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Relax buddy...... you come off like someone we already know.


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What kind of crowd is it?


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Oohh Sunday dinner at Ken's sounds fantastic. I'll bring the salad and Wine. What goes best with baby sheep Red or White?

Oh are there any pilots out there that can get me to Scotland by Sunday?

Welcome to our community Motomad I'm sure you will fit in.



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I love brainstorming....... one silly idea can lead to a fantastic one.

How about a play on words, something like:

These hands are registered with CHORDIE....... a play on the myth that someone with a high level in martial arts must register their hands with the police.

Why Fret? Just let it slide.
CHORDIE the most laid back community worldwide!

Chordian Family Member
United Al Fine                     Al fine..... to the end

Gotta go to work will think of others


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Hi Kath,
As an alcoholic that has been sober for 18 years I feel for you. I can only give you advice that has worked for me. First of all you cannot change your husband. Only he can do it. I'm sorry to say that I have no sympathy for people that have an addiction and don't take charge of their lives. If your husband really wanted to stop he would, not for you, not for the kids, but for himself. Alcoholics are selfish and will lie through their teeth to avoid confronting their own problems.

You are only responsable for your own happiness. Once you make positive changes for yourself you will be able to live life to the fullest. You and your children deserve better. Give them and yourself the quality of life that you deserve. Please get help for yourself, you can do it! Life is too short to compomise on all it can offer. Many have done it and so can you. Your husbands drinking is just the beginning. When I became sober I had so much to learn about myself, I really didn't know who I truely was. This takes time and effort. I also stopped for myself and not for anyone else. It's the only way.

Always remember that things do get better, I always tell myself that if all the Sh!t I went through was the only path to the wonderfull life I now have I would not change a thing. We all have the ability to grow, it is up to us to take charge of our own lives and give ouselves our just reward.

Please find help, not al-anon but professional help. Be honest with yourself, ask yourself all the hard questions that force us to mature.

My thoughts are with you and the children, find your inner strength and all will be well.


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Couples should understand that they cannot have all the same interests. My wife loves to dance and I hate it, I play guitar and she dosen't. Therefore we RESPECT the fact that we have different interests. If my wife says that she is going out to dance with her friends I don't worry and fret about it. I TRUST her and I am happy that she has the oppertunity to enjoy herself. I play guitar as a passion and as a relief for stress. If I spend a few hours in a room playing she doesn't complain that I am playing because she knows I enjoy it. On the otherhand we both COMPROMISE and we also make time just for us. If one neglected the other there would be a problem. My wife knows that she is always my priority and I always treat her with the love and respect that she deserves. Of course this takes COMMUNICATION and also we have never acted in any way that would put each others trust at risk.  I know that our one true PASSION is for each other. I admit that we have a very special relationship that others don't nessessarily have yet the basic fundamentals must be there. We could live without each other but we would never want to.

Good Luck,


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Hey Old Doll,
Words and expressions are a fasinating part of local/National identities. We Canadians have many. Like:

A loonie.
Our one dollar coin has an image of a loon on it

A Toonie

When the two dollar coin replaced the two dollar bill the term toonie was coined... no pun intended


A case of 24 bottles of beer. '' I'll pick up a two-four for the party ''

Puck Bunny

A hockey groupie. Hockey is an obsession in Canada and many girls go nuts over the players


A coffee with two sugars and two creams as in ''I'll have a dozen doughnuts and a Double-Double''



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acmecorp wrote:

Hi Les,

For me it has to be cheese and chopped fresh tomato, (no fu**ing marmite)

Marmite tastes like a dog's arse (No empirical evidence, just a hunch)



I asked my dogs and they said their arses taste better then marmite.........strange as they will eat anything.

Great now lets start talking about Religion, Sexuality, and the alltime biggest question. Willma or Betty?

How can you describe the fall of the USSR in a few lines on a forum? I know the speech was just a catalyst yet it was the push the Polish people needed to take the final step. It was also the first country to topple the Soviet regime.

