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I put together a Country Book here on Chordie. I use it when that urge to play Country hits me. Its called Feelin Country. It contains soome of my favorite Country songs


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I have always enjoyed having an acoustic and an electric, its like having the best of both worlds


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Good Job DevilDogs Doll, One of the great things about playing the guitar is that feeling of achievement one gets after mastering something new. The cool thing is that it keeps happening over and over again. It never ends


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Zurf wrote:

My sister's got a resonator that I gave her, but she never plays.  So she's going to give it back to me.  It's a steel plate front in a wooden body.  I'm eager to get it, but probably will use it for fingerpicking and strumming same as any other guitar.  Playing slide is going to be over my head for a long while yet, I think. 

- Zurf

Hey Zurf, I can relate to you when you say slide is over your head. I have been struggling with it for years now. I find it a whole different ball game as compared to regular guitar playing, But there is no time like the future for starting to learn. I think I will try to find an instructual tape or DVD on learning slide


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Hello Phil, You are right, slide is an option, at least on my resonaor. This is because I chose the round neck. There are also some resonators that have the square neck. On the square neck the strings are much higher and this model is made for slide (or bottle neck) only. My new D-42 Girlfriend and I are having a great time getting to know each other, but the truth is that I cheat on her with my also new National Resonator


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I have not done it for quite a while but for a long time I used old credit cards. I found that they were the perfect thickness. I once had a bank card that had my picture on it, I cut out the picture in the shape of a pick. I think that I used that pick for  longer than any other pick ever in my life


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Wow Jim Croce was a favorite back in the day I guess over time I just sort of forgot about listening and playing his music. Thanks for the wake up call


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Any slide guitar players out there. This is a realitvly new thing for me. Any advise would be appericiated

This may sound strange but my favorite movie since childhood is The Wizard of Oz. I have so far worked Over the Rainbow as a Reggae tune and was wondering how I could work other songs from this movie into diffeent styles o music. Any ideas ?


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Hi There Sage, From what I have read about you, all that I have to say is that is you are on the right track, Pracice is the key, Pactice, practice, practice and after that practice some more


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I have a new National (steel body) resonator. So far I love it. Any one else out there playing this type of instrument. Any tips would be apreciated. I am pretty much new to learning slide


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Hey bootlegger, The Model of my new amp is Vox AC30CC2. I kinda went over the edge on a spending spree and purchaced a new acoustic Martin D-42, a National (steel body) Resonator and the new amp. With 3 new toys I have not really taken the time yet to get to know the amp. I was planning to buy a Fender amp and the saesman sold me on the Vox. As I said it sounded really good in the store. I dont get the chance to jam with others that often and that is when I will be using it the most. I need to take the time to get to know it better


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I Just bought a Vox 30 watts with 2-12 inch speakers. It sounded great at the guitar shop. I am still not totally familiar with it. Any one out there have this amp and any tips on its use as far as settings


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As it has been said it's all about preference. I recently purchaced a high end guitar and my choice after many visits to different guitar shops trying  many different guitars, I came to a point where it came down to  a Taylor or a Martin. I found that the Taylor was a  prettier guitar with a fantastic action, but as far as the sound quality, Well You just can not beat the sound of a Martin


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I finally picked up this CD and listened to it while on vacation. I just got home and I played the DVD. The whole thing is great. Definitly one of of the worlds greatest colaberations


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I have just added 2 new guitars to my collection. A Martin D-42 and a Natioal Resonator (steel body)


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I just got home from the guitar store with a brand new Martin D-42. I took my time ,did a lot of shopping around and I believe I made the right choice on make and model. This is my dream come true acoustic guitar


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Having been shopping for an acoustic guitar, in fact the last acoustic I plan to buy in this lifetime. I have found that for me that Martin, can not be beat for sound. This is only my opinion but I find Martin sounds better Than Taylor. My comparisons were made on the higher end models


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Hi Phil, I have done a lot of research and playing  as far as Martin goes. I wanted to be sure I pcked the right guitar for me. I think this will be my last 6 string acoustic purchace. The D-45 has more larger fret inlays (Hexegon), different tuning keys, but has the same neck shape (low profile). The D-42 has what they call foward shifted top bracing which I believe givs a much fuller sound. It also has  open geared tuning keys, not that really makes any difference. D-42 has snowflake shaped inlays on the neck. Both are Dreadnought Models. The D-45 also cost more


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This is tough subject for me as I have my Guild F-50 which I bought brand new over 30 years ago. This is the guitar I have put the most hours of playing on.  A whole got kicked through the body 10 years ago which I never got fixed and the structual damage has slowly taken its toll. The neck has now moved to the point that the action is in really bad shape. It also needs new frets.  I have had one luthier look at it and he said loosen the strings and stop all playing until it is repaired. He says it could cost upto $2,000.00 US and take upto a year to repair. I have ordered a new Martin which should be in by the end of the week. That was $4,000.00. I am torn on weather or not to repair the Guild, not to mention I will have to start a new saving in order to pay for it.

Hi there Phil, Yes it is true there are great luthiers here in Canada, but no more than any other places. I recently was at a luthiers show here in Canada at the Montreal Jazz Fest. Actually most of the luthier artist (and they are artist) were frome the US and other places of the world.I would have never imagined how impressed I could become looking at some of the creations I saw there. Any way I have come to the conclusion after doing research of my own. (i have been shopping for a new acoustic) that  an acoustic guitar of what I call quality is at least $1,000.00 Dollors. That by the way is just my opinion


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I have a CD called Buddy Guy The Complete VanGuard Recordings, 3 CD's from 1968 and 1972, His sound is completely different from the show I saw. If you get a chance to check out Claptons Crossroads Concert, thats how he sounded when I saw him.


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Crossroad Blues and Traveling Riverside Blues are 2 different Robert Johnson songs.


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One can not deny that Hendrix opened up a whole new chapter on the possibilities of what could be done on a guitar. I told this story once before on chordie, here it is again. Whe Hendrix first hit the sene in England Eric Clapton and Pete Townsand went to see him play. After the show they were bummed out believing they would no longer have work playing guitar


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Back in the day as a teenager (1970's), the fact that the guitar was a chick magnet motivated me greatly to learn how to play