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well we tried recording showed the ones that were too loud what we heard they could not believe they were that loud swore we changed it some even got mad sooo we are all accoustic now


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i have used pure lemon oil for cleaning for years you can buy a quart for a couple of bucks and it will last for years keep a cloth with a little on it in your case to wipe down after you play even hides small scraches a little more elbow grease but no harsh chemicals


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i have been playing about 30 years seriously about 2years i have advanced to barre chords most positions but i fall short when it comes to a break in a song what do i need to learn now, scales  some how the meliody gets lost when you play the notes in the scale (i can play a couple) it sounds ok but not right
i do not read music soooo what is next???


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you can also try tuning open then check at the 12 frett to see if the neck .intonation is right
do the strings any guitar i work on the first thing is strings.  some people leave then on for years tuned in the closet they go bad even if you are not playing


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i also had a problem with volume. i solved it with a brass nut and bridge and stayed with light strings to save my fingers, friends can not figger out why i'm so loud, he he he


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i have a dean from mf with case 300.00 it has been worth it for all the fun it has brought me and any guitar player that has picked it up at our jam if to many guitars show out comes the bango


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i used open "e" tuning on mine and it helped me learn the guitar barred chords up the neck also fingerstyle picking
the old pick and roll sounds great with most songs slide to and from your chords with a little wiggle in there some where
sounds stupid but give it a try


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check out"  folkjam.org " in you area


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we have had a jam for about a year now with some electric players and some accoustic with no problems all of a sudden it has turned into a sound war and not sure why. some that have been good about the sound are now as gulty as the new players after several attempts to get the sound down it just goes right back up
any suggestions short of going all accoustic????

another option  for big gigs i use my pa, for small  i use a two into one splitter  put voice on one and guitar in the other on my small practice amp and even split a second time for two mikes and one guitar. it is not my pa but great for small performances the splitter costs about $5.00 cheaper than a bigger amp it is a choice quality vs money  :<D

60 years ago i was born and in grand rapids michigan started playing at the guitar at 16 could always play some old 3 chord song thought i was good  but 4 years ago iwent to nashville and the guy scrubbing bugs off my car at the car wash blew me away could he play could not find work to many better players out there i started to learn to play in the past 4 years i have devoted every free minute to my guitar and in mich i'm making money not much but some i have decided to keep it fun takes off the pressure makes me smile more but i will keep learning i told my better half to put me in a nursing home with my guitar i am all set!!!!
sooo what is this all about???
keep it fun but never give it up
(try dots of super glue on the ends of yopur fingers, but don't grab your guitar to quick :<D)


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if you have the song you can use your tuner to help find the chords i have done this on several songs  it is not perfict ut gets close enough to figger it out


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if you play the cd or utube you can use your guitartuner and it will get you close


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i too am learning barre chords and the thing that helps me most is jamming with friends they play open chords and i play barre they play barre and i play open to keep the sound from getting muttled up slightly different tone with the same key there is a wonderful ste for jams in your area called www.folkjam.org search your area if there is not one ,start one it is sooooooo worth it!!!! i also pick harmonics within the chord which sounds great


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just a little hint make sure starting out that you drop your elbow way down the less you bend your wrist the stronger your hand is


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i use open "e" ebeg#be it helps becouse the chords are in the same fret as my guitar barr chords
just a comment :<)


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hi just acouple new webb sites to check out

a world wide list of open jams got one post it

my space for music

randy stauffer

"always pickin' something"


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i can not argue with any suggestions that were givin all were great try putting your" body "into the song, tap your toes ,rock your head, keep your songs simple and feel for and listen for the changes slow country or slow gospel are good starters


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great info


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i guess not but mime is:>D



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has anyone tried to dupalcate the sound of old country???
i have tried chorus reverb echo delay and combinations of them
hours at a sound shop trying to no avail. it is kind of like singing in side of an old tire i know that it is coming from the sound system but i can not duplacate it
any suggestions would be helpful


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i have a shadow sound hole humbucker with volume and tone control and i love it. the problem comes in the installation you have to drill out the end pin for the chord for what i do it was great at $100.00


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get a chord chart for the piano then mess aroumd with the guitar chords on the songs you might suprise yourself


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my wife and i sing' storms never last' to each other by waland and jessie it always sets a nice mood for us:<)