Hi, i have a list of things to do in life! As they happen i tick them off.

Guitar was always tops. Only got the chance in my early fifties  {love love love it } Always go with your feelings ! If others jeer ? Then thats their problem !!

Music and Playing the guitar for me, helps me understand Im a spiritual being,

having a human experience !  Go for it and enjoy the emotional rollarcoaster ride !! Good luck.


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Thanks Eddie, you have just switched on the light in my muzzy head !

I have been reading and taking everyones tips on board.  That is the easiest explaination ever...I now understand some of my first lessons was Tabs.

I learned "The Star of The County Down" this way !!, It still instinctively comes to me when i lift the guitar.  I will highlight and print and add to folder, for more fuzzy head days!.

Old Doll.


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Hi Toorn,

  My older head is telling me that is a line from 1 of my favourite songs   {  The Rose } " Some say love it is a razor, that leaves your Soul to Bleed"  etc

Hope this is of help to you !

Old Doll.

<div class="pre"><pre></pre></div><font face="Courier"><font color="red"><font size="5">Happy Birthday !</font></font></font>

Old Doll.


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Hi there , My 5 are >

1 Have you ever seen The Rain > The Frey.

2.Crazy World  >   Aslan  { A great Irish Band }

3  Once Twice Three times a lady > Lionel Ritchie.

4. Forever Young  > Joan Baez

5  Rewind  > Paolo Nutini .

Old Doll.

Dont Know why your post made me laugh so much ?.

You sounded like someone possessed !!!

Relax ! B vitamin complex is good for that feeling !

But thanks for the visual....So glad im not your neighbour >

Old Doll.

Hi Petermiss,

thank you for the link,for changing strings, very informative..

I do feel they are a little Tacky when playing.

My first guitar had all nylon strings ! some how i liked the sound more ?

Or did i just get used to it ?  my new one has 3 of each type.

It Makes a completely different sound or is it me !!! come on all

u experts explain !

Thanks Pete.

Old Doll


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Hey You, you lucky person having a love of the guitar so young,

I did also at your age, but many moons passed before i got the chance

to explore it.. lets just say im a girlette!!  I have clothes in my closet

older then you ! but feel very young again

when i play my guitar.  So good luck.  enjoy enjoy enjoy..


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Hi John, Why have i no proplem with the  printing out songs and chords.?

I just highlight what i need , Hey Presto its done !

I would not be the most techno person on the planet,

Hope this wee tip is of help to you !!

Old Doll.


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Love this site !.   I spent many hours over the  Spring Break

learning loads from it . Just one more question ?

How does a body get there other chores done, when one is enjoying themselves

so much, on their computer with Justin !


Slainte   Satman  {  Our Gaelic Word for Cheers }

Old Doll.


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Hi I was at a great session last night. 

Two of my favourite songs sung were..

Bright Blue Rose.. also   The Contender.

Both written by A lovely Man Called Jimmy MacCarty.

The Great Christy Moore  voice brings out the magic from the words .

Give your self a treat and listen to or play them  !!


Old Doll


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Well done you, i love your song!

Old Doll .

Thank you for the info on strings !

I had no idea,they should be changed so ofton ?

thats on my to do list this week.

If it was a five course meal id have no problem !,

but this is all so new to me ?

I am learning so much from this site ,its fantastic.

Ps. I never have a problem with constructive advice

Keep sending it this way!.


Old Doll

Hi can u help me ?  I have never changed the strings

on my guitar, now 2 years old..

Now having read about elixir strings, i would like to try them.

Im afraid to try in case i make a complete Ass of it !!

what tips have you ?

I have located a store in Dublin Ireland who stocks them.

What gauge would i ask for ?

Thank you,

Old Doll.


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Hi and Thank You for the barre chord tip.

What would you suggest is the quickest and easiest way to do that??.


Old Doll !


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Thank you for taking the time to do the chords for, Three Times A Lady.

I will get some time this W/E to try them !! and keep you informed !

  { You Clever Person }

Always reminds me of another time,so long ago its nearly left the planet ?? hahahahahahahahahahaha.

I absolutely love chordie and  I think your all magic !

Happy Easter to All.

Old Doll.


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Well done, your not only an expert on music ? { Names as well } A good West Cork Name, but its only borrowed !

Ah that was so nice to send me Irish Eyes Chords ! you may be pleased to know

I did not have them ! Thanks also for the link... I will be browseing same !!

What would you suggest for 3 easy chord tunes {irish } as a party piece ?


Old Doll.


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Hello all you romantics ?

Has Anyone any easy chords for  { Three Times A Lady } ?

Would appreciate same .

Thank you

Old Doll !


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Thank you so much Satman, for taking the time to reply to me .

I will spend the rest of the evening practiseing same !

When im signing my 1st Millon Euro deal ? your invited !! hahahahaha.

You give some great advice, i have been reading it all.

will keep you posted .  have to go i have a whole lot of practise to do !


Old Doll.


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Oh my God, someone is worrying about being 30 and playing the guitar ? there is no hope for me !!I always wanted to play guitar, but being the eldest girl of a very big family, it went on the back burner. I got a present of a beautiful guitar 2 xmas ago and love sitting trying to play it. so relaxing. I have learned the easy chords.  g,c,d,a,e and can strum Nancy Griffits {Tecumpsa Valley } + California blue , yipee at 57 i think im great, any good tips for this old fogie ?  im willing to work and have the time to practise.  Thank you for shareing all your great knowledge.  would love to learn how to pick chords ?

not sure ifs thats the right term !!