZZsounds has posted with it on their site..Peace!


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I'd have to agree with 25Frankster. I love the simon and patrick line. If your carefull you can pick up great deals on ebay for used guitars.  I picked up a Simon and Patrick  rosewood showcase with case for $350 a few months ago. 5 years old but not a mark on it. It's turned out to be my favorite. You may also want to check out the Ibanez AW200ecevv these have been discontinued recently and there going for around $350 for a new one! I have one of these also (although I paid almost twice that for it awhile back) and can vouch for the sound and craftsmanship. Just some ideas...I'll probably throw some more up for ya after I think on it awhile. As far as the ones you mentioned, I'd have to agree with the Yamaha though..Peace!

Hey man! They had an article in acoustic guitar magazine a few months back about Santa Cruz Guitars...Very Nice! I'll find the mag and scan the article into my pc and e-mail it to ya. Peace!


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http://reviews.harmony-central.com/revi … itage/10/1   Talk figures? Maybe interseted! Got pics?

just a tip...If your going to sand down the bridge bone, tape your sandpaper flat to a level surface (like a table top) and then hold your saddle against a small block of wood to sand it. The flat sanding surface gives you a straight finish and the square block makes sure it stays at a 90 degree angle. It's also a good idea to mark both sides of the saddle in equal increments so that you can be sure  of even sanding...Peace!


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I found this guitar just moments ago at a local pawnshop. As stated it's a 1979 yairi dy 50. It has two emblems on the back of the headstock stating a limited edition. The guitar is in excellent condition except for heavy wear on the top. No cracks, just indentions and a few finsh chips from very heavy use. The guitar is priced at $329.00...I believe this to be a deal! However, I cant find much info as far as value on the web. I know they sold new in 1979 for in the area of $600-$700. Seems to be solid burled or curly mahogany construction with a spruce top.. Just thought I'd post this and see what everyone else thought before picking it up in the morning. Thanks!

Manufacture date was 4-12-78


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Ok several friends and I were playing the other night and my wife (which I have TRIED (lol) to teach to play) came in and asked how many of us could rub their stomach and pat their head at the same time. It's a theory that she has... And I have to confess ,so far, it has proven fairly accurate among the players I know.  My friends that are proficient guitar players can all do it. I had a friend over also that has struggled with the guitar for over a year and finds it extremely difficult to progress and he could not do it.  So my question to you is - Can you rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time and do you think people that can find playing easier and vice versa?   BTW I can...She can't..  Thanks! Peace and pleasant strums!


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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaNCwR1K … mp;index=0

Tortex Yellow .73  Just my preference.....


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Song books here on Chordie are a great resource. Youtube can also be very helpfull. I like to punch in accoustic cover as a search and just browse. I use Yahoo radio allot also. You can rate the type of music you like (say mostly accoustic) and then it will start playing random songs that you may like. Great for finding new bands and music out of the main stream. Hope some of this helped.  Peace!

Don't forget to check the top 100 list here on chordie!

Save the picture that you want to use. Then open your paint program (probably in accesories folder)  Once in the paint program select File from the top left corner of the screen. Select open and then select the picture that you want to alter. Then click Image (top left)  From here you can change the attributes and adjust the size of any picure. Hope it helps. If you need more let me know! Peace!

You can configure the size of any picture by using your paint program so that it will fit.


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Great Idea! Then I could spend all my time on chordie instead of flipping back and forth from ebay...lol Really, I think it would be an excellent feature.


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The first song that I learned all the way through was Good Riddance by Green Day. Not for any particular reason. I purchased a few song lessons from vguitarlessons and TOYL was just the easiest to pick up...


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There has been alot of good advice given here! I'm not sure how long you have been playing in all but alot of beginners have a tendency to apply too much pressure to the strings when chording. Try sitting down and forming your chord shapes and experiment with how hard you really have to push to get a clear tone. Make sure your finger tips are close to the fret, as this will reduce the amount of pressure needed also. Chances are alot of your discomfort can probably be avoided by lessening the abuse to your fingertips. Hope it helps! Peace!


