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hi all
  i have found a new site and did not want to post this until i got the ok
it is a great site for pickers to find jams to join in their area or move to a new area or even on vacation like i did
if you have a jam and want it to grow like i did post it and watch it grow


thanks happy pickin'
randy stauffer
11705 rooksby
sand lake mi 49343


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i have an alverez accoustic ($300.00)and bough a shadow pick up ($75.00)for it and would not trade it for anything


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if the chords are hard for you try a capo on the second frett and play
c am f  g
sounds good when i do it


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all chords are three basic notes  sooo any more than three just increases the possiabilities for octives and tone just try any stringed instrument find the right notes and you have the chords
just for example the mandolin you can find simple two finger chords to play along but the full chords you need three extra fingers:<)


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sorry i did not mean to offend any one !!!! my point was to pratice and learn the chords absolutly fantastic musicians use capo's for various reasons but try to learn the chords  your feet are safe i was not stepping on toes


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pick the note and basicly wiggle your finger to strech the string(push up and /or pulldown)


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once you learn all basic chords  abcdefg  you do not need a capo. the capo is for changing the tone of the music not the key people use the capo as a cheat, because they can not play the chords in the key ,way to much. push yourself to learn the chords and you will be happier with yourself i use a capo to change the tone not the chords
good luck
happy pickin'

i use lemon oil on everything !!!!! my case' my acoustic' and electric and plastic (ovation) it is good for the fretboard keeps the wood fron drying lets my fingers slide better and it is cheap compared to all the special products about $2.00 a quart here in michigan  even on my amps to keep them looking new
     i keep a small rag in the case with a little lemon oil on to clean when i put them up after use but i do a monthly clean  with qtips and a tooth brush.  always keep them in a case when not playing (keeps dust off and unwanted finger prints) and if you need a humidifyer put one in (cheap investment for your equiptment) i have seen guys drive over expensive guitars want it to last take care of it that is the bottom line
   fellow picker


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check out this site


he uses an awsome two camera method for instruction
and has some free downloads


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try getting a metrodome or a cheap keyboard that has drum beat for back ground i made a drum out of an old suitcase hung a tamborine on it and use it when i play solo bbuutt pratice is the most important thing you can do jam with other people some better some worse than you it really helps


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i also sat at a wall (for 27years) stuck in a rut . i did ok singing and playing the songs(mostly old country) that i knew. then recently i found new friends to jam with.  well , i jumped over that wall and started playing songs i never thought to play (blues rock and roll)and doing quite well using lots of new chords. change your circle of friends a little find a new group to jam with it sure helped me


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hi me again just to let you know i took my 6 string to wheatland  music festable last weekend  and had a blast whith it  and so did a ton of friends also some crash dobro lessons


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for a special sound try  an open tuning like a dobro (i like 'e') becouse it matches the barr chords on the guitar it is a great sound for bluegrass and old country


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i started out with an old craftsman  and played like poo. i had a lutier "mugsy mcgunnis' rip he is playing for god now. set it up for-_ me and my style of playing  it made me a firm believer in setting up  your stuff my fingers hurt after about fifteen minutes after the work i could play for hours since then i own alveraz, gibson, taylor, yamaha,honda,collegiate, squire ,dean,stella and ibanez  all play great becouse i have had all set up for me


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the six string has a great sound but strumming it like a guitar looses something! work hard to get a foward and backward roll going gives a great sound and then pick up your guitar and try it sounds great there also.  i earned my first dollar while practiceing at my wifes garage sale :<D a buck is a buck


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i tune my dobro to open "e" instaed of "g" two reasons,1 my dobro is a round neck (less strain on the neck)  2 and it helps  learn barr chords on my guitar


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the first thing to check is the height of the strings (action) it should be the same (real close) the entire neck of the guitar if not as you strech the strings to make the chords you will change the tone of the chord. it should have been set up when you bought it if it was new if the action is correct then strengh in your hand is the problem lighter strings can help this if you get a squeel when you change chords try accoustic electric strings 10 or lighter if you can get them but above all pratice will make it happen

if it really bothers you losen up your grip between changes you can also buy flat wound strings and that will also help


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if struming is a problem then dont start a pattern pick and roll like they use on a bango make your chord changes proper and wala a whole new sound but i also agree with the first responce you got dont give up pratice and it will come


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im not sure how many i have.
my favorite is my alverz acoustec
a yamaha acoustic
a collegiate acoustic from my father in law
a taylor acoustic
a stella converted into a dobro (great sound)
a johnson res dobro
a dean bass acoustic
a kay mandolin
a kentucky mandolin
yamaha electric
ibanez electric
2 key boards
all of which i play at different times (i'm not that good:<)
each has its oun sound and funtion
i will not take my alveriz to a camp fire setting so some drunk can step on it
several out on loan at nursing homes where i form little "bands"
sax, trumpet,accordion 3 fiddles and different other noise makers
my point is not to brag but ___if ___you use them you can never have to many


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a friend of mine bought the guitar pac and it played ok but they are not set up so i took it to a friend and now it plays great. after playing for many years self taught scales ? triads? music theary???????????

i watched his dvd's and some of it started to make since to me



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i pick up old guitar and loan to folks in the homes that i play at.

that said i got a guitar put some strings and the warmth of the sound is superb i have checked around and can not find out any thing about it

can any body tell me any thing about it???


roy clark, country ,joe pichee, jazz i watched a jam on tv's country classics and could not quit watching i would give a leg to play that good(if i gave a arm i could not play:<D



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big d

thanks for posting that for me

i still do not know why i couldn't



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i have been on your site about 2 days and have found info that i have wondered about for years

i have shared info with players around the world all my friends will hear about it!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for your wonderful site

randy stauffer