Good call on the humidifier, zg, me thinks.  My classical developed a nasty fret buss over the winter.  Just a couple days with a humidifier and all seems to be well again.  I wonder if a little of that oil that was kicked around before might be a more stable fix through the seasons(?)

Good luck with it OOpie, let us know how it goes!


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Sounds good to me too!  I think the QC at S&P must be really good.  Even the lower end ones are reliably nice to play.
You can see older versions of their web page at …



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I think my luthier friend is trying to distract me...
Still no sign of the Larrivee but he sent me to a local pawn shop to check out a Simon & Patrick "Pro CW Rosewood" (no electronics)

The serial number indicates it's 1999, solid spruce top and rosewood back.  3ply Rosewood sides.  If it has 10 hours of play I'd be surprised and I'm sure the strings were original equipment.  Not a scratch on it.  A bit of rub smudge on the back from hanging on a wall(?)
It plays like his new Martin - but feels way better  wink

The Larrivee?  well, Xmas is still coming, I'll keep you posted.

Gotta go play!

If you keep moving them around, it's hard for her to keep count...
But those cases, man they take up a lot of real estate!

Hey EG,

If you published, you'll need to "unpublish"
When ready to publish again -- all these controls are at the bottom of your songbook,
hit the publish control and go to the bottom of the page again.  There you can add a description and  --- select the appropriate category.
I am no mod and I was wrong before but give that a try.
I look forward to seeing what you are working on,


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I wonder if Research 2013 is still around... 

Re: your last question:
I suspect each guitar has a unique sound, my ear just isn't that discerning.  Having said that mine all have a different voice but they are decidedly different guitars.  For sure they all have their own feel - different neck, different angles of attack. 

For me I look for a guitar that will call me every time I walk by - thus the desire for "something different" fortunately my seemingly random web buys all feel great to me.

good luck with the project.



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Beauty!  You'll have some fun with that for sure,

Hmm... some incentive to do my taxes maybe smile)
Congrats and Happy B'day!


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DW Thanks for sharing your Songbook.  (Dino48 too -- cool stuff!)
I like to see what others are interested in playing.  It broadens my horizons.



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In more detail our questions are
- where and when do you collect information about the guitar?
     I do the research on a specific guitar online when I find something interesting and I think I am ready to buy.
     I am drawn to guitars we don't see in my area - something a little different usually.  We are too remote and the local players only seem to go for things they recognize...

- do you seek additional advise? If so, where and from whom?
     I play a bit with an ex-luthier type and ask his opinion if he is available.  I converse with potential sellers too but with a bit of caution on what they say.  I also visit the maker's web site for specs and any comments from other owners or demonstrating artists.  When considering an ebay seller, their ebay reputation is pretty important too.

- where do you ultimately buy the guitar? why?
     Looking for something a bit out of the ordinary leaves me with ebay and buy and sell sites.  Both purchases from ebay sellers have been great.  One from not so good - kind of turned out to be a donation but at least it was a worthy cause.
     My last buy was from a friend of a friend.  It's a very neat piece but is 8 months in the "hospital" with no certain prognosis so we shall see.  This one is a very good name in guitars - coveted for years.  My buddy had a look at it for me and says he can make it like new so if it is repairable it should work out well.

Hope this helps,


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Welcome Sharkin,
Barre chords are nasty but worth the effort
A couple songs that you use  the Am shape up the neck are Lay Lady Lay and I shall be released.
Don't forget to make your book public so we can work on it too wink


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yeah... We watch the likes of CSI and all the others solving "crimes" finding blood specks in the corner of the living room or other inconspicous locations.  Heck they otta come to my place.  THERE'S BLOOD EVERYWHERE!  We have a maxim here -- no work's been done unless there's blood.

Dishes, bread cutting, wine opening... anything with rigid tools is a possibility.
Get typed and donate just in case wink



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Sounds like fun but I think I'll be on a ski hill.  We've just had 2 feet of new snow in town which could translate to knee deep in trouble in the mountain pass. 
Maybe next time. 
Have fun, pretty sure I will too smile

If you are interested in more of the theory, Rob Bourassa has a couple great tutorials  search "rob bourassa chord substitutions" -- interesting stuff.


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Nice going!  Lots o' reso fun to come.


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you might try the barre chords a couple frets up the neck (a capo might help).  Not so much stretching going on and as you get something you are kind of happy with, back on down and you'll find your fingers are a little more cooperative (maybe;)


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lol me too H.  well more like 30 years.

Keep an eye on the Chordie Chat Corner thread for a Skype "Jam"  It's a blast and just a totally supportive gang.  You'll think "...we'll see how it goes" and before you know it hours have evaporated and you're hooked.

I'd still rather run for cover but at last the heart palpitations are sub-critical.

Jam on!


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So... not to flog a dead horse...  there have been several threads about Mr. J.  this just the most recent.

My History with the site wasn't great.  I kinda got defaulted into several months of marginal information several years ago but mostly due to my not paying attention (I guess I had higher expectations.)

Fast forward to Dec 2012...  I paid the buck in December for the kids camp for one month access.  There is some good information & lessons there but still in construction.  I am too much a hit 'n run kind of self learner  for this (attention span of a gnat) but I would recommend a trial when he makes it available subscribe if it works for you.

More importantly though, with a week+ to go on my trial, I got a call and an email to let me know what the site was about, the benefits and when my trial ends.  I am impressed even if it's not for me at this time.
Bottom line... he seems to be paying attention and might warrant a second look.

Just my loonie's worth,


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Happy New Year Chordie and Chordians!
Thanks for many hours of fun and even a bit of improvement on the strings.
All the best thru 2013!


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Hey Amy!  Best wishes...  another year ain't so bad.  It goes by pretty fast wink
(This from experience)


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Bad Moon Rising -- CCR


--- and Merry Christmas all!


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1. 80% finger -- kind of a frailing thing I guess.  It facilitates picking a bit of the melody here and there.  Pick would work too if I could ever get the technique nailed down.

2. mostly over the sound hole but working on some more forward and back for different tone.

3. some fret wear but pretty minimal to date ... all are fairly new though and what little I play gets spread over several guitars.

4. Never had string problems like that either.


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The formatting does make things interesting.  You might have better luck by going to the edit feature and there, copy and paste from the input screen.  The chords will be in-line though.  A chord editing program can help with that.


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Oh man, I missed it!  Was out with a friend for a strum and the shed didn't seem to move at all.  We did share in the snowfall though.
Back home my wife didn't really feel anything either but hanging things were in full sway for several minutes.
We're some 900 Km from Haida Gwaii (epicenter)

The guitars are OK.


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I agree with Zurf, in addition, Siggi at has done some great tutorials.
For a more technical site, is worth spending some time with.

Good luck!


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I was 5 and remember only the fear as my parents compared concerns with friends.   Some were building shelters - in central Alberta.  Strange time.