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Seattle/tTacoma here.

Why the interest in the Great Pacific Northwest?


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Almost any summer music camp would be a great place to take what you have learned and build on it.  I'm a true believer in the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop;

I took an "Intro to Swing" course 15 years ago, and it has driven whatever folkie I had in me into hiding, but the jazz chords are cool, movable, and in many cases easier to grab than the 1st position folk chords.  Just to bring credibility into the purchase of the new Martin though I have been taking flatpick classes in right hand rhythm and bluegrass backup.

I'm 56 this month.

Go for it!!!


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I'm 56 this month, playing since 13, and I learn something new every day.  If you think about it, you have a piano's worth of notes available, and an almost infinite way of combining them.

Amazing instrument!