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I aint one bit surprised Budwiser,

You have the passion young man for music. I recognised  this the first time i heard you play and sing.

May it be a long and happy musical melody road for you.

Old Doll.


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Nela !

Yes you are, ya bold man.. lol
While I'm here i must say "the blues have flown already.. Ahhh.
I missed watching them this morning while having my breakfast.. Distracting the magpies obviously gave them the opportunity to
call there babies to fly.. I've been reading about some butterfly boxes for the garden.. I have a buddleia bush growing in the garden, { Stop now Nella, clatter clatter } Better known as a butterfly bush here.. That might be an interesting project.

Thanks  again for your help with the blues.

Old Doll.


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Excellent Sirs !

I would bet your best  collaboration yet. Great stuff. I was a wee bit confused when Phill started to sing as the lyrics  i was reading didnt tally with his lol Then i realized he started with a chorus.  { senior moment ]

So very well done.

Old Doll.


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Whoohoo !

Distraction i never thought of. I do have chimes and stuff hanging about.. But i was also making the mistake
of feeding the magpies what they like in my back garden.. Sooooooo as there roosting to the front of my house
i took there feeder down in the back garden.. I then went to the front of the house. Spread  there food of jumbo raisins/ dried dog food and macademia nuts all about the trees.  BINGO ! i havent seen a magpie this evening out back.. I also have some Collared Doves who are feeding happily now with some peace also.

Thanks very much for the enlightement.
Your pure magic.

How very interesting Scott. As we say here "What do you hope to be when you grow up sir ? Meaning when you finish your education.

Old Doll.


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I was awakened this morning at 6/30 by a some harsh sounding rogues.

My goodness the racket was something else. "Magpies and there young.. Theres so many of them around
i normally enjoy watching them and there cheeky behaviour.  I can only imagine there own chicks were being threatened by some cats !
i have some blue tits nesting in my garden.
There babies are due to fly in the next few days. I've been listening to the babies cheep when the parents  are approaching with food. Its so  brilliant to hear and watch the parents work so hard for there babies.

Now my concern is ! Mr and Mrs Magpie have killer instincts.  While magpies  are beautiful to look at, they will kill these blue tit chicks.  Oh, i know leave nature alone, but i would like to give these wee babies a chance to fly.
Any bird lovers on here with advice ?
These are just a few photos taken last week of the bird box.. There old wooden wine boxes, recycled into bird boxes. They have worked better then any fancy bird boxes i've purchased over the years.

http://picasaweb.google.com/lena.odonov … directlink

blue tits feeding, I love the way they all spring up with the beaks open as if about to sing lol

Old Doll.

Bass Viking wrote:

I did get to play this for the neighbors who I wrote this for.  Sorry for any confusion, but I don't have a wife; just a special girl who lives with me as my wife; just not married in the eyes of the government.  This was written for the neighbors after a conversation with them.   When I played it for them, she cried and got a little emotional.  I played it around the campfire just the other night and everybody there liked it also.  Always nice to get the seal of approval from MKM and the "Old Doll".  Thanks Lena and Amy and everybody else.  A little inspired to try something else; maybe soon.

Bass Viking.

Theres your material right there for your next song ! Your Special Girl" She will be so pleased as i have been over the years when
friends and family wrote songs about me..

I look forward to  reading this project sir.

Old Doll.


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Don't be goin selling yourself short now ! Yerra, you need some Irish in the mix somewhere !

PS. Trellis !  Embellish more on that statement please.. Take it to chat, I'm intrigued

Old Doll.


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Hello Jody Wayne,

Your songs are like wee drama's. Always  vivid  and enjoyable to read.

Thank You"

Hows the voice doing now sir ? I hope your singing like a lark sir big_smile

Old Doll.


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Stealstrings !

We get sick sometimes to find our true selves.  Your strength is in the composition of your songs and your future.
Your the master of your own choices.

Your a survivor, Stay strong.

Old Doll.


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Good recording, I liked it .

Your voice reminds me sometimes while listening of Eddie Veddar.

Now i see your explaination for the song i can understand it more.

Thanks for sharing.

Old Doll.


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lol lol lol Toots,

You can't win "em all !

John Lennon / Chuck Berry, Johnny be good.



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Yes i agree buvvy,

I get your sentiments exactely..

Good work as always.

Ps Buvvy.

I have emailed you and it bounced back to me. Then i replied through chordie It also bounced back undelivered.

I tried  www. with your email and got some Surfing site lol

Question ! are you a figment of my imagination Sir. lol

I do have paypal, and would be interested in purchasing your book..

Old Doll.


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'I was going to give him a nasty look, but he already had one.'

Here lies a politician and a honest man !   I wonder how they got 2 in the grave ?

100000 sperm and you were the fastest?



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Sooooooo good Phil,

I could nearly heae his wheezing breath and see his watery eyes. Its so graphic.

I do believe the best pieces we write are from stored memories.

Way to go sir. 

Old Doll.


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Yeah, it reminds me of purple heather mountains as a child
in the west of Ireland.

There were always wisps of smoke rising on them hills." Oh ! Its only someone burning turf" they'd say with a big broad grin when id ask.

As i got older i realized it was Poteen making stills.  There there to this day in most places with better technology lol

Lovely memorable piece Jets.

Old Doll.


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I love this piece sir. It should be mandatory to read a piece like this everyday.

I started to journal a long time ago.. In a positive way.. Now i just write 3 pages of whatever comes into my head of a morning. Some makes sence some doesnt. But ! It sure helps clear the mind and prevents worrying.

Good work sir.

Old Doll.


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Just listened to this now.

Class !

Old Doll.

Thank God mother nature in her wisdom over time will sort this one out. As she has learned to do so many times.
She is the master at solving so called human errors  gombeens bestow on us and nature.

Theres not a single executive at BP with the brains they were born with. There thought process is pulverised with power and greed.

My thoughts are with the people all along the gulf.

Quote" There'll be no one to save with the world in a grave" PS Sloan was right back in 1965, Were on the eve of destruction.

Good song !

Old Doll


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" Superb ! "

No surprises here sir. All your work is superb.

Old Doll.

Well Bass Viking,

Did you play it for your neighbours ? Tell me what they thought of it sir.Don't ya just love when
someone says something that inspires the creativity in your soul...I have written lots of stuff over the years
just by hearing a sentence also in conversation..

Your song is also very pleasant to listen to sir.. Very well done for a first recording, ya did great. Hats off to you.

Old Doll.


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Nice one BUD,

I left a comment on the tube for you.

Old Doll.


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Hi Stealstrings,

I like this piece but i to cannot figure what its about.. The  lyrics with melody  recorded im sure

would bring the story home..

Very well done.

Old Doll.


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So good as always  crazy Kanook!.

You give such imagery in your lyrics sir, it condenses  like a short film.

Super stuff, i look forward to hearing this recorded also.

Old Doll.


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Yes i to listened to your recording.

Loved it.. I also Love the Martin Dardis site. Keep it in my faves..

Good Job all round.

Well done again.

Old Doll.


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lol Bensop. You have a sence of humour to sir. Good quality to possess.

Heres some black velvet for you.


Old Doll.