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I'm near gone blind here looking for the book thread.

My lamps  [ eyes] are paining me at  stage.. I still havent found it.. Was the post not in Chat !!  I was actually wondering did anyone get to buy Buvvys book ?

I have tried but in vain.. Anyone here got the direct link to purchase "Reluctant Printer ? Im sure thats the name of the book.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Old Doll.


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Great Photos sir,

Ive family traveling around Australia at the moment.. They may just happen on your music nights.

Ps i still cannot put pics up like this lol

Old Doll.


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Always wear clean underwear in public, especially when working under your vehicle.

From the Daily News comes this story of a Leicester couple who drove their car to ASDA, only to have their car break down in the car park.

The man told his wife to carry on with the shopping while he fixed the car.

The wife returned later to see a small group of people near the car.. On closer inspection, she saw a pair of hairy legs protruding from under the chassis. Unfortunately, although the man was in shorts, his lack of underpants turned his private parts into glaringly public ones..

Unable to stand the embarrassment, she dutifully stepped forward, quickly put her hand UP his shorts, and tucked everything back into place.

On regaining her feet, she looked across the bonnet and found herself staring at her husband who was standing idly by watching.

The AA mechanic, however, had to have three stitches in his forehead.


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Oh i loved that Ozymandias

Reminded me of childhood years. Us kids used to sing it. Sweeping broom handles at the ready
to fire our guns  big_smile

We listened to this guy singing it. Lonnie Donegan. He was a British skiffle player


This was another we used to sing as kids by Lonnie..


Old Doll.

Thank you all for reading and the comments.

Its always appreciated.

Condition im in  ? Marcalan. lol.  I remember it well sir.

Old Doll.


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Sorry i sdjamieson,

I can only find chords to Vegetamatic song.


Old Doll

Thank you sunshine,

I will do just that !

Old Doll.


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Hi StranSongs,

I started to read this and had images of the Amish community. Then "Lammas fair Ballycastle popped
up. I get the image of someone visiting for a summer then leaving ?.

One way or another its a beautiful piece. I adore this line. "When he gave you that corn stalk braid" Conjurs up some wonderful
images of innocence and summe love.

Its  a really good piece of writing.

Thanks you for sharing.

Old Doll.


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Hi Russell,

I love this kind of thought process.. Coffee or sugar lol.. After reading your piece last night and now this morning
this is what i believe... Our mortal clothes goes back to earth or dust. My belief is a soul is not born, so it cannot die.
Our soul is a powerful energy, while the body will decay the soul lives on within the energy field.
Death may separate us from the body, but our souls  continue its spiritual journey..

Thats my wee belief on us as beings.. the more i practise deep meditation  the more i believe this process.

Thanks for this Sir.

Have another thought inspiring day. There interesting.

Old Doll.

lol lol lol

One of my friends made a vid of me recently also after having a few bacardi playing and singing.

It was all in slow motion,  dreadful it was .When we got over laughing about it the next day. I asked her to delete. But she still has it on her mobile phone.. She threatens me now with it ! Whats even more funny about  the video is the fact that they were all singing along with me, also in slow motion.
The demon drink !

Funny stuff Pix.


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Great Photos lads.

Enjoyment written all over your faces.

Graphite guitar ! I have a graphite fishing rod,  Light as a feather it is, is the guitar the same ? light to hold ?

Old Dolll.

Aah, Thank you kind sir.

You just brought the sunshine out for me.

Old Doll.


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"Donald trump has reached the age, as have I , where a man looks like the South end of a North bound dog - no matter the hair style."

ahahahahahahahahhahahah, Toots Thats the funniest, i never heard that description before.

Our Island would welcome you also. Bring your rainmac and wellies sir.

Old Doll.


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Well for you toots, i love sunshine and heat.

Here Toots ! Whats the story with Donald Trumps hairstyle ?  He needs a new dresser, That hairstyle ages him. lol

Kraft Dinners ! I never heard of. Are they real dinners ?  If i had a million dollars i wouldnt be thinking of hair styles and prepack dinners.
I'd be drinking Mojitos some where warm with blue skys.

Old Doll.


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Raining here again today .. Summer is gone i fear.

I'd like to be lost in France, probably warmer there.


Here's a wee piece for those who like my simple poetry. As a child i used to play along the  Grand Canal my aunt lived along side the  canal. I used to play where "Patrick Kavanagh" sat reading and writing. he was very grumpy, God be good to him lol and me for saying that ! I'd watch the canal  coal boats coming through the locks. The men's faces were as black as soot. I always thought they looked exotic. Us kids used to think they were off to foreign lands, so we shout " Mister will you bring us back a monkey"  Ti's it only a monkey ya want" They'd say. we'll be back in a week, and ill have the dandiest monkey ya ever laid eyes on for ya." Sure we'd be thrilled at the thoughts. Me Mam and aunt would laugh loudly saying "Were rearing enough monkeys as it is" It may seem a bit weird in this piece, but it is as my thoughts were when  writing. Thank you as always for reading.

Keep looking out, don’t look back in.

