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I Love It. I love the blues also an this is just a great song for the chords...GREAT JOB MAN!


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Man I LOVE the blues you have put together here and i must say you impress more and more each time you post a song! Awesome!


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Hey ..This is a beautiful song jets...Love the idea and i'm sure your woman's heart was won over the first time you did this or played her to sleep with this tune....Way to go!


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B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L,  what else is there to say?


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Hey let me just start by saying that i could see a lot of the girls' i have dated fathers saying this to me...So, anyone that's a dad out there, let me assure you that if you print this song off for them and tell your daughter's boyfriend to read it, i'll bet he'll think twice before pulling a stunt of his own! And If you want to do that just hghlight James' quote "I will find you in the wilderness and your gonads I will stomp"   Now You've got me wondering about my own relationship with my girlfriend's dad James!
To put it briefly James,   Great Song, as scary as it may be to young men out there,  Great Song!


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Naw I haven't sung it for her yet James...Got to build up the nerve first!
You are a sweetheart ode to the cruel heart! (On the basis that you're a girl,  if you weren't that last statement would just be weird)  And Thanks Again!!!!!  You keep writing too!!


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Hey, man is this song supposed to show any relation to the Virginia Tech shootings...?


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Man that song is great!  I can really relate to the lyrics and once again, you put another great one out here!! Keep writin' em' and i'll keep lovin' em'!

Hello everyone,  here's  ANOTHER SHRUBBERY!......well, i guess you would have had to see Monty Python's "The Holy Grail" to get that one.   But, here's another one from Rooster3.

Please comment...good or bad...it all helps!   Thank You.

(Thoughts of You) Carry My Dreams AwayCopywrite: Blake Stitcher

Intro: [ D,Asus4,Bm,G ]

Verse 1:

[D]Hey girl now I [Asus4] feel like we’ve [Bm] been through a[G]lot And we’ve,

[D]Made some [Asus4] memories along the [Bm]way[G]

And [D]layin’ here in my [Asus4]bed at night my [Bm]body’s fast a[G]sleep

While [D]thoughts of you [Asus4] carry my dreams a[Bm]way.

Verse 2:

I [D]dream on our [Asus4]happy times and [Bm]all that we’ve been [G]through, like when

[D]Your parents caught us [Asus4]kissing in the drive[Bm]way in the [G]morningpast two[D]

And the time you [Asus4]told me how you [Bm]felt about me and [G]I just smiled

[D]Cause’ neither of us had [Asus4]said I love you for a [Bm]while. [G]


It’s [Bm]times like these that my [G]heart is so glad

For [D]all the love shared and tears [Asus4]shed when times were bad,

But [Bm]I just smile cause’ I have [G]you for another day

When [D]thoughts of you [Asus4] car-ry my dreams a[D]way.

[Asus4] [Bm] [G],[D][Asus4] [G]

                          Carry them away


Verse 3:

Like those [D]good ole’ rides down [Asus4]country roads [Bm]all up Georgia [G]44

That led, [D]to the edge of [Asus4]town and then back a[Bm]gain [G]

And that [D]time we laid [Asus4] on our backs in the [Bm]bed of my [G]truck down by the lake

[D]As we watched [Asus4]stars fallin’ from miles a[Bm]way [G]



And [D]while I am layin’ here alone tonightAnd [Asus4]you’re off somewhere else,

I’ll [G]dream on all our memories while [Asus4] flying through the clouds.

And [Bm]when the morning light hits my eyes I’ll [G]wish that I could stay,

[D]Fast asleep while thoughts of you [Asus4]car-ry my dreams a[D]way.



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Once again everyone, thank you for your compliments and i'm glad ya'll liked it.


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Oh wow!  This is an excellent song!  I am very impressed with the writing in this one tommyboy2.  I played the chords in my head as i read along and i got chills....just an awesome work!


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Awesome job bud_wiser..really like the song and how it flows along...any chance you could send me an mp3 file to my e-mail to listen to? if you could, i would really love to hear it played by you.


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Hey  hinder_rox07 I really like this song's meaning...I can see you put some time into the underlying thought hidden within the song's lyrics.  I really hope to see your chords up soon whenever you decide which one's you like best.  Great Job andKeep Writing!


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Hey thanks everyone!  I'll have the mp3 posted on another website soon and when i do get it up, i'll post the link on this page. Thanks again!


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Hello again...Hope everyone in the southeastern United States is enjoying this extremely hot summer we're having as much as i am...So when i'm not working in the hot sun, I'm writing songs and here's another one from Rooster3. 
    Please let me know what you think......

Come Home MelisaCopywrite: Blake Stitcher

- For verses it is 4 beats per chord

Intro:  C,  Am, F,  G


Verse 1:

[C]This morning I got up,

[Am]I walked outside and cried,

[F]I started talking to the [G]rain.


