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learn the notes on the 6th string

e f f# g g# A A# b C C# D d# E

hold your f  bar position and move up and down the neck your barr finger will point to the chord that you are playing try

c f g  first so nothing changes but your position on the neck

have fun



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first be your sons tutor if he just started you can teach a lot and the time is great

if you are looking to learn barr chords the fastest way

first learn the notes on the 6 string

e f f# g g# a a# b c c# d d# e

play the  "e" chord using your little finger not your pointer

6 string is e

move it up 1 frett barr with your pointer finger

6 string is f playing an "f"chord

once you have asumed this position

keep going up the neck and where your pointer finger is is the chord you are playing

for an example

e a b

would  be

e open 6 string e position

a 5 frett  e position

b 7 frett  e position

hope this helps


you can narrow it down by having some slide a piece of thin paper under your strings to find where your buzz is coming from while you hold the chord maybe one fret is just a touch high does it go away farther up the neck or get worse? keep in mind lighter gauge lighter tension heavy gauge heavy tension  the best advise is take to a luther and have him check but the more you can tell him(her)the easier it will be to fix



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i tried to attached the file 4 times and something happens and i get disconnected and lose the letter soooo if you send me an email maybe you could post it i would be happy to do that


<a href="mailto:rstauffe&#64;iserv.net" target="_blank">rstauffe&#64;iserv.net</a>


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randy stauffer north of grand rapids michigan 58 long years been playing off and on since i was 16 self taught 3 years ago i got back in to playing old country at the nursing home that my mother went to and tried to get the steel guitar sound ended up playing the dobro then the mandolin and banjo

stay with it you will never be sorry



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yes the key is pratice

short nails

get a tennis ball and push your fingers in it put it in your pocket and do it any time you can to build strengh in your hand

check at local music shops for local jams check your local nursing homes people go there to jam and the old folks just love it and some of them play also. there is almost always someone that will jam with newbiessome just want to play and some want to show off  avoid the show off they do not want to teach they want to show off (does't do much for your ego)

you will get there if you really want it

good luck



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we all started some where and had questions i enjoy opening doors to help others play

i play music two seperate places every week and jam twice a week and play in several nursing homes.

all for fun not money

at several jams i found that beginers did not understand the use for the capo (i really do not need it) but it helps others play along

i also play dobro and guitar mandolin and a little on the keyboard strum stix tenor bango and guitar i haven tried the steel guitar yet but when i retire i might give it a try

thanks to all of you for your responce

randy stauffer


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i have a capo chart that shows what chord to play to get a different key

"c"position  capoed second fret gives you a "d" chord

i would be glad to share with anyone that emails me at

<a href="mailto:rstauffe&#64;iserv.net" target="_blank">rstauffe&#64;iserv.net</a>

subject  capo chart

randy stauffer