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Hey, I've been playing since last January and it seems like I've kind of reached a plateau with my playing skills.  I can play a good number of songs by quite a few different artists, and some easier solos (slower ones), but it seems that the music I'm finding is either too easy or way out of my playing ability.  What does anyone reccomend? Anyone else have this problem?


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Thanks for the info/opinions.  So I can get a better guitar for less.  What kind is reccomended? I don't know a whole lot about it, but what about a Dean, either an ML or V? They're knockoffs of the Gibsons, but they look pretty cool, and they're only aorund $200.


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Hi, does anyone know where to find tabs for Alan Jackson's Precious Memories album?  I've looked for the songbook, but I could only find the piano music with guitar chords.  Thanks


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Both are Epiphones.  The SG looks cooler but I like the colors of the LP better.  I'm leaning toward a Vintage G-400 SG, though.  I read the SG is lighter.  That's a plus.  Does anyone else have any opinions?  What's the biggest difference between these two and a Strat or Tele? Thanks


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Hey, I've been looking around at different electrics for awhile now.  I've played friends' Strats, and have tried a few Les Pauls and SGs at Guitar Center.  I like the Stat, but I've narrowed my choices down to an LP or SG.  I really love both-and there are a couple models in particular that I'm looking at.  I'm looking at either the LP-100 or an SG-400 model.  They are in a similar price range, depending where you buy them at.  Could anyone who owns either offer some comments? Thanks


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Learn some songs from Eric Clapton's Unplugged album.


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