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Brazilian rosewood is (was) a popular wood for guitar fingerboards, and acoustic guitar backs and sides. However, due to its protected status and spiraling prices, Indian and Madagascar rosewood are being used extensively in its place.Indian rosewood and shisham, this true rosewood is darker than most rosewoods but quite attractive and more readily available, and less expensive, than its better known cousin Brazilian rosewood. It is hard and heavy and works and polishes well. Its combination of beauty and tonal qualities make it popular for guitar sides and backs. Like Brazilian, Indian Rosewood keeps the guitar at the warm dark end of the tonal spectrum. While not as visually striking as Brazilian, Indian Rosewood has an elegant appearance and should not be considered inferior to Brazilian on any account.  I've done a little research on this myself recently since I'm in the process of constructing my first acoustic guitar. From what I can gather the sound is the same! The only diffrence is that the brazilian rosewood has slightly more oil content and therefore a stronger scent (of roses as for why it is named Rosewood) Also it has more variations in the coloring of the wood allowing the grain to be more noticable when finished. Hope that helps! Peace!


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I'd have to agree 100% with bootleger on this. It has to be one that you are comfortable with and only you can choose the right guitar for you!

I've played many diffrent guitars (not well but played them all the same..lol) and I'd have to say considering Value, playability, and voice...umm how can I say this...If I didn't have the ones I already own and had to choose a guitar (all thing considered) my purchase would either be a Morgan Monroe M-50  http://shsaudio.com/m50.htm  or a Simon and Patrick showcase rosewood. Over the past year I have bought, played, and sold over 40 guitars and ,of all the ones I've had my hands on, these 2 I could and would never part with. But every one has there own preference and you can't purchase the right guitar for you based on someone elses experience. I just offer up these two for your consideration. Both are in the $1,000 price range.

Best of luck! Peace!


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Well I'm 33 from the Southeast US. Just started playing guitar 9 months ago. My only regret in life is quiting guitar after one lesson when I was 12...:)


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Roger is correct. I just wanted to add that if you see an x inclosed in a circle then that stands for playing the note muted. Peace!


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Easy classic rock hmmm
Horse with no name
Fire on the Mountain
Bad moon Rising
Brown eyed Girl
Cats in the Craddle
For What It's Worth
House of the Rising Sun
Leavin on a Jet Plane
Let it Be
Riders on the Storm
Take it Easy
Teach your Chidren
Turn the page
Under my thumb
Who'll stop the rain
Tom Petty offers a good range of songs for beginners also

Well most of those I found fairly easy. Always remember that it's alot easier to play a song that you enjoy and know well. I'd recommend picking 4-5 songs and sitting down with them and figuring out  which one has easiest progression for you to play and don't forget to take the rythym into consideration. A song that you can sing with (even if it's only in your head) will help you keep your timing also. Hope that helps! Peace!


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I'm considering an attempt at building a dreadnaught from a kit. I was just curious if anyone on here has ever attempted this and if so how did it fair? I'm in the construction trade so I build cabinets and furniture on a regular basis and am very familiar with finishing so I believe I can do this. However I'd love to hear from someone who has already been there.  I'm considering kits from a few suppliers such as: Blues creek guitars, C.F. Martin, Stewart macdonald, or Luthiers merchantile. If anyone has any experience or input on this topic your comments would be appreciated! Especially as to the preffered kit for a first attempt. Thanks! Peace!


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I'm not sure the exact # at the moment.

Takamine G340
Ibanez AW100
Ibanez AW200CE-VV
Morgan Monroe M-50 vintage series
Simon & Patrick Luthiers Rosewood Showcase
Takamine EGSF15SC
Takamine f-310s '79
'74 Epiphone FT-570SB Jumbo
Ibanez Micro studio Electric
Ibanez AS83 Semi-hollow electric
That's enough listing + 5 more acoustics including a classical.

As to what kind would I recommend, That all depends on the price range your looking at and your style of play. My personal favorite is the Simon and Patrick.