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I think I am close to maxed out at 3 but a 12 string might be fun too.  They do take up a bit of real estate but so far I don't get much static. 

We host small concerts at the house now and then so they get to kick out some good music periodically.  Every so often a mandolin or banjo would be handy too so maybe some diversification is to come. 

Hey Joeyx3, what do you use to polish the chrome?  My steel reso could use a bit o' TLC

I'm your basic "hide out in the back" kind of guy but it
sounds like fun - I'll watch for the next one for sure.

Hey Leadership,

I encountered the same thing a couple days ago too.  I have since edited several other songs with no problem.  Random madness at its best??  I'd suggest try again in a couple days and see how it shakes out then.

Good luck!

Keeps things interesting.
Great site!

Louisiana Saturday Night - I tripped over this in somebody's book and tried to find it in the index - nada.
Google search Louisiana S N Chordie came up with the song attributed to Mel McDaniel.  He doesn't show on the index either.  I put that in my book but  ... ???   I ain't complainin', just thought it an interesting glitch.  Cheers!


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Hi LS,

See the "show help" drop down in the EDIT area.
Scroll down to see:

Define chords
{define: chord fret s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s6}

Example: C# to be played like an A on 4th fret:
{define: C# 4 1 3 3 3 1 1}

The definition should be placed after songtitle/artist. Note that you will also need to place the chord as [C#] within the lyrics for the grids to be shown.

Syntax is everything so be careful how you type wink  Very cool

You might want to make sure to save all the great songs you have put on your Songbook and soon. 

The legals took a run at another great guitar tutorial site, www.Guitarnoise.com   They were invited to lose all the tabs for the song tutorials.  Now the site is still a great resource but that was a huge aspect for many of us beginners. 

My guess... this site won't be long unattacked so just FYI, evasive action recommended.

Pop over to GN if you can and voice concern and support.  Maybe if there is a groundswell of opposition the music moguls will reconsider... nah -- but what can it hurt?

Good luck and many thanks Chordie!  You have done an incredible job here.


I think the first was Four Strong Winds -- Ian Tyson
and a bit later Morning Has Broken -- Cat Stevens