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This is a lovely piece Strans,

I'd love to hear this to music with the voice of Mary Black.

Because i know Belfast i felt the bustle first, then a fall into quiet
as your writing took me to the quiet of the river.

Class work.

Old Doll


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Soooooooo Good Phil,

Thoughts of Arthurian Legends with Lady of the lake imagery while reading this piece,

Narrow minds to oceans wide { love that line }

Well done again

Old Doll.


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Hi Phill,

I feel the strength of this one right from your gut. But it also made me smile.

Our Goverment and banks squandered all our money but, have now decided to give the underprivileged here
FREE CHEESE !! "Whats that about !" I ask .

Keep writing Phil, It entertains plus  keeps us sane lol

Old Doll


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Thank you Ozymandias,

Great stuff to listen to over breakfast on a slightly warmer Emerald Isle.

Heres Chip and Lucinda "The Ship"



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Well done Sir,

I gave you a comment on the tube. You have a grand voice with tones of Elvis i felt at times.

May i suggest this to you ! My brother in Law doesn't like to be seen on camera on the tube so
he points his camera at a lighting candle lol sounds wacky, but it works . It is better then a dark screen.

This is not meant to be a criticism, just an observation.

Very well done.

Old Doll.


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Its a lovely recording Phil.

I very much enjoyed it. I also had another wee listen to Old Blues song. I always liked that song  sooo much.

I never know why it holds a feeling of nostalgia for me !

Both excellent !

Old Doll.


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Every living breathing person on this wee Island of Ireland
wants to do just that with all the bankers here at the moment.

Theres a litany of repossessions  here on houses and cars, Both business and personal.

Jackie hays ain't alone here with this thinking.

Good concept.

Old Doll.


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lol lol lol

Very funny and clever. I do believe theres lots of stuff been lost here on Chordie in translation.

I have had American friends here who asked while out among people " Where was her fanny bag ? "
Did she get some looks from the people around here. lol we call this type of bag  a bum bag !!

Her word here is a rude word, as you probably are aware of Strans.

Good work, i could hear a country feel to this one  { music wise ]

Old Doll.


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This one made me laugh Phill,

I'm sure we all can relate to some or most of its contents. This, I thought was a very clever line.

"Your breath kills the flowers on the wallpaper" lol

Good stuff as always sir.

Old Doll.


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Hello Jamier

There's nothing vague about this piece at all. It's a wonderful piece full of imagery.

I loved it. It conjured up all sorts in my mind while reading.

Thank you"

Old Doll.


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Boohoo !

I wanna be there also. Even if its only to kick back and listen to ye all..
Id bring some fine  old Jameson and a barrel of the black stuff { Guinness }

Toots any room in that auld van of yours for Old Doll ? lol


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Mucho gracias Senór Badeye. lol

Heres "Van the Man" with a great fave of mine. I love the lyrics in this song.
They remind me of someone i know and  have great [  Grá]  Love  for.



Old Doll.


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Thank you Roger,

I havent had anymore from Eagleeye 5851.

I do believe hes a good guy,and probably has no clue this was happening.

Old Doll.

Ps. I hope your own health has improved sir.


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Loved it Wilbaye,

Its a great old song.

Hope you and yours are doing well.

Old Doll.


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lol toots,

Yes, we have stores like B&Q- Woodies- I never met anyone yet working there that knew more then i do about D. I Y. there good at pointing you down 10 ailes though ! Lost in a maze of orange and white signs..

Happy halloween lads.



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Aah, i love this KarmaCarmie

Its wonderful. kept me totally engrossed untill the end, then i busted laughing. { babys blanket }
Thats terrific. I used be scared to put my feet on to the bedroom floor in the dark. Fearing what was under the bed lol Sure there was always only shoes !

As me Mam said " Theres nothing in the dark that wasnt there before ya put out the light..

Its a great write. So very well written.

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween. { Irish Saying }

Old Doll


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Its my own butt thats needs kicking toots. I am more my own problem then anyones elses.

10 steps forward 20 back.. Its easier sometimes not to have to deal with the whole emotional stuff.

You all have it right in a way. It is about relationships and my hopelessness at trusting another man.

Is it to late for me to be a nun lol where theres none wanted ! Another singing Sister Dominique perhaps  !

Thank you as always, ye are a mighty lot of people to know.


Old Doll.


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I havent posted anything here in ages for lots of reasons. Time being the main reason.
So, heres a self indulgent piece.

She’s waiting for what?

Her thoughts are dappled now
Once clear, so sure, of what?
Life expectation, of one, Him!
It’s not to be, she senses change.

Her  cycle of never achieving
Like a bent spoke in a wheel
Clackety beyond repair, she waits.
  Always waiting, for what?

He gave her hope, a net
To cushion a previous loss,
His reinforcement now
Fraying, she senses change.

Feels it like a second skin
Curses her own sensitivity
Miss direction, actions,
Distraction, Attraction.

No ownership for her love
Seated on her veranda of life,
Her thoughts of Icarus
Keep a distance or get burned,

Reflections now in solitude
Clipped her own wings
Sees life so clearly now
Still she waits, for what?

Thank you as always for taking the time to read.
Old Doll.


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Hmmmmmm I missed this !

So Phil, whats the story now ? is the song recorded or what ?

Maybe ive missed it along the way here..i'll go back and check before my pc decides to go slow again.

Old Doll.


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Good stuff !

Yes , I am no different , ive been there also.

Its a hard ole road but it paves the way to learning from the experience.

I liken it to a death ! We have to accept and thread our own path with or without.

Very well written piece.

Old Doll.


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Hello !

I enjoyed your poem. I had visions of The Costa de Morte in Galicia, Spain while reading it.

{ Coast of the Dead] I had the pleasure of spending time there some years ago.
Its a beautiful amazing place, but so many lives have been lost around this coast.

reading your poem had me standing back at Finnisterre. Such a beautiful place with moorish towns.
My childhood friend lives there now.Heres the link for you to enjoy also.


Good poem.

Well done,

Old Doll.


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big_smile  big_smile big_smile

What are ye like lol Near busted me knickers laughing at the  last  few post. I  reckon there'd be no grids cleared or nails hammered home.

I'd have ye plied with good ole Irish Coffees, sit back and listen to ye all. How wonderful would that be !

leave all your work tools at home laddies. I have me own toolbox .. Your wives will need the extra weight
for traveling..



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Eric Clapton,

Autumn Leaves.. good idea to put the link here lol


The autumnal leaves are whistleing around the auld sod  today.

The colours are wonderful, with the weak autumnal sunshine changeing there shades as the move.
I Must remember to check if me drains have the wire grids in place lol Just thought of that !

Pete - Badeye= ozymandias = Toots Are any of ye any good at this sort of thing ?

I need a handy man pronto lol

In the meantime i'll chill here with Eric and the season changes.

Old Doll.


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Hello Sir,

I recently have been recieving VIRUS EMAILS FROM YOU..

They are both from your Chordie name here as above, and your private email address.

I believe you have been hacked ? Or Phished ? If there the terms to use about this problem !

I strongly suggest you change your password, it may erase the situation for you.

I wish you and yours  a happy day.

Old Doll.


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Great stuff,

I often thought of this with people who are classed as disabled !

I have profoundly deaf people in my clan. The last wee guy we seen by video when his new
cochlear implants were switched on.. The look on his face was something to behold. He had no fear of it as some do.. Just smiled bigtime as he looked around to see where the sounds were coming from..
How blessed he is to live in these times with this wonderful technology.
How blessed are we to have the  divine experience of speech and  hearing.

Good write, id like to read more.

Old Doll.