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I never considered zepplin or steppenwolf to be heavy metal. to me they fell into the hard rock catorgory. please correct me if I am wrong


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bootlegger I was never aware that it was sound issue I always thought is was only about action. Just goes to show that you can always learn something new. Thanks


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go skydad, I really admire the fact that you have takin on the guitar. I started the journey 30 some odd years ago and the learnin has never ceased. When I srarted there was no such thing as this chordie. Take advantage of all it has to offer. It's a beautiful thing.......Rock on


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bootleger I am refering to fender guitars which offer a choice between the maple or the rosewod neck. If you are familiar with what I am talking about please alaborate.


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Over the yearsI have owned both stratocasters and a telecaster. I have always gone with the maple neck. My question is about the rosewood option. Fender owners what do you like best maple or rosewood and why ?


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very good points everyone, I beleiveI will continue dealing with music shops. Thanks for the wake up call


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Iwas looking through E-Bay and was impressed with the selection of guitars. Question is to  anyone who has ever purchased a guitar on E-bay. Since you obviously cant try it out before you buy it. What happens if you don't like it after you receive it. I am a bit leary about purchasing a guitar and not having a chance to play it first.


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over and over and over again


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With money not being a major issue (say up to $5,000.00 US) what would your dream acoustic be.


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there was a local band that I used to really love to go see when I lived on Cape Cod. I always thought that they had the perfect name.....THE INCREDIBLE CASUALS
they still get together now and then so if you are ever on Cape Cod and you hear that they are playing I highly recommend you catch their show


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yo michel I am picking up what your laying down.


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The most difficult chords are new chords. Good news is they don't stay new for long if you practice


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I am going to be puchacing a new acoustical guitar. I am going for something really nice. This is a guitar that I plan to be playing for the rest of my life. I really want to make the right choice. I was certain that it was goining to be a high end martin. Problem is I have been checking out some Taylors recently. I am a bit  comfused.  Can any one out there provide any feedback.


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I dont really know how it is nowadays but back in the day when we were first learning to play (I am talking back in my high school days 1970's) Stairway and House of the Rising Sun were songs every guitar player had to know how to play


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I beleive being able to sing is a true gift. if you have the ability to sing you could actually get by with two chords and be quite the entertainer. one could be a very good guitar player and be at a party and without any vocals there is really no show. the good news is that with practice ones voice will improve. I dont have a very good voice but through years of practice I can sing certain songs. I have no dought that withe proper training and exesizes most people can develop their own style. I once heard both Bruce Spingstrrn and John Mellenchamp were kicked out of bands, being told they could not sing. hey look at Bob Dylan


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my acoustic is a guild f-50 and my electric is a gibson lucille

It all comes down to are you willing to devote the time to practice. cause as ringo once said you got to pay your dues if you want to sing the blues and you know it don't come easy


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one thing you might try is bariing those 3 strings with finger 1 and  hiting the light e string on the 5th fret with your pinky. it gives a nice full sound to the a chord


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Yo hewi, I really aprieciate your feed back on my (MARTIN) guitar question. I am saving my pennies and I look foward to having no opinion too. My mind is made up. I too will one day become a martin owner


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Yo bootlegger , speaking of all those guitars what are the 3 acoustics. I am shopping for a second acoustic. I am curouis of your opinions on acoustic guitars. I am steering toword martin as of now


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I am a man who is is celebrating 50 years old today. I have been playing guitar for 36 of those years.


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When I get in a rut the thing that gets me out is a new set of strings and learning a new song


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Squire is the el cheapo versions of the fender line just check the price tag and you will see

I have always found the gibson les paul really really heavy. how is the tokai in that reguard


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patrick here, I grew up and started playing guitar in the washington dc area. I will soon be 50 and am now living in the montreal quebec area. I stumbled on this site trying to find a song tab. now I find myself here all the time