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I have heard many of yours as well,  and can say the same..



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Check out two songs I posted on my old Myspace page.

Gary Moores Still got the Blues acoustic version (open the entire song list to get to this one),  and Tom Waitts, Jersey Girl.

Recorded on and Ipad, with Garage Band, nothing special....Post a few comments,





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Thanks for all the compliments. I think I figured out the lag. I used my laptop microphone and the laptop camera, so the microphone pics up the sound later than the video. I will try to fix it on my next post.


OK, I tried my first you tube video. St. James Infirmary. I did it in one take, but there is a lag.

So, First, Check it out, let me know how it sounds, and second, how do I fix the lag.



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I never thought much of them other than a good beater that could take a spilled drink, but.....I picked one up on Craigslist advertised as having the binding coming off and a scratch on top. Paid $40.00 for it, fixed the binding and I have to say, it is one of the best sounding guitars I have. It is an older, deep back model. I use a clip on pick up, but plan to get one installed. The best part is, it can still take a spilled drink and a trip to the beach.