  Home life, work, years of bliss
Deflecting now to “who is this  ?
The vastness of the sea i skim
I’m looking out, to look back in

A pretty sail boat takes to sea,
Making leeway, unlike me.
I sailed on passions Looney bin
I’m looking out, to look back in.

Canal boats coming through the lock
Childhood company, voices mock
“Mister, will you bring me back a monkey “
Memoried soaked laughter deep within
I’m looking out, to look back in.

Hot flashes now sometimes provoke
Feelings of doneness, hard to cope
Second life? Don’t feel  so grim
I’m looking out, to look back in.

The child, now adult conjoined twins “
Both rise above the minds chagrins
Hands entwined, new life begins
Keep looking out, don’t look back in.

Old Doll.


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Failte PapaTom,

Im just reading this post today . Funk ? I never heard that word before, Having down days ?  yes, ive had many down the years believe me.
This is what i learned over the years to cope with down days ot times..
Our heads cannot operate without the remainder of the  body  feeling it . Our thoughts are manifested in the body with physical feelings  of depression if negative and prolonged.  So keeping your thoughts happy and light is very important.  Find a positive mantra for yourself.
I felt reading your post, you feel inadequate having your wife the sole earner now. Thats a bad ole feeling to carry around.
I learned [ Nothing lasts forever,  allowing for change can be enriching} Change is enivitable. Learn not to resist it..
Always have a plan or project on the go.. Something you love to do.
Get a box. i use a pretty box to hold notes i write about life stuff i need sorting out. In other words " I believe by writing them, i hand them over to the universal energy or God, whichever suits you. I find them powerful and they liberate  my mind to sleep at night.
The simplicity of handing over and trusting your request will  be taken care of. It works believe me. I and so many i know use this method. When writing the notes, this is how i was taught to do them.
You write you name. Date of writing.Then,
Divine energy i desire----- here you write your request-----  Then write
For me and the greater good of all, Thank You"
Your name again.Then place in your wee box and forget about it.  you can write as many as you like ...I have had so many requests answered this way.
I asked for a brand new car once! a biggie  request i considered it to be, but sure enough it was amazing how  time and space unfolded it to me..
Now i know your all thinking Old Doll has lost the plot lol Well nananenana it works believe me. Try it !
Papatom, if you want to email me your address, ill gift you a wish box, or write me a request you desire, ill write it here for you and place in my wish box.
Positive thoughts to you sir. Dont be waiting for your real life to begin, This is it now, your  souls learning process.

Whoops wrong link lol.   

Old Doll
Ps. I watched  the film "Blood Diamond" just last night ! Scarey the amount of violence attached to diamonds. A whole new revealation to me.


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Isn't He fantastic Bensonp ?

I've been looking at his CDs to purchase. Lets be bold and play some more.

Lullaby baby Blues.


Old Doll.


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To Love a woman.

This is a nice blend of voices i feel.


Old Doll.

I rarely play in front of strangers.

Family Yes ! I would be like MKM. i need my books and chords to get it right.. Yet, when the books are there in front of me,
I rarely use them.  Do I play Guitar ? Yes ! Am i a good guitar player ?. I would think not. Others say i am..
I couldnt give a hoot lol I enjoy guitar thats all thats important to me.

Old Doll.


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Its very good, i like it.

Welcome to chordie.

Old Doll.


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This is a lovely piece Linusguitar,

I love pictures of moons with faces on them. Its gives the moon a personality i feel.
Your piece brings it [ the moon ] to life.
I have a piece also written about eating srawberries on the moon.
Thanks for the reminder and sharing your work.

Old Doll.


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Hhahahahahahahahahah, Bensonp.

I have a Parker Knoll recliner.. My sons fight over it still as to who gets to sit in it.

Visitors should know its not for them ! Hhahahaahhaha. Send me the blueprint for recliner launcher when your finished designing
same.  big_smile


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Zurf,  I loved that guy Keb" Mo, Thanks for that !

Its atrocious weather here today.. I had all sorts  of plans to be outdoors, { Big groans }
I'm indulging myself here with Natalie Merchant music. She gives me goose bumps to listen to..

Papaguitar, there's still not a sign of magpies out back.. Ive taken the bird box down to have a look at the nest inside.
Its wonderful.. Feathers, dog hair, loads of moss [ stolen from my baskets no doubt :lo: So comfy looking and about 6 inches in depth. I'm hoping the wee babies are surviving now that the weathers changed.  I found a baby sparrow with its head gone
today. not a pretty sight, im thinking Cats perhaps ?.

Squirrels ! Yankee Flipper is the answer .. Toots ! A BB gun, Mother of god i'd never use one. Do you realize how funny that image is you painted of Grammy.. Laughed me head off i did at the thought. Toots show Grammy this video, she would have more fun watching this in your garden sir.


Now some may find this funny but i don't.. The poor wee animal was hurtled through the air. Maybe toots dont show grammy this one sir.:lol:

Ok, Back to my wonderful" Natalie Merchant.  and the song "Mother land"


Enjoy, have a dry day wherever you are.
From the Emerald isle.
Old Doll.

Brilliant ! I love his energy.

Heres his myspace page for those who want to see more. Steve Moore" Proud Mary is another great one to watch.


Old Doll.