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I never got so far as to play with the SOUND.... I can't stand where they put the knobs on those things. Constantly hitting them w/ my right hand. They seem so much shorter, too ( the neck ). Nice lookin guitars,, I just don't like em. Guess I was just born a Gibson fan.

Bootlegger  ------                    Yeah..... you can ask 100 guys what they like ( guitars, amps, sound ) & get 100 different answers. I only suggested the Gretsch as the best value for the dollar.. my opinion. PS - raised the bridge pickup on the SG closer to the strings. 90% better. I compared the 498T & the Angus pickups side by side online & they seem EXACTLY the same. Wouldn't waste my money.

Andros -- I am very OLD SCHOOL when it comes to sound. I have a JCM900 50w head & 2 2x12 cabs w/ V30 speakers I play through ( when nobodys home ) <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_smile.gif" border=0 alt="Smile">   

I get my AC/DC sound on the clean (A) channel with full preamp. The B channel is too hot for me.... perfect for J Priest / 80's metal. I use NO effects. Just a pedal tuner then right into the amp. The only thing I would strongly suggest getting is a Looper. I have the Boss RC20XL... It is a HUGE help in practicing scales. I record a few 1-4-5 blues rhythms in different keys and its SO much easier to practice the scale when you have the rhythm playin behind you. DEFINATELY GET ONE.

Andros - hi ... I am strictly learning blues - scales & chords. Its funny when your 14 & can play Motley crue songs you think you're a rock star. LOL .. I took a few lessons last year to get jump started then changed jobs & cant afford it now so I find alot online. Try guitarists.net  . VERY helpful. As for your scale question - there are many variances of scales... and just like strings - rules can bend. Dont look at a scale pattern & think - these are the only notes I can use. My teacher said - experiment. If it sounds good, use it. Dude -- if you're lookin for a practice amp trust me the 15w Behringer is the BOMB ! For $50 you cant go wrong !  Why spend money on all kinds of gadgets & effects you don't need ? As for a stage amp -- TUBES are IT, man ! ALL tube ! none of that hybrid half & half stuff either. When you're ready, don't get suckered in by low prices on these newer solid state / modeling amps. Save up your money & get a Marshall 50w tube head. ( 100w is ridiculous )

Many on ebay.............

Bootlegger  --- No doubt...... it IS the least expensive model. But for a hollowbody w/ a Bigsby, humbucker pickups,( I HATE single coils ) and a flawless finish; the value for your dollar blows the other guys away. And it is an actual Gretsch. Not some other brand just SHAPED like a Gretsch..... <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_smile.gif" border=0 alt="Smile">

Hey whats up ?  Pretty funny - I'm the same... picked it back up a year ago after 20 yrs. and my 4 chord Glam metal days. LOL..... If you're lookin for a hollowbody, check out the Gretsch G520 ( I think thats the # )... its like $600. sweet guitar & best features for the money. I got one from Music123.com. Its made in Korea but why buy a Gibson knock-off ( Epiphone ) or a cheap Ibanez when you can get a real Gretsch, even if it is their low-end model. trust me, its gorgeous. ok--- a small practice amp ? Try that Behringer 15 or 30 watter thats out now. its solid state, but w/ the features you can really play around & get a hundred sounds out of this thing. Plus you dont need to spend big $ on a tube amp - just for practice. My friend has 2 Mexican Fenders,, Tele & Strat, & swears by them. I'm a Gibson fan myself.

I own 2 Les Pauls & an SG Standard. The SG & the LP Studio have the same exact pickups... ( 498T @ the bridge ) ... The LP sounds SOOO MUCH BETTER, I can't believe it. Much louder & fuller. Its amazing how from just switching guitars & NOT even touching the amp, its like night & day. Whats up with the SG ?? Anybody else happen to have done this experiment ?  I like the SG, but I'm wondering if I should just sell it or replace the bridge pickup w/ a '57 classic plus or the Angus sig. Like to hear from anyone who has both guitars for your input........ thanx..   -- Scott<img src="index.php?t=getfile&id=84&private=0" border=0 alt="index.php?t=getfile&id=84&private=0">