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Wow Phil !

Its all there right enough. Like a slow moving  movie reel on a day and night in a couples life..

Shouting ! We all do that at somestage in life. No ones hears whats being said  though,
the words and meaning get lost in the vocal noise..

In saying that, I lived with stonewall stubborn bold child silence for years. Now, I have silence by choice
and i love every minute of it.

Well done as always

Old Doll.


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Yeah, Good stufff Strans,

I like it, a lot.

Old Doll.


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So Strans,

Despite what happens in life " Keep "er Lit. Sounds like good advice to me.

I feel theres 2 songs actually tied up in this piece.

30 years married ! Peas and carrots, That would make a good ole song i feel.

What about Ya ?

Old Doll.


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Nice thread Toots,

I enjoyed reading all the post here.. Excitement, downfall, expectation, tribulation,  Just like a wee drama lol

As for the free dinners< id work for them alone.. lol

Ps. Gabby, ive heard you sing before, you have a beautiful singing voice, May God bless it.

Old Doll


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Always remember  Papa -tom when you long for something badly enough, you can bring it about.

Be still and know !

Forget the girlfriend bit now..  You'll find yourself left without a shirt for your back :lol


Old Doll


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Spellings Top of the Class sir.

I couldnt resist this one for you ozymandias. lol

Sherry Baby . without the cream lol


Nite Nite, from the Emerald Isle.

Old Doll.


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This is so wonderful jets.

Its the silent scream from everyone here also. We have the highest dole/ out of work people
in the history of this wee nation.

Its shocking in more ways then one. Shocking for me when i see a foreign national spending a goverment food voucher on 3 bottles of Listermint mouthwash !! 3 euros 50 a bottle { probably about 5 dollars  a bottle} FOOD VOUCHERS SHOULD BE JUST USED FOR Food.. Whose fooling who in this econmy.
I know i sound mean and unchristian, but, i strongly resent my taxes being spent in a haphazard way like this. I also strongly resent the amount of euro collected on social welfare and immediately being sent abroad by Western Union ! If your poor you cannot afford to do this.. Its a blatant abuse of the system and our # hole politicians are allowing this... No wonder were back now to our people immigrating.

Lost pensions for all who worked so hard { me included } over so many years. Im a lucky
one as i own my own home, am my own boss { even thought the work is drying up big time }.
People cant eat flowers ! I can adjust to other work ive qualified  at over the years.
It keeps me warm and fed..
Heaven help the people with young families, you can sense there absolute hopelessness.
Joblessness is not just a statistic; it is a human tale of personal struggle and social devastation right across the board.
My apologies jets for being long winded, Your song is strong, as is my belief  in good honest people who wish to work to earn there living.
Blessings on you and yours..
I wil tomorrow do something here, for you jets to have a job soon..Its a wee cermony/ ritual  for work to come your way..

Old Doll.


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Nice song Roger,

More upbeat then your usual style. which is always good to hear.

I'm glad some nice woman is putting some pep in your step.. Just dont go tripping up now
and spoil it all..:lol:

Do let us  all know your progress please. Did she love the song ?

Old Doll.


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Nice work GreyGiles,

A  good steady wee flow to it, Good lyrics also..

You made your point plain and clear.

Well done

Old Doll.


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Hi Daddy,

Yes, the sunshine helps to bring out the best in everyone.

We didnt do to badly here. It was mainly dry and sunny OR at least warm..

Love the sun i do, so made the most of every chance i got this year.

Heatings on here this evening, winters slowly drifting in.. I like the changing seasons.

They all bring some form of joy with them... More booktime for me i guess, snuggled up.

When work allows that is lol.

Be well and stay cool.

Old Doll.


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So sweet Phil,

Such an honest wee piece, full of love and devotion.

Long may you both love one another.

Old Doll.


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They are both wonderful Arkady,

As always sir.. Just this morning one of the women in my class
said "she missed the water sound in the  relaxation music. With others it sends them to the loo lol

They { the women } enjoy your music very much..

Be a good wee laddie and send them to me please.. I will update your other CD.

Thank you Ark,

Old Doll.


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ozymandias wrote:

Drinks a glass of cream sherry to Old Doll to her health.


Go raibh maith agat  { Thank You }

Old Doll.


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In the long run, men hit only what they aim at. Therefore, they had better aim at something high.

You obviously had a good shot Nella, heartiest congrats to you and yours.

Have a wonderful week end with your Grá {Love }

From The Emerald Isle,

Old Doll.


