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Hi Mhebert,
Make sure you have enough smoked meat for My 2 as well Please!
Ben Is a beautiful Cross Retriver /Lab, and Lady { wrong name for her ? as she is a Jack Russell with a gender problem?} She thinks she's a Roth, But she does love music and the Postman!

Old Doll


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Hi Badeye,
Can i come to your next Kitchen session Please? They sound so friendly!  I could do more singing then playing Guitar!

But i would bring the best bottle of Hennessy Brandy for you,  So is that a pass in or out?

Old Doll.


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Hi Badeye,
I love that guy, but never thought to look  at his songs?

I also love Hal Ketchum, "Past the point of Rescue"     "How appropriate!"   Written by An Irish man!
You must have heard the song.?

At the moment would you believe Mr Guppy is singing out from the PC, Keeping the whole neighbourhood awake singing   "Desperado"  A good choice of song for a honey dipper? dont you think?

Old Doll.


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Hi Bootleger,

In the name of all thats  protected, i hope thats only a brand Name?

Old Doll.


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Hi Boxer,
Thats a great age, its when you hit the brow of the hill! the years go so much faster!!

You saunter slowely towards it, stand and admire the view { but not for to long } as you tumble like an missile
down the next 20.!  Your looking good from where im at!  My guitar keeps me young and sane?
Just wish this site wasnt so addictive!!!   " Hi My Name is Old DoLL!  I'm not an Alcoholic?  Just addicted to Chordie!

Are there Creams or Meds for this problem?????

Enjoy ,Enjoy, Dont wait to get you head together!, because at that stage you body falls apart!!  Hehe

Old Doll.


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Your a rare specimen  "A True GentleMan"

Old Doll,


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Hi Hinder rox07,
First of all Your Name  "Rhiannon " Horse Goddess from Celtic Mythology " Beautiful and you wear it well!.
Well Darling we have Elections here at the moment, and i would give you my number 1 vote! Why?

You have more hindsight, foresight, sensetivity, compassion, and a lot more, then any  adults running this beautiful little island of mine!  "The furys  brothers "have a great  song about that war also.  You should listen to it,  Its a Powerful Song!
I would also like to say, as you are so young, always let your Mam or Dad, read your Post !  This is not meant to offend anyone here on this site!! We want all our young people to be safe and protected..

Nár Lagai  Día do Lamh!
{ May God Never Weaken Your Hand } Rhiannon "Horse Godddess,

I look forward to your next song!

Slán Old Doll.


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Thank you Badeye,

Your kindness is graciously accepted.....Just one more request, will you catch my guitar first!

As its now my  second biggest love in life, !  My first being my  2 beautiful  Handsome Sons.

Go Maire Tú.  {  May you live long }


Old Doll.


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Hi Mó Chára,  " Roger"

I understand now what you mean about  " Amy Sky"

"Love Pain and The whole Damn Thing"

She sure ain't no Ladette!

Another one for my  Collection......

Old Doll.


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Hi Alvee33

If i was your Mother I'd want to know  " just where are you meeting woman with this problem ?".

I only know one like this, She is beautiful, has four legs and a pert tail, soft whiskers,

and the most sophisticated rear of the year!!

Old Doll.


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Hi Snowdon300,

I just listened to your song on Myspace...Well Done!

Well for you that  had a Porch Swing!

Some of us are left in mid air? and no soft place to fall ?

Slán  Old Doll.


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Dag! Baltus,

I think its much more fun reading the threads.
Somehow the little snippetts of infomation, can give you an insight into their
personalties ,  and ages! Now speaking of ages  { A certain Moderator Mr Roger Guppy } is hopeless at Maths! Intelligent but the old Malt gets to him some times! Because of this defect in his ability to blend the two Ms
{  Maths+ Malt }
He has become one of My best  Personal friends on Chordie.

Ah yes Badeye was right  {  More  Honey Dipper } then Moderator

Diá Linn,  Baltus   agus Mó Cára Roger!


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Hi upyrkilt,

Don't worry to much about it.! I had that procedure done twice.

The first specialist told me i would lose the E octave in my voice?

Did i? i dont know as i can still sing? The body works around that kind of Problem!

Just 1 word of warning, try to speak more quitely. Learn breath control from the tummy!

I had no voice for 6 months, everyone around my neck of the woods was delighted!!

As i would talk the legs off a kitchen table.. Good luck

Diá Linn  { God Bless }

Slán  Old Doll.


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Hi Jets 60,

That song is stunningly beautiful.

I dont ofton play from the forum,as my guitar playing is average.

I did this one,  "ah show me heaven" Those words!!

I definitely went to the wrong Clubs, Pubs ,and Dance halls!.

That lucky lady must have knit you and never dropped a stitch! Perfect. 

Diá Duit { God to you } and your love for that Lady.


Old Doll.


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Apologies to the forum, just seen the date on that request now!

   These glasses " Varied focals   cost me 400 euro"  I was robbed?

OK, OK, I've just started eating my first piece of humble Pie Now!

Old Doll.


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Hi Upyrkilt,

go to the site

Black catters Tv World of theme Music.

you should find all the words for,

The Littlest Hobo.

Old doll


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Hi Patrick Jacques

Céad Mile Fáilte to Chordie,

I love all music, but i love the Cajun Sound Music?

Well being Irish Its like "THE GREAT PINT OF GUINNESS," sure its in the blood!

Also My Mam played what we used to call a squeese box.  I Loved the sound!

  Who's Cd would you suggest I buy?    or  one you find most enjoyable  to listen to?

Thank You and have a blast with Chordie.


Old Doll.


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Welcome my Northern friend to Chordie. . You wont regret one minute of it!

This site is like Santas Grotta at Christmas, you will find every thing here!

So all i can say is "What About Ya ?

From a Southern Neighbour,

Old Doll.


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Well done Budwiser.

just going out with the girlettes tonight.

I reckon some of them will be advertiseing space as well?

Hope they do as well as you!

Old Doll.


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Hi upyourkilt,

That sure sounds like a great piece of equipment you have ? Mandobanjo!!

Doe's It do your house cleaning as well??

Probably not meant to be funny, but your post really made me laugh.!

I would love to hear you play " The Clyde" on that instrument?


Old Doll.


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Hi David ,

I did get your private email.

Here is Some more information for you.


Phone number=4574847  { O1 } if outside the Capital.

It is not far from the luas line, also has a good bus service!!

Failte to" Baile Ata Cliath" enjoy your stay here.

Ps, The Pint is also cheaper their.      { But always drink sensibly}

Old Doll.


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Hi this is a question for Badeye, as you have such a great collection of music.


Do any of you listen to  " John Hurt " I love his style, .

Any opinions??

Old Doll.

Hi American chaos theory,

You were one of the people who advised me about changing my strings.
At last i have gotten around to doing that !

Now another question ? Will it go in and out of tune as it seems to be doing .?   Do they take time to settle  in ?

Yes ! you were right about the lighter gauge, so thank you for all the advice..


Old Doll.


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Thanks Billy Mac,

I will try that one. Don't remember ever trying to play that song !


Old Doll.


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Well Done Roger,

Just a little tip from me,

" Brush up on your Calculation ? Or you may be writing a lot more songs then  you need too ! ".


Old Doll.