Great story jjj,
Perhaps your compassion and generosity past enables you to accept it now from others -- No small feat to be sure.
Best wishes,


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Hey Mitter,  I just commented on the axe... nice.
Welcome to the best guitar forum around.

Happy strumming!


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Mitter B,  Nice buy!

I am guilty of having guitars far beyond my current reach but I am getting closer. 
Great tools make the work lots more fun wink


Hey NELA, Best wishes always!

How about some new country?  Doug and Telisha Williams played here at the house a couple years ago and were fantastic - had a couple songs even I could figure out...
Check out a couple tunes at they have a couple freebies.


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Works for me.  Might be a browser issue(?)  but It seems it worked for you before.  How about the standard PC advice, "Time to reboot?"
All I can really tell you is it ain't broke for everyone...
Good luck!


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This thread has a couple listed.

If you search the forum for Chord finder or chord sites you might recognize the original thread. 
Search link is near the top left corner of this page.

Good luck!

FYI, I just started getting the "mySql reports: Got error 12 from storage engine" message.
I get to get songbook though when I refresh the page - f5

I have seen this before and it eventually goes away (maybe with a little Per magic wink

I think he means press the ctrl key and the - (minus sign) key
FYI ctrl and + expands stuff.


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Nice!   Looking forward to the pics...
G A S is good


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Hey, JoyO,

I suspect the issue is the size of your book.  I maxed out at 100 songs too.  Not a big problem, just start another book and you are good to go.


PS  Nice selection. thanks for making it public!


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Great stuff Russell! 
That's a great looking axe.  Love the slide .. I gave that a couple minutes' attempt and just got noise and never got back to it.  Maybe this winter...
Thanks for sharing your work!


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Hey Steve,

I'm glad you finally landed here.

It sounds like you have had one heckuva year.  My condolences... 
Good on you for opening your life to let some music in.  And you won't find a more supportive crew than here. 

I dragged a closet guitar around for some 30 years and finally showed it some light a couple years ago.  Music can be and bring some pretty good friends.

All the best,


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Well done Maddie - gramps too!!


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Congrats!!  There's nothing like a new guitar - and a new Martin is pretty cooooool


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Pretty awesome, man... CONGRATS!!


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I may be dummer than the average bear -- wouldn't be a surprise, but...

I just discovered something that has made a difference for me.
I have been pinching the barred index finger and thumb to hold the chord with limited success.  *sigh* and it just doesn't work and I think I see CTS in the near future.

Then I read an email from Paul Kleff [] on how to stop avoiding barre chords and I think I found something that works.

It ain't about the vice grip on the neck... The trick is to set the thumb down the fret board (or even up for come chords) and use the leverage from twisting the wrist.  A very different approach but it made a difference to me.

Give it a whirl.


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Hey Spike20, welcome!

I am a bit like Jx3 - I am a bit ambidextrous; I work with my right but think with my left but I never considered lefty guitar, what was handy was right. 

I have seen some discussion tho that suggests left handers should play right (and maybe vice versa)  the thing is the left hand dexterity might be better utilized with fingerboard action while strumming may not be as demanding for the non-dominant hand.  Just a thought but whatever works for you is probably the best for you. 

How`s that for a non answer -- heheheh



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I never considered playing and not singing as an option.  Heh nobody would know what i was playing...  I do kind of do the invisible man thing but lately I have been working on some volume.  belt it out Hardydog it's just fun.


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Aw too bad...
Can you post or send a pic?  I could fly it past my repair-guy friend and see if he has any home remedy suggestions.


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I thought this was an interesting note from Tom Hess (his lessons are directed toward electric but techniques can cross the lines)

Play the sequence EXTREMELY slowly first (such as quarter notes at 80-100 bpm) and focus on picking each note as hard as possible.  The most important part of this guitar speed training method is in 'picking each note as hard as possible'.  You want to train your picking hand to produce the maximum volume from each note without worrying too much about speed.  The key is to train your hand to pick even harder than it will ever have to do during normal guitar playing.  This will make regular articulation very easy by comparison.

Worth a try...

Hey Jeff!   Hope you had a great day!!


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Wow that's a beauty!


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The best thing about requited GAS is there is never even a touch of buyer's remorse.  The tone makes you smile and you just plan (plan? -- PLAY!)on.
Pull the trigger my friend,

typin's easy... readin' gets tricky tho


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Greetings to the new crew!
This IS a great place - Just in this thread alone we see some pretty accomplished musicians and on the other side, the likes of me -- gettin' pretty comfy in the key o' C...
Get on a Skype session ASAP... they are a blast and a more supportive group of friends you'll be hard pressed to find.

I had a "closet" guitar for 30 years (I'm 56) but about the time I found this place it came out for good - and accumulated a couple friends.  6 guitars isn't really a lot if you keep moving them around so they're hard to count wink

Like most others, I like all kinds of music -- and yeah rap isn't on my fav list but I did listen to a couple songs(?) and found they had some good messages.  Too bad it's so tough to process.

Anyways... welcome and please "publish" your songbook.  It's cool to see what others are working on.

Hmm I see mine could use an update... … edid=79473


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Thanks!  I didn't realize that S&P made a higher end guitar.  Norm the flamed maple must look great.