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Well Thank you very much.

For both those wee songs. How very kind..

Ive been chasing me tail since last june Bensonp. Its only now i feel im getting back to normal..

Long nails been growing now a while, so there been cut soon and its back to guitar which i miss greatly.

Ive had visitors and more visitors, a wasps nest which had me "Pot herbs gone { Nerves } im allergic to them.. A burst pipe which flooded me out. trying to work amid all this was no joke i tell you.
Wedding , babies been born, and so on.. Holidays and birthdays. The list is definitely endless.

But ya know what bensonp, ive had a ball.. Now its  New York next month for Thanks Giving..
Im staying at the wonderful Bryant Park Hotel..How lucky am i.. Loads of sleep now i need to recharge the auld batteries..and the odd brandy and port to kick start the vocals for the sing alongs..

Ill need a voice to sing for all me Irish friends out there.. bring a tear to there eyes for the auld sod lol

C'Mon and waltz now Bensonp,  sure its that kind of song

This one would extract tears from a turnip { Big Grins }


All me blabber here, and i never asked how you are  Sir.. Me Ma would clatter me if she was around !
Well !! How are ya doing ? 
I hope you and yours are doing dandy.
Nite nite sir from the cool damp Emerald.

Old Doll.


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Well Begorra and Bejapers Toots,

I could believe that one lol

Just as long as theres no big red buttons to push! I guarantee some diehard
would have a go at it whiskey or nae.:lol:

Are you tooting away still sir ?

Old Doll.


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No it doesn't Toots, even at this late stage..

Thank you for your kind words.

Much appreciated as always.

Hugs to you and yours.

Old Doll.


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buvvy wrote:

The Adventures of a Reluctant Printer by David  ''Buvvy''  Butler. For those of you who might be interested the book is now available on the net and the information is listed below in the Market Place section.

Hi Buvvy,

I finally got it downloaded.. I dont know what happened earlier in the year when i purchased through Paypal ! Well thought i did.. Waited for the post and nothing lol

The gombeen that i can be at times never thought to check had the transaction gone through.
It had not..

I had no problem at all this time using this new site..

I'll review when i read and get back to you..

From the Emerald

Old Doll.


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Yep !

Thats Galway, just a great spot of the wee Emerald Isle.

My ancestors are from there.

So glad you had a good time here..

On one trip i had this year to Clonakilty in the County of Cork
I was steeped with luck to meet up with,

Yankee Caravan: Dave Kleiner, Liz Pagan and Dave Sherman and there huge group of people,
from New jersey. In a word "Magical" Such wonderful entertainment on my hotels doorstep.

http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=1 … amp;ref=ts

I do hope to meet up with all of them next time there here.

Old Doll.


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I agree it doesn't take to much brains to be on FaceCráic.

It is good to keep in touch with family and friends  you dont see much of..

We as a large clan have fun posting old photos to one another and having the banter about them.. Other then that its boring, boring .

I go when i have  emails to answer there. Who wants to know what you ate for breakfast ! or that you need barbed wire for a farm that doesnt exist. I ask Ya !!

There are a few interesting post and people on there.. But very few and far between.

Old Doll.


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Coooooooieeeeeeee Bensonp! and lads,

Delighted to see this thread still going strong.. Ill need a month here to catch up.

Heres 2 people i loooove singing together. Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez.


Old Doll.


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Just Wonderful Tv.

Ahh, but did any of ye chordians know this wee bit of information

http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/wor … 64138.html

We Irish dont only fight and drink ya know lol

Old Doll


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I also had a swivel chair. A terrific old one from my office years ago.

Comfy it was for me for both Pc and Guitar... My son bought a house last year.. He loves fly tying.

Imagine i never seen that chair head out my door with him when he was leaving !

" Aah Ma " he said when i asked " My ass is much bigger then yours, "I'll get you a smaller one"

Not a mention of it since lol

I could do with a back rub , any offers ? No ! Ok then, Badeye stick on the kettle will ya lol

Old Doll.


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Thank you Sir,

I havent been here in a while, so just catching up slowly.. I havent been to the song section yet and probably wont tonight.

So apologies to you..

Old Doll.


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That was wonderful Segosha,

I used to watch Jacques Cousteau many years ago on tv.. Loved him and his programmes.

Ive seen people donning the best of clothes trying to disguise themselves as something there not..

Mother nature gets it right everytime. honest to goodness survival.

Thank you Badeye.. Stick on the kettle there will ya lol I could do with a cuppa ..

Old Doll