[C]Every time that I spoke,

[G]I heard the thunder roll,

[F]But I said what I had to [G]say.


Bridge 1:

[F]I said I really miss that [G] girl,

[F]When she left she took my [G]world.



Come Home [C] Melisa

I’m sorry for [Am] all I’ve done

[F] I let you run out on me

Even [G] though I knew you were the one

If only [C] you knew how

I cry and [Am] miss you now

[F]I wish I could hold her and tell her I [G]love her

Come Home [C] MelisaAm,F,G



[C]I went back inside the house

[Am] I picked up the telephone

And [F] let it ring till’ I nearly fell asleep

Listenin’ [G] to a busy tone


Then finally I [C] heard your voice

It was the recording [Am] on your machine

[F] My heart fell out of my chest

And I [G] just waited for the beep


Bridge 1



Bridge 2:  (Barred chords work well here)

Then the [F] phone clicked a while, I heard you [G] voice and then I smiled

Because I [C] knew you’d heard what I had to [Am] say

I said [F] babe I’m beggin’ you, Now [G] girl it’s the truth

Won’t you [C] please just listen to [F]me?[G]




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Hey Sabba, This is a really awesome song!! I can relate directly with this song and your words hit thenail on the head..You are really talented and i hope you continue writing songs and posting them..Hope to see the chords soon!!!


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Man, i third the two previous statements by Old Doll and Roger Guppy.  I really like your song and can't wait to see the chords up there! I'm only nineteen so in ages we're not that far apart hinder_rox07!! I'm very impressed with your song and let's keep the young folk's rockin'!!!

Hey man...You're well on your way to a songwriting career! Keep workin at it and writing a lot....even if you get an idea in Mcdonald's (i have!), go write it on a napkin and when you get home go from there..Good Luck!


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The chords are now up!! Thank you for your compliment "it is the best rooster'  Compliments like those keep me going.


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Ode to te cruel heart (nice name!) As Long as you promise not to copywrite what's already been copywrited by me i'm cool with it ...sorry to be a tailhole, but people on another website have been takin some of my stuff and using it....But i know i can trust you because you seem sincere and thank you for your compliments!


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What do mean by nick?  If you mean the line at the bottom of your posts then yeah i don't care.


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Hey Everyone!
I wrote this one today when i had a thought and just ran with it Please tell me what you think.

Love's Lost Highway 
Copywrite: Blake Stitcher

Intro: D,  Asus4,  G,  D/E
Verse 1
[D]Ridin’ Love's lost [Asus4]highway that [G]leads from your heart to [D/E]mine, [Asus4]
[D]I’m not sure where I’ll [Asus4]end up but my [G]heart breaks with the [D/E]time,[Asus4]
That I [D]spend searching for a [Asus4]way to [G]get you back [D/E]again, [Asus4]
[D]Lord knows that it [Asus4]hurts so bad sometimes when I [G]need you as more than a [D/E]friend. [Asus4]
The road is dark and lonely but leads to something that I love,
I lost my way there once before because I quit believing in our love,
But now I’m back on my feet and travelin’ night and day,
To try to get you back, and pull you into my arms, so I can hold you and say… (That)
[D]I’m tired of traveling this road alone I [Asus4]need your half too,
The [G]constant battles in my heart are [D/E]turning me in[Asus4]to,
[D]Someone I’d hoped to leave behind so that [G]I could find my [A7]way,
[D]Back into your [Asus4]arms tonight a-[G]-long Love's [D/E]Lost [Asus4]High[D]way.
Verse 3
I know that you are there at the end waiting patiently for me,
I just don’t know the way to tell you how long my trip could be,
But please don’t leave me behind after I’ve come all this way,
I’ll find the way to steal your heart again at the end of this highway… (Because)
Closing Chorus:
I know we said we’d never give up and that we’d never give in,
I’ve run that thought through my head time and time again,
But I’m beaten down and without your love there’s no way I could stay,
True to the path ahead of me along Love's Lost Highway.
Closing Verse
Ridin’ the long lost highway that leads from your heart to mine,
I’m not sure where I’ll end up but my heart breaks with the time,
That I spend searching for you so I can hold you and say,
I love you and I’m tired of traveling Love's Long Lost Highway.
Let me know what ya' think....


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Hey man i can really relate to this song and i found it to be a great one for anyone having a rough patch to relate with!
Great job and can't wait to hear some of your other stuff!


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You just made my day with the goosebumps compliment..I appreciate you takin the time to look at it!


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Hey man I really like the song! That's exactl how my rainy days go!  Get out of college classes and your mind's filled on a day like that, there's nothin better to do than play your guitar