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LOL I wish...  Sadly the Kingman was one of the troubles I had to endure - the banjotar as well.  Wherever we go no, my friend seems to find there amazing deals.  I pick em up for him and  he resells at a pretty good profit.  Wish I knew so much about the vintage market. 
Interesting bridge on the Kingman, each string is intonated individually with an adjustment screw.



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Thanks Beamer!  Its nice to have that information. 
Story goes, it was a gift from a visiting diplomat or business contact(?) to the previous owner.

Zurf, I'll get a photo one of these days maybe a sound clip too.


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Thanks Topdown, not sure if I dare tighten the strings on the balalaika - I'm pretty sure the strings are original equipment and its never been played.
And thanks for the help Beamer I'm sure it's just regular label stuff but still would be cool to know.

All the best everyone!

Hey, its been quite a month here.  We've been on the road a bit and a friend has had me pick up a couple items for him and for my "troubles" gave me these:

   Simon and Patrick concert hall showcase

   passing on was the great Fender Kingman find also passed on was an early Framus banjitar very cool but sorry forgot to take a picture.
1970's Kingman

and if you happen to know anyone who speaks Russian, a translation of the Balalaika label would be much appreciated!

Hope y'all are having as much fun as I am smile


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Happy Canada day from the other side of this great country!

Didn’t know that either Roger Thanks
Also if you want to see the list of song versions click on (15 versions).  This is new to me too.
Click on the title for one version. Not sure how they are sorted
Hope this helps.

PS. This only works if you start in the songs list. If you go through the artists list you can see the song and number of versions but selecting the versions link results in an error code (for me)

If you add the song to your personal song book, you can edit it for your own use as you see fit.
The editing isn't that tough -definitely worth looking into given that the net is prone to a mistake or two.

Thanks for this, T.  I had a look at the lyrics earlier and thought I'd like tomaybe give it a try but I can seldom make words and chords sound like much without an original recording to go by. 

WOW indeed!
That we can add songs from the internet in real time is amazing. (pretty sure that's what I read...;)
As for the bonuses - I think Chordie is some bonus already.
Many thanks!


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Clever piece Phil.  Thanks for sharing!


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Wow, that's just weird.  Sometimes, using alt key codes you can get around a glitch like that but ..., no joy.
H works as a comment {c: H or h} but inserted into the chord brackets [{c: H or h}] , it goes back to "b"s. Hmmmm...
Good luck!

... but it sure is pretty (mostly)
I think its an Ibanez AS80 or copy thereof - circa early 90's???
Very nice condition apart from the mutilated headstock (*sigh* I think there is some restoration work in my immediate future) but she plays like a dream! and I love the fretboard inlays.

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid … f6d5e9be36



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Too cool, JJJ, it was my dad's "portable radio" back in the day
Just a place to put a capo, coffee and a couple picks these days.


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Thanks for the comments everyone
It's a fun group of gear in that each one has a unique voice.

The Solitaire kind of jumps out at you, with no sound hole it's a "how does that work" kind of thing.  Made by Boulder Creek of California, the bracing system is interesting - allows the soundboard to resonate and project more than the traditional X-bracing.  Hard to describe a sound but to me it has a rich warm voice.  It does have a sound hole on the top which lets you hear more of what's going on - kind of like having a monitor.  http://www.bouldercreekguitars.com/abou … ng-system/ if you are interested...
Sadly, the mandolin has way more issues than expected - way beyond my depth but I do plan to replace the nut and get some strings on it one day.  the action is so high it's just barely playable.  Online charity auction they said it was in good shape lol - Not a good buy.
I'm not much into amplification but I do have a Fender acoustic 30 that sounds pretty good with the 12-er, solitaire, and the epi when it''s big noise time.
What to play is a tough one. Lately the parlour is my main strum, it just fits everywhere better and still sounds great but they all call my name from time to time and the folks that come in to play our house concerts get a kick out of them too.
Make no mistake, my gear far exceeds my abilities, but I'm workin' on it!



