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what I have been doing for years and it seems to work well is using furniture polish/dust remover. lemon pledge to be exact. I use it when I change my strings. like I said works great for me


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I sold my strat (it was a grey eric clapton model) .I used the money for a gibson. I dont regret the gibson but do miss the strat. one day I will have another strat

If the guitar makes you happy.  isn't that what it's all about.


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fender verses gibson.....tough call.....srat verses sg...... easy call in my book. I find the sg top heavy and not at all comfortable while the strat fits perfectly with your body. the maple neck has a real nice touch (my preference s compared to the rosewood neck)
one can get that harder edge wth a strat if you want but you cant get that strat sound from an sg. dont get me wrong I gave up my strat for a gibson. but it was not the sg


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clapton has always been my favorite,then  beatles, stones, steve miller, john hiatt, jack johnson, bob marley, allman bros, robert cray, george harrison ...not nessarily in that order


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I have been trying to master slide for years now, it is the most fustrating apect of the guitar that I have ever delt with. I am a bit hard headed and insist onlearning in standard tuning. I guess that may be part of the reason it is so frustrating. Anyway I keep practicing and i guess i am slowly getting better (emphesizing slowly) what I find is that it is like body surfing sometimes i can catch the wave and at other times just cant seem to get it no matter what. but when I do get it...I love it


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the late danny gatton, he was the guitar players guitar player........really fast too


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could someone pleasetell me

I believe having a teacher will take you further faster but also requires more dedication. (you must complete you homework after each lesson) learning on your own you progress at your own pace, whatever that may be


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although I did not start playing right away I believe it was after watching the beatles on the ed sullivan show. I was about 7 years old but I knew one day I would take up the guitar


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speaking of somewhere over the rainbow, I have worked that one into a regge beat. (don't know if it's been done before or not but it sure is fun)


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for me the most easy flowing stuff to just throw out a lead to is any kind of blues. but thats just me


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my first guitar was a strat back in 1973 brand new ( $240.00 ) my life savings at the time. (sure wish I still had that one) anyway different strats and even one tele came and went over the years, until I deceided I wanted a gretch. (the strange thing is I never even played one before, I just love the way they looked)
When I told the salesman at the guitarstore what I wanted he asked me if I was a jazz player, when I told him I was moreso into the blues he said try this. he placed a gibson lucille in my hands and said try this. Well ......guess what.....thats right I am a gibson player now, but at times I do miss that fender feel.
bottom line I beleive they both have their place


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there is by no means anything wrong with my guild and I will hang on to it for life. It's just that there is this mystic if you will about owning a martin at least  among martin owners that I seem to keep hearing about. and the ones that I have tried all seem to live up to the hype.


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jpage ther is no reason to feel sad about playin better ...when guys see girls that are good and or better its a turn on

and if it's not... it's thier problem


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sounds to me like you guys really know how to have a good time. I am kinda new to where I live now and unfortunetly have not had the chance to hook up with any jammin buddies that are in the same ability range as me. but if I were starting some songs in the kitchen I would have to start with some easy 3 chord rockabilly beat like mystry train/ thats all right and into rock this town then maybe some crossroads then pehaps allman bros one way out.... then the beatles dont let me down, how about some more clapton with layla and then robert Johnsons walkin blues then james taylor version of how sweet it is to be loved by you...how many is that....ah whos counting   I always enjoy jack johnson ...how about  wishin waiting  need some regge..bob marley... I shot the sheriff


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1 2 3 has always served me well, but I wil give 2 3 4 a try and see how it feels


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another thing, one of my fun things to do is to go to music stores and sample different guitars. One fact that I have come to realize is that its hard to beat the sound of a jumbo body acoustic guitar


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I still have my first  acoustic that i have had since my early days of playing guitar.
its a guild jumbo body f-50. i paid    $ 650.00 US  in 1976. today that same guitar lists for about $2,500.00 US. my point being a quality guitar will go up in value over the years. also there is no comparison to the feel and pleasure of a quality instrument. I say buy a quaulty guitar. put one away on layaway if you dont have the money right away. I am in the prossess of saving up for a martin. I have come to beleive that a martin is the crem of the crem. although i will always love my guild which I  named betsey


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I also need some work done on my prized acoustic. I found this guy scott mac donald. I beleive he is really good. I dont think he is cheap.

s b macdonald.com

you would have to ship your guitar to have him fix it

I was watching willie nelson in concert on tv last night. I was really impressed. the  man can play. he was playing some tastey licks on that old beat up martin of his. there is a thing he does while playing lead, using two strings at a time that I like. something that I am going to work on. hence one can often learn and or get ideas from watching others play


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yo ...guess I can safely say I fit into the old timer catagory.. I will be 50 at the end of the month

but I still feel like a kid


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good point


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although I dont go there anymore. ( i am merried now) you got to admit and you cant deny and you got to love it.... the guitar is a chick magnet.


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I have been playing a jumbo body guild (F-50)for the past 30 some years. I tried a friends martin, it was really nice. I want to buy one. any advice would be appreciated. models ect.... and how do you like yours