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Kahuna wrote:

I guess depending on your preference.  I have a couple of Ovations and they were fine for me.  Of course, I would prefer to have a Takamine or a Martin.  But, my dream guitar would be a Taylor.

For practicing, if your guitar is set up correctly, it would get you by.  I still think a Takamine is a good solid practice guitar for the price.

As stated its all about preference, I have played quite a few Taylors and they are truly very nice. I on the other hand have never been able to see what a lot of other players see in Takamine, they really dont do anything for me


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I believe just about every one will have a different answer for this one. I did most of my learning on a Guild F-50. I truly love this guitar. Today I ordered myself a new guitar, the guitar of my dreams, a Martin D-42


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Banana Pancakesis pretty easy and Sittin,Wishing,Waiting although that has an F in it

Take your time and dont be in such a hurry. Practice your guitar. I promise you one day when you become pretty good you will get noticed and you will even be able to start or join a band if thats what you want. Just stick with it and you will see

I dont care for metal either, nor rap. I love the blues, old country, quality rock and actually a wide variety of as acmecorp put it quality musicianship and songwriting that matters type music. Led Zepplin definitely falls into that category


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Hey Mike its me again, turns out Studio de Musique Claude DeBussy gave me the best price in Canada on the Martin I want, and I called and went everywhere in the Montreal area. The news is I got a price in Vermont for $1,000.00 less. Its true there is a difference in US and Canadian currancy but before you buy your Martin you might want to check the prices in the states. I ordered mine and have been told it should be availble this tuesday.


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Hello Michel, I just wanted to tell you that I took your advise and paid a visit to Claude DeBussy in St Herbert. You were right they are very friendly there. I ended up staying for over 2 hours. The salesman even showed me and let me play his personal Gibson acoustic. The guy is a very good guitar player too. I too am shopping for a Martin. I am ready to make the purchace I am just trying to find the best price. I made some phone calls to some shops in Vermont, they have some much better prices down there. I am just worried how much money they might charge at the border


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When I get to feeling that way I will switch to a different style of songs. Maybe from blues to country or country to reggee mabe even browse through some of the different songbooks here on chordie. I believe there is always somthing new one can discover.


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for me its not easy but I practice it all the time. all i can say is that I can play it better now than before but I need to keep practicing because it needs more work. there are some tabs on chordie that helped me at least to get the notes right

Guitar is my pasttime and I started in 1972 at the age of 14 and I have loved it ever since. my very first guitar was a yamaha acoustic

houseofcards wrote:

Practice the Barre chords after a while you will strike them without  even realizing it

this is the correct answer


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it changes but right now it is mystery train and thats all right both done by elvis presley which I have merged into one song


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hey there acmecorp, I finally got a chance to play a gretch. I was at a guitar shop and the guy there was so friendly and he let me try out a chet atkins nashville. It was really nice and I really liked it alot. who knows mybe some time in the future I will be able to get one. anyway it is on my wish list

I have had a jumbo body acoustic for years now (Guild F-50) and there is nothing quite the same as the sound you get from a JUMBO body

Dr C Togden wrote:

How much do you spend on a guitar? As much as you can afford – and a little more if you can. Just make sure it is really want you want and desire. Value for money is important – but there is also passion. You need to love the thing. The most important factor as far as I am concerned is a low action that doesn’t buzz on the frets. I play a National Resolectric – but I play it acoustic. Unconventional I know – but it suits me. An acoustic with an electric neck is a fine thing for beginner. There was a fashion for them once – but I don’t know whether they are still easily available. Maybe someone out there knows about this?

Dr C , how do you like that National and did you check out any other resonator guitars. Have you tried and if so what do you think of Goldtone. Any recomondations on any other resonator guitars that dont cost as much


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If you mean have I wrote any songs the answer is I have some that I started but never finished


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Hello Old Doll, Van Morrison is one of the acts I have never seen. I look forword to one day when I get the chance. I have no dought that he puts on a great show


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My take on the matter is that it's all about personal preference. I myself prefer a thick pick.


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Hey there Devildog's Doll,  Thats a great song and a great response for a heckler, I enjoyed it very much.


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When the tickets went on sale for Van Morrison at the Montreal Jazz Fest they were sold out in less than an hour. I can't wait till next year


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No I am not a proffesional I have however been playing the guitar for 36 years and I have enjoyed every miniute. I also enjoy talking about guitars and music


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Yes Sir Badeye Workin Man Blues is a regular in my repritwa. I love that Blues / Rockabilly sound. When jammin I throw together a little melody with Mystry Train, Thats Alright Mama and Workin Man Blues. I find that it's a great little diddy to get that kichen jam jump started


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Hey Michel How goes it ? If that guitar feels right sure seems to me that you can't go wrong for $140.00. I would just make sure that it sounds good plugged in


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Welcome back Michel, Did you get a chance to hit the Montreal Jazz Fest or the Luithrers Exibition

Hi there Old Doll yes George Therogood was a great show but actually the opening act Buddy Guy is what impressioned me the most. Definitely one of the best shows I have ever seen