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Greetings from the soon to be great white north!

Its been a crazy summer - I guess with a foot of snow in the offing next week, it's time to move on to winter.
As I mentioned in one of TF's recent threads, there's been a little "horse trading" going on here.
My Hohner dobro and Martin DXP... fell to the kijiji axe under the guise of "thinning the herd."  But - nature abhors a vacuum and several replacements just happened to nudge their way into the picture. 

The herd as it sits today:

The recent acquisitions:
Beside the 12 string on the far wall is "the piano" - a very loud drednaught, hand-built by my jam partner back around 1980.  It ousted the Martin and dobro. 
On the wall to your right is the mando-banjo - I'm pretty sure it's a MANjo (1930's?) and a long dead stella mandolin from the 30's also
Between the Uke and the Solitaire (no front sound hole) is the Simon & Patrick parlour guitar.
Right of the Solitaire is the Epiphone ES-175 premium - sweet arch top
Hiding behind is the yard guitar - an Art & Luthier, of the Godin family (as is the S&P) and a couple random electrics.

Yikes!  Sounds like a lot when you list 'em like that.  I better shuffle them around the house again so they are harder to count ;)

Nothing else on the radar but you never know...


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Hey TF,

Not quite the same but I just traded an old mandolin for a Simon & Patrick Woodland Parlor - circa 2003.
It has a great sound, maybe not as robust as a dred but definitely holds its own. 
If not the yard guitar, it will for sure be the camping guitar,  takes up way less real estate and is great fun to play.
I suspect Gretsch will do a decent job of it.  Nice price too.


NGD post soon - I have a couple to catch up on - there's been some horse trading over the last couple months...

Prince George, BC
Stop in on your way to Alaska!

We're in the midst of our local Canada 150 Celebration and week long "Heatwave" music festival.  Lucy is running the green room (I'm her swamper) and we're having a blast helping out the artists and spending some time before and after their shows.  The biggest names are Bruce Cockburn, Stephen Fearing, and the Paper Boys, but keep your eyes on Shred Kelly, Red Moon Road, Cecile Doo-Kingue, and Don Amero.  All really great people and amazing musicians.  Some just chill and chat, some do a full on half hour warm up/show.  Great fun!

Sounds like a great time. 
I finally have my INS issues dealt with but alas still not in the cards for this year.
One day?  You never know...

Have fun!

Nicely played, Phil.
Great song, James, i don't know how one does all that.
Keep doing it!
Thanks for sharing,


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Great find TF
This is reminiscent of the Jack and Danny guitars from a couple years ago.  Made in China, surprising quality, and crazy low price.
I had a few through the house, they all sounded great.
Nah - I've been thinning the herd lately and the C$ exchange takes a lot of the fun out of it.  But geez its hard to stay off the trigger!!
Thanks :\


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Congrats man,

That's one heckuva project to take on and complete! 
I've never come close to attempting such a thing, my hat's off to you.
I do jam with a chap that worked with Larrivee back in their Vancouver, BC days and went on to build and sell his own - mostly classicals.  I do have one of his early dreadnoughts and it is a great guitar.   I sold my Martin - it was just sitting on the rack.
With any luck, and a bit of time, your woods will season some and improve the sound.

Nice going!!

Strange indeed but with a little fishin' you can bring up a couple songs I think
http://www.chordie.com/song.php/songart … index.html (?)
But yeah, it ain't quite right.

Good luck!

Me too Bill,
One verse of chords ain't half enough for my memory either.

I don't do much on paper so I'll use the Chordie edit function and fill in the rest of the song's chords. 
I often find that some of the original chord changes aren't quite right for me so I "correct" them too while I have the file open. I do this in my song book so I'm pretty sure it doesn't mess things up for other users.


Wow, nice full sound for sure. Great song too.