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Scales are nothing scary or mysterious. They are simply a way of getting from one note to another in a molodic way. OK it's abit more complex than that, but think of them in that  way as you go through your book. And practice them everyday. Also do little veriations on them and soon you'll start developing some cool lead licks and a few neat riffs. Have fun!!!!


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I suppose only if you intend to one day use them all. Actualy you only need to learn the first twelve frets after that they just repeat. Asking questions is never being a pain in the ass so ask away. The rest of us do.


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Throw on a cd and start learnning it. Learn a measure at a time if you need too or write your own with all the riffs and chords and modes your little heart desires.


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I geuss Slash was the big one that got me stared. Now they range from Hendrix to Buddy Guy to Breznakoff.


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Welcome to Chordie and the wonderfull world of the guitar. Some easy songs would be Every Rose Has it's Thorn (Poison), Patience (Guns n Roses), Mother (Pink Floyd). All of them have no more than 4 chords and are all bonified panty droppers!


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When I first started singing with my band it was because the singer had quit and we still had gigs booked so I had to get tolerable very quickly.

1)Find your range

    Everybody has a range of notes they can hit. Elvis Presley had a wide range, Jim Morrison had a narrow range but both were good, strong singers because they sang song within their range. One fun and easy way to find it is to take a simple song and sing it in each key. some of them will be easier to sing in. Find the ones that are the most comfortable and then sing the scale for that key. This will help you get an idea of what songs you can and can't sing

2)Be kind to your troat

     If you know you have to sing drink room temperature water instead of beer, pop, coffee ect. If you smoke you should probably cut back or switch to lights. Don't over do it. When you troat (vocal chords) get tired, let them rest. They will get stronger in time.


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Sometimes when I have that problem I go to a piano and find the chord one note at a time. Then just transpose that to giutar. It's a bit tricky sometimes but remember chords are made of the same notes no matter what the instrument. Some keyboards tell you what chord you are playing that makes it easy as you can just look at a chord chart from there and find it.


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It helps me sometimes to sing the lyrics as they come to me. Usually one line will lead me right to another. Plus it is frustrating to have lyrics and when I go to add some music it won't flow because there is no proper metre to it. I usually drum on my lap or table or whatever as i'm singing the song out loud or in my head and that helps. Then it's just a matter of finding the chords that harmonize. Then I start finding the bass lines and lead riffs and before long I have a new song. Hope it helps!!!