Rogue.  Trust me.  $79.99 for the plain acoustic, $129.99 for electric/acoustic.  Throw on a set of quality strings and you'll sound great.


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You mean the Brian May Red Special? Right here: … sku=512637
Looks like they cost about $800 new, but maybe you could look on ebay or elsewhere for cheaper.


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1. Somewhere In Time
2. Forrest Gump
3. Star Wars
4. Back To The Future


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I found a lot of this kind of stuff in the music we played in school jazz band.  Sometimes, depending on the key, you'll find notes written as accidentals such as Fb, Cb, etc.  I don't think I've ever seen E# or B#, but I've seen goofy stuff like Abb (double flat, so down one whole step, or a G) before too.  Whenever you see notes like E# or B#, just remember that they're the same thing as F and C.  If you have a piano, remember that there's no black key between E and F and between B and C.


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The first recording was a "rough draft" so to speak of my first original guitar piece, "Summer Rain", timing in only at around 1:30 and lacking any real "meat".  I recorded a new one today, and threw in some cool effects to add to the feel of the song, including rain in the background throughout the song.  I know a lot of it is repetitive, but rain is repetitive...anyway, feel free to listen, critique, etc.  It can be found on my Myspace page.  Thanks everyone!


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Hey thanks, as far as "Summer Rain" goes, this is a sort of "rough draft"...I'm considering playing around with that tuning a bit more to get a better feel for it and make a 3-5 minute solo out of it.


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SouthPaw41L wrote:

Michael Hedges used a similar tuning on the 1996 release of "The 2nd Law" off of  Oracle. He used this;

If you're interested in open tunings, google Micael Hedges open tunings. He used over 40 types of various tunings.

Wow, I'll have to look into his music! Thanks!


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I see...yeah, I was just curious to see if it did have an actual name, like "open A" or something, but I've seen other tunings before that don't really have a name either.


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jerome.oneil wrote:

I'm not quite sure what to make of that!  How does it sound?

I don't know how to explain it other than if you listen to my newest recording....


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You tune the 2nd string B down to an A, and the bottom E string down a full octave below the 5th string A.  I'm not sure what it would be called, however.


(2 replies, posted in Songwriting) … =417118852

The first song on my page is an original piece I just came up with yesterday called "Summer Rain"...probably a rather generic name for a song, but I thought it fit all right.


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Thunderstruck...Iron Man.....Sweet Home Alabama.....Stairway

You could take any doofus off the street and let him play dress up with Disney, strap a guitar on him and teach him some rockstar moves and some easy little power chord riffs, and the average American teenage girl could care less.  Especially those who don't know much about music to begin with.  It's called marketing....

No Panheads on Chordie here haha?

This is the only song they've officially released a studio version of...there's one other one, but it only can be found on live concert videos.  Here's the youtube link with the studio version of "Hero" from Skillet's new album entitled "Awake" coming out in August.


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Yeah sorry about that I hope I didn't confuse anyone who thought I was talking about "fuzz" distortion...if you listen to my first recording on my Myspace page, there's a fuzzy humming sound in the background, because the adapter I was using to plug into my computer was not great quality.


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I guess the topic speaks for do I do this using Audacity?

When I'm down or really stressed out, I like to crank up the metal distortion and riff on power chords.  When I'm relaxed, I sometimes do the same thing, but I'd be more apt to sit down and acoustify it for a while, or mess around with a clean electric tone and play some really melodic stuff.

"Oh, let the world crash love can take it
Oh, let the world go crashing down
Oh, let the world crash love can take it
Love can take a little
Love can give a little
Love can take a little more"

"A Little More" by Skillet


"Seeing is believing, but belief is not like faith
Faith takes chances, and faith move mountains..."

"Play It Safe" by Dizmas


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I had a thread similar to this, but I've probably since changed my mind.

Band 1 (Classic Rock)
Vocals: Dennis DeYoung (Styx) and Freddie Mercury (Queen)
Lead guitars: Angus Young (AC/DC) and James Young (Styx)
Rythym guitar: Brian May (Queen)
Acoustic guitar (when applicable): Eric Clapton
Bass: Paul McCartney
Drums: Bob Burns (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Band 2 (Metal)
Vocals: John Cooper (Skillet) and Brian Johnson (AC/DC)
Screams: Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter)
Lead guitars: Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai
Rythym guitars: Ben Kasica (Skillet) and Phil Sgrosso (As I Lay Dying)
Bass: Les Claypool
Drums: Jordan Mancino (As I Lay Dying)


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Thanks much, I too like the second one better because I had a lot more time to put it together.


(2 replies, posted in Recording) … =417118852

Put two new recordings up, both original interpretations of well-known church hymns and songs.  Please excuse the slight fuzziness in the background, as this isn't awesome equipment I'm using.


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Thanks guys, I think I'll keep an eye out for a good deal on another amp to hook up to mine.


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I have used a regular instrument cable to hook them together.


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I'd like to get some more power from my amp, not for volume, but for more distortion and overdrive.  If I had money to pitch around, it would be awesome to get a half-stack Randall or Marshall....however, I don't have a spare $500 at the moment.  I recently was playing around with my cousin's little Mirco Cube amp (a great little amp by the way) and seeing that it had an extra jack, I hooked it up to my 30-watt Crate combo to make a sort of homemade half-stack.  I found that once I dialed in the right settings on each amp, I got some great sounds and tones from mixing effects on the two.  What if rather than buying a brand-new amp, I found a little 15-watt combo for $100 or so (I was thinking about a Crate Flexwave 15-watter since my other amp is a Crate) and hooked the two together? Does anyone else do this?