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Great Picture sir,

You and your love look real happy. Always good to see.

Love the wee song also. your gonna have to record when you get time..

Thanks for sharing.

Old Doll.



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Thank You gentlemen,

Both so kind.

Heres a real oldie. Dick Haymes" It might as well be spring.


Old Doll.


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Well thats just about the craziest ! lol

No apologies needed strans.

Old Doll.


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Yeah i agreee Daddy.

Nothing on  earth is treasured  as much as a mothers love.

You can have lots of Dads ! but definitely only one mother.

Stay cool.

Old Doll.


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Right On Daddy !

I needed a hoola hoop for that one to keep the ole hips going lol

Stay cool.

Old Doll.

Terrific recording of a great song.

Love the blue effects.  May i ask have you ever met Neil Young in person ?

Old Doll.


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big_smile big_smile big_smile


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Oh" good idea bensonp,

I'll be right in the mid range at 19 ,whooohoooo lol Yeah right ! I wish ! big_smile


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Hello Lads,

I did try to vote, but it keeps telling me  "If nothing happens in 5 seconds to copy / paste to my web browser ?

What else should i be doing here ? Forgive my ignorance with this technology..

Old Doll

I love this video clip woth Carson and Webb.. Dragnet was one of the few American tv shows we had here on the Emerald.


Old Doll.


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Whoooooo Russell,

Must be them mutants coming for there master lol

All joking aside, i am sorry to hear your all shook up ! or stitched up.. Go on smile ya know you want to lol
It does sound to me like your short on B complex Vitamins... Maybe you ate cheese/ chocolate before bedtime, there good at causing nightmares..

Stay in the arms of your beautiful lady, its safer.. Get well soon sir.

Old Doll.

ps. Roger " Ouch" been there done that. soooooooo painful. About ten drops of lavender essential oil swished around in a small container of warmed water.. Steep the damaged finger repeatedly over the next few days.. Lavender has brilliant healing properties.

Old Doll.

Frequent Flyer wrote:

With all due respect to all the other wonderful poets on Chordie, it's no wonder why I zero in your entries. Another splendid write, Old Doll.  May I?!

The woman and child sing in rhyme; with disregard for the sands of time
One smiles the other laughs, one touches the other feels, one peers the other sees
No need to search far to find the person we truly are
Don’t judge the bark of this aging tree; look inside to find the real me

I would love to add this also to my own piece FF.

Do i have your permission, i will credit it to you when i'm famous lol..

Old Doll.

Aye indeed Bensonp,

MimiD10 !  i forgot to welcome you to chordie.. Have fun here..

Old Doll.

Hello !

Use the resources here on chordie. Look to the top of the page to see whats on offer..
Heres a start for you..

http://www.chordie.com/song.php/songart … index.html

Good luck.. You can change the chords also if they dont suit !

Old Doll.


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Thank you all for sharing your day with us.

Yes i agree its a great line up.. I adore that song and the way these great artist play with such ease to produce a fantastic sound. Born with the gift in there D.N.A i believe...

I'd love to visit bearcreek, i bet there spirits still hang about there.. My sage bush died this winter.. It aint easy to grow it here.. I burn it to cleanse the house and peoples auras if there not feeling good
.. I believe the native american indian's did this also. Sage has great medicinal properties.
: Cur moriatur homo cui Salvia crescit in horto?, which means 'why should a man die while sage grows in his garden'.

I could do with a good craft fair.. Ive been searching the web for weeks now looking for cream hearts for  my nieces wedding..There either to small or to big.. Satin- willow or wood. So maybe you guys could ask your ladies / husband if  they know a  local site i havent been to.. I could make them myself but i need 50, i dont have the time with all the other stuff i've to do.

Thanks Again for sharing.

Old Doll.

Lord your so bold Marcalan,

I always try to give an honest opinion on whats posted here or on other threads..

I did give my honest opinion on your piece.  Yes you can beg to differ,that's your prerogative.
My humble opinion remains the same sir.

Old Doll.


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Just listened Phil,

Its excellent sir. Would it be cruel to say " Your best yet ? " not in lyrics, but  with melody and recording.

I enjoyed that immensely.

Old Doll.


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Right on the button Daddycool.

I know so many including meself who lost a lot on pensions invested.. What can we do ? Nothing" i say

Keep laughing and living, we have no choice..

I'll share me cake with you.. Don't go picking the biggest piece now :lol: ya greedy gut.

Stay cool.

Old Doll.


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Awww, so true Daddy,

As parents we have to bite the bit hard  to restain our tongues lol But  there learning process must continue..They in time will try do the same thing with there kids.. Its life.

Good observation Daddy.

Stay cool.

Old Doll.


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This is a very good write Daddy,

One we can all relate to i'm sure.. Your back on a roll..

Stay cool !

Old Doll.


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You sure did Strans !

Please dont knock on my door lol I got the enthusiasm a survivor feels.. but his / her  menace was real and will be remembered long after the read..  Scarey stuff, but brillliantly written.
You definitely nailed it.

Old Doll.

While i love David Gilmore,

Your piece here holds its own merit alone.. I feel the lyrics of Gilmore's song over rides your words..

Its hard to listen  and absorb  both  while reading the sincerity of your work here...
Its a great write sir, us Irsh  are grateful we had Ellis Island to go to during the harsh times then and now..
I also have heard your chorus here to music some time ago now.. Please finish and record Marcalan
The lyrics are so lovely to your music..

Be well and Happy.
Hugs to you.

Old Doll.


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Great piece Strans,

I love the warmth and coolness it conveys some have in relationships.

Strangly enough it reminded me also of our "Stardust Tragedy" we had here in a dance hall on Valentines night 1981.When 48 young people lost there lives..

Good write as always.

Old Doll.

Thank you vwry much kind sirs for taking the time to comment.

Old Doll.