Lots of good, positive responses; I will add that playing music is a life long journey. I'm 47, started playing when I was 18, had very few lessons, dropped and picked it back up many times, and am in the big fat middle of a very productive curve right now.

I've taken years off with no instrument, a year off to learn to play the trumpet (VERY useful for learning to read and understand music and PHRASING), a year off on mandolin, a year focusing just on Atkins/Reed type fingerstyle, am currently working on bluegrass flatpicking.

I essentially have assumed that I will be "learning to play" on my deathbed. I hope that's several decades out, regardless, you're starting at no disadvantage to anyone.

Pick up a guitar, get some lessons under your belt just for the advice, and start your journey.


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I've noticed the same thing. I only post this to confirm that it's happening on accounts other than yours. I assume the admin/developer has it in the list to be addressed. If you need more examples let me know.


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<a href="http://www.chordie.com/chord.pere/latierraextrana.com/tab/chordie/PerfumePowderAndLead2.txt" target="_blank"> http://www.chordie.com/chord.pere/latie … com/tab/ch ordie/PerfumePowderAndLead2.txt</a>

New url, I just added a "2". Interestingly, the old version was displaying the quote mark as seen in "can't" incorrectly. The newly renamed file is showing up immediately with changes as were the others that I've put in that directory.


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Very cool! Thanks for the suggestions. I've made the changes you suggested, but the changes don't show up. I'm assuming because the server is caching it perhaps. Is there any way to see my changes in real time? It's been over 12 hours since I made a change that still isn't showing up now.

Things like the {start_of_tab}/{end_of_tab} weren't immediately obvious to me on how they work, so I'd like to try some things and "perfect" the format before I start converting the fifty odd songs that I've got to chordie format.



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I reformatted one of the songs I play and submitted it as a link. I made sure it was one that wasn't already here, and followed the examples. But as this is the first time I've used this format I'm not sure I did it correctly. Is there a way I can test my format without waiting for the chordie index to be updated? AFTER it's updated, if I correct my source will it redisplay with the updates in chordie?


<a href="http&#58;&#47;&#47;latierraextrana.com/tab/chordie/PerfumePowderAndLead.txt" target="_blank">  http://latierraextrana.com/tab/chordie/ … erAndLead. txt</a>