The fall of communism was brought about by Pope John Paul the 2nd in Poland thanks to a speech to the Solidarity Party. The PEOPLE brought down communism in certain countries not the USA. Communism still rules for a large part of this planet. It is not because the old Soviet goverment fell that communism is finished, and this was not brought apon by an american effort that actualy thrived and needed the Cold War.

Well that was a HUGE catalyst..... and this is of course a subject I won't start on because I will go on forever. Sanguine you seem like a smart person but please read your WORLD history and try to back up your arguments with facts and not propaganda spread by the US media over the last 50 years.


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Welcome to Chordie,
I'm sure you will enjoy your time with us here. Ask all the questions you want and everybody will toss in their two cents worth.


Hi Brad, I know what ya mean, most of the cars at work are police interceptors. We have a blast with them. At night when they tailgate me I turn on all the emergency lights inside the car. You would swear that the light switch was directly connected to their brake! Cracks me up....

The corn this year is so sweet! The farmers are having a great harvest. I used to love corn roasts washed down with many a cold one. My old roomate in college who was from Newfoundland used to say that corn was best digested with Newfie Screech...LOL..I think the corn was just an excuse to drink the screech!

Thanks for the offer but this time I'm hiring movers. You could have come over to put back a few cold ones and watch them do the hauling...lol


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I think that Marilyn Manson is a Raelian .... lol
Just a hunch.. http://www.rael.org/

badeye wrote:
alvee33 wrote:

In the UK tailgating is the practice of following the car in front TOO closely. Very closely.

I'm guessing there's another meaning which sounds like a lot more fun.

You hit the nail right on the head.


Hey Brad,
      I hate tailgaters also, my cure is usually to break real hard .....no one in the car with me of course.... makes the little buggers squirm. Usually it's a little jerk in an old Honda Civic wearing his ballcap backwards who put more money and modifications into a 500$ car then the law should allow. I guess they don't want to kiss the back of my old Jeep!



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Hey Brad,
Haven't been seeing you around often, how ya doing?
Beanzass eh, could wash em down with a cold Moosehead! LOL



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Can someone tell me what marmite is? In french ''une marmite'' is a cauldron ...... kinda hard on the teeth.



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House of the rising sun. Played it for hours on end till my sisters wanted to throttle me!


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I just love to play ''Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out'' it can be played in so many different ways.

Black Bird is always a fav as it can be challenging and is instantly recognised by most people.


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The book is a great read yet you are constantly torn between loving and hating the main caracter , Humbert Humbert. You can only hate his manipulations to be with a 12 year old girl, Delores Haze, but his language and the pace of the narration , the story is written as a memoire, draw you in. It's a tough read but a must for any literature buff.



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Zurf wrote:

The Police had a lot of literary references in their lyrics.  I especially like rhyming "shake and cough" with "in that book by Nabakov" in "Don't Stand So Close to Me".  Not sure whether that counts, though.

- Zurf

It is a direct referance to the book Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. The song is about a teacher and one of his students and the sexual tension between the two. Sting was once a schoolteacher and some people speculated that the song was autobiographical.



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James McCormick wrote:

Gitaardocphil, that is very interesting to learn about the composer of "My Way".
I had noticed in the literature list that the writer's name was French.
He died while standing in water and changing a light bulb????? Not an accident!

I guess you could say he ''Saw the Light'' lol

Animal cruelty



Shoveling the f%$#ing snow

My work phone ringing at 3am .... this happens way to often

People that get stupid drunk

Pissed off people telling me that they are going to shoot me and they are unarmed.....refer to the what kind of job do you do thread.


Being late

others being late

Wannabe teenage suburban "gangsters"

We often talk about who inspired certain musicians yet we tend to forget that many great songs were inspired by books. Literature being another one of my passions, I was wondering if any song made you read the book that inspired it.

Such as:

Gordon Lightfoot wrote the song Don Quixote inspired by Don Quixote by Cervantes

Billy Joe Armstrong wrote the song Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? inspired by the book  The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger 

Check out this site you will surely find it interesting.

http://artistsforliteracy.org/display/f … amp;page=1