Didn't work for me just now Sorry Grah1
I made a friend request thinking that might help.  Guess not...


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Thanks for the "welcome back" everyone
Your support and encouragement for everyone was another thing I missed here.

The FSOTM thread is a  great addition. 
Basically I don't play for anyone - ever but that is a pretty comfortable place to contribute and share.  Very cool.
I did join in a couple Skype strums with Topdown and a couple others but that's about it.  I'll definitely do the FSOTM thing again, cherry picking the songs I expect -Jack & Dianne was beyond my reach but then again, a little stretch now and then ain't a bad thing....

Life is great, Amy.  My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer when I went AWOL here a couple years ago.  We quit our jobs and just kinda went to ground.  And it's been a great couple years - she's doing fine.  Perpetual monthly chemo is a bit of a bother but it's local and not beating her up much at all.  So, not quite the early retirement plan I'd recommend but we're having a ball.

Thanks again

The Weight
So here goes - my first recording lol
My style is really sloppy finger picking degenerating into random strums.



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Hey Chordians. 
Sorry for my extended absence.  I thought I'd get back sooner but - you know how it goes...
Anyway, I got missing you all and was poking around the forums the other day - I like what you've done with the place.
Just for fun I thought I'd join in on the FSOTM -- if I can figure out how to use Soundcloud.  We shall see...
See y'all around,


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That's a beaut Zurf.  Congrats!!

I love to see un-cased guitars.  I can hear them calling from here.


Hi again, and thanks for the note, Doug.
It's been an interesting year here but I did get a chance  to check in on y'all now and then.  I hope to be around more in '15

One more site to watch is Rob Bourassa's at http://m.youtube.com/user/robbourassaguitarist
And a free seven week course at http://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE1D66070B9A7BE11
The Repetition may be a little boring but hang in and you will see results!


Another site worth a visit is http://www.spytunes.com/
Have a Happy New Year!

I haven't tried this at all but I thought some here might like to give it a whirl.



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Very cool, Thanks for the find.

The secret to success:(probably the wrong title but I like it)
and err
and err again
but less
and less
and less
(Piet Hein)


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Iceland?  Awesome!!   Don't forget to look up -- the Northern Lights could put on a show for you.
and ditto on the bikinis too...

OK so this isn't really elegant but it worked for me...

If you want to share:
If you go to public books and search for your entries (you have to publish your songbook first)
Copy the link listed and paste into your email.  (right click on the songbook's name and copy)

If you just want access on another device:
Log in?  Or you can copy the link in your Your Songbook list and again email to whomever.
This will probably need your ID and password to get access anyway.  I haven't tried that yet.

Hope this helps

Ditto Dino48... 
Wish I was in NY to hear you irl (in real life)
It's been a long time since I joined in on the skype jam but you (and everyone else) were great.
Have fun and keep Steph dancing thru the day


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Congrats TF!  Great looking axe.


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Sounds great Z! 

Sorry, can`t get there from here tho - you wouldn`t have a contact in INS (HLS?)?  ...Misspent youth wink
Might have that fixed this year so you never know...

Have fun!!

BTW if any of you yanks are ever doing the American pilgrimage to Alaska, consider a stop in Prince George - we're pretty much on the way!


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Thanks everyone, it's a real beaut indeed.

Like Nela says, its hard to put down.  I really like the natural finish and all the repairs seem to be solid.

Dave had it tuned to concert pitch and didn't think there was any need to back it off at all.  He must have put a very light set of strings on - not hard on the fingers whatsoever.  Low action as well with no buzz.  I did find a 12 str capo - Quite the workout using that one!

Great sound with a huge voice... I am amazed it worked out so well.

Gotta go play some wink


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Update -- At last, NGD for real!


Hi all,  I've been away a bit but I thought you'd like to see the finished product.

Yes, she's finally outta the hospital and sounds amazing!
Lots of character left but top is refinished and the neck put right.

A couple pics at my FB page
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid … mp;theater
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid … mp;theater

I got some help from builder, David Gilmore, in my home town.  He does some awesome work.  If anyone is shopping for a hand built, Gilmoreguitars.ca (hmmm is a shameless plug allowed??) is a worthwhile stop.


Hey Joey,  It's good to see your post. 

Thinking of you both,


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Congrats NELA!  Sounds like a great guitar.

q.  How long does it take to tune a 12er
a.  Nobody knows...


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Hey Joey...   seems some pretty nice folk here are thinking about you guys. 
Me, I'm a sideline kind of a guy but, man,  my thoughts are with you too. 
Steal an extra hug and if you get any static, tell her I told you to  wink



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That's kinda nice!  (serious understatement)
Happy NGD!

My worst nightmare is when I die, my wife will sell my guitars
for what I told her I paid for them ;)


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Very cool Russell!!
I recently picked up a couple chinese builts through "Jack and Danny Guitars"... they get great reviews but sadly are no longer in the biz it seems. 

They were awesome units.  The classical still lives and is great to play.  The dread kinda folded up like a cheap suitcase -- didn't like the dry northern winters me thinks.  Too bad.  It had a couple aesthetic flaws but solid voice.  Chinese guitars... who knew??

Enjoy the new axe!


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Interesting question.  I would be torn between the play like the original vs play as you like except, if you listen to a couple of their renditions, I'll bet you will hear some variance.  And I will NEVER sound exactly like them.  So, play as I like it is.  And it's fun...

I heard a guy on the radio just this AM playing a Joni Mitchell tune  - nothing like the original -- who can sing like that???  I recognized it after a couple bars and it had a something-new-something familiar kinda feel. 

Just play, it's good for your soul....


LOL  family/inlaw angst ...  i totally get it.
Give it up, bud.  You can't fix stupi...  er I mean SIL, or dad, or (pick your fav relative....)

Happy 2014!!!


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nothing exciting here.  Sorry, just my name -- Jim R -- Rumplestinskin - close enough, Green3

Hope all y'all suth'ners are OK.  We're - 20 or so and a ton o snow, but WE like it wink


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Try that .. lists Skylark as artist but adds originally The New Birth.
Can't prove it by me but google says it's so wink
I remember the song, very nice as I recall.

ack... where are my manners?!  Welcome to the forum.
Stop in now and then, it's a great place for info and just darned good people.  Skype-jam is a blast if you can fit in the time.