Hey bassboy, Rooster3 here and actually that approach can sometimes be useful...When i first started playing guitar the first thing i wanted to do was play other people's music.  Lynyrd Skynyrd, ACDC, def leppard, boston, Molly Hatchet, and it goes on and on.  Then I realized that there were some songs i liked more than others because of thedifferent chord progressions.  Now I've learned how to throw my own chord progressions together and make up my own songs, lyrics, and leads.  Find the chord progressions you like and then try to play them in a different way, slower or faster, fingerpicked or strummed, just find a style you like.  I usually find the music i like first when i write songs and i believe songs flow better when done so.  Then write lyrics about things that directly affect you such as personal experiences, people you know,love, things you dislike, and ideas or views you disagree with.....It's a free world to write in out there so just about anything goes.   Over time i used this method and like you said for a while i had the dreaded "WRITER"S BLOCK" and couldn't write...But here recently i've been tearin up the pen and paper....so justgive it time, find the chords u love, the events that affect you and go frm there.  In time you'll be able to write your own original stuff like i do now..It's not hard, but it does take practice, and lots of It


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Oh ok   
thank you for Your help!


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The chords are placed in front of the words that they are strummed on and I use kind of a slow 2 strum per chord or a finger pick that matches that time....It's not an up-tempo song but I think it flows better when played a little slower....With a slower 2 strum/chord rhythm it means lyrics flow a little faster though.

It's cool with me...Hey, that made my day knowing i incidentally helped someone out by writing a song!


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Is there a way to post recorded material such as songs by aspiring artists as mp3s on this website?


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Hey snoman80  yeah you're more than welcome to print it out and i hope you enjoy playin it..........  I really appreciate the comment and its comments like that that keep me goin'!  Thank You


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Hello again...Rooster3 here and i must be on a roll or something because the creative mindset has hit me and i'm finishing songs that have been needin' finishin' for a while!

This song goes out to my dear friend that donated her hair to an organization that makes wigs for patients undergoing chemotherapy and cancer treatment.

When Your Brown Hair FallsCopywrite: Blake Stitcher

Intro:  C, Am, F, G

Verse 1:

You say that you [C] want to give back

To those that [G] won’t give in

So you take your [Am] place at a hairdresser’s seat

As the[F] barber’s wheel blows in the [G]wind


As you face yourself in the mirror

You are watchin’ your brown locks fall down

Your eye drops a tear when you look at me

And then hear the scissors sound.


(Kinds quick chord changes, but when finger picked and played slowly they flow great)

When your [F] brown hair [G] falls, [C]All around your [Am] face

There’s nothing that [F]I can [G] do, for my [C]heart as it[Am] races

When your [F]dark brown [G]eyes [C]fall to meet [Am] mine

Baby, you are [F] beautiful,[G]when your brown hair [C]falls.Am, F,G

Verse 3:

You know that this is all for a cause

In which you so strongly believe

You’re giving a small part of your life

To someone else that needs


When the chair is spun around at the end

And your brown locks are all gone

You smile because you know you’re giving them

To someone that once walked alone



And [F] through it [C]all,you’ve [G]seemed to be the [C]same

You [F]gave away a [C]part of you,to help [G]someone make a [C]change

And as we [F]go out of the [G]beauty shop, With [Em]hands raised to the[F- bar cbord]


We [C]leave behind a [G]small brown bag with a [F]part of your heart in[C]side


Let me Know what ya'll think.....


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Hey James,
Rooster3 here and i really like this song....reminds me of a personal experience i had once and i know a few guys that appreciate this shoutout!  Keep puttin out good songs man, love to read em'!

Hey, great song man!  I like it a lot!   I love songs with those sorts of progressions (D,G, and A)


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I don't mind at all James.  When u format it it makes it look a ton better and when i read it i can tell how to read it better!


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Hey Everyone... Here's another song from Rooster3.  I've had this one for a little while and just finished writing it, coincidetally like the song says while sitting in my front porch swing. Ironic.  ....Any suggestions on this would help before I record it.  Thanks again!

Don’t Say I Didn’t TryWritten By: Blake Stitcher

Copyright: Blake Stitcher

Intro:  D,  G,  A,  D

Verse 1:

[D] Sittin’ in my front porch rockin’ [G] swing,

[A] Wavin at the clouds as they pass [D] by.

[D] Singin’ a song I wrote for [G] you girl,

[A] About a love shared between you and [D] I.

Verse 2:

[D] I was wondering where it all went [G] wrong,

[A] Maybe we both grew up too [D] fast.

[D]This swing’s where we both fell in [G] love

But now I’m starin’ [A] at a half-full liquor [D] glass.


[D] But don’t you say I didn’t [G] try,

[A] To give you all that you [D] asked.

[D] If door number two has got what you [G]need,

[A]Then girl I wish you the [D] best

[D]Maybe my love just ain’t [G] enough,

[A] To keep you from walkin’ out that [D]door.

[D]But don’t you say I didn’t [G] try

To love you all my [A] life

You can’t say I didn’t [D] try.G, A, D

Verse 3:

A cool breeze blows across the porch,

To cool a hot afternoon sunset.

I’ve tried calling your phone a few times,

But I ain’t heard nothing back yet

Verse 4:

I heard you’ve got a new man across town

And I hope that he’ll be good to you.

Cause if you ever do call me back

I just wanted to tell you that we’re through




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Hey  lena.odonovan@gmail.com!  I would have called you by your username but i didn't see another one.. I'm 19 and yes ma'am i've written a few more.  i wrote one for a girl who i knew that donated her hair to an organization that made wigs for those that were undergoing chemotherapy and i've written a few more also...  Thank you so much for your appreciation of my song...I have it posted on another website at countrytabs.com  - here's the link to that page. 
just copy and paste it into the area up top!  When you get to the page, just click on "Stitcher - My Troubled Angel" and it'll come up for you to listen to.  I don't think you have to "save target as" like it says.  I think you can jus clickon it but if not you can "Save target as" and it'll download shortly for you to listen to.  Once again,thank you.


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I recently put the lyrics and chords to a song on the webpage but when i get it recorded how do i go about posting it for others to hear?


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Hey everybody...I'm new to the website so, hello!..Would ya'll look over a song i wrote for a girl a while ago when she was having a rough patch.  I hoped ya'll could tell me what you think.

My Troubled AngelStitcher

Copywrite: Blake Stitcher

INTRO – [E], [A], [G] [F#], [E] [B7], [E]

Verse 1:

She [E]swears that she, just can’t [A]take it anymore,

The way the [D] world is [A] pushin’ down on [E]her.

When both [E] time and the world [A] seem like they’re too much,

That’s when she [D] sees life not like a [A]gift but just a [E]curse.


[E]When she’s fallin’ fast in the troubles of life,

And when her [A]wings to fly won’t spread and nothing’s goin’ right,

I’ll [D]spread my arms to [A]herand

Pull her [E] close so that she won’t fall.

[E] And though her tears may fall down from heaven above,

And the [A] sky cloud over and block out the sun,

I’ll [D] catch her and give her a [A]shoulder on which to [B7]cry,

And I’ll just [A] hold my troubled angel [B7] who can’t [E] fly.

Verse 2:

My [E] Troubled Angel, is [A]freefallin’ down,

Through the [D] dark [A] clouds to the [E] ground.

Her Wings are [E] broken hearted and she [A] can’t spread them to fly,

Come fall in my [D] arms troubled [A] angel, I’ll [E] Love you tonight.



[A] She can’t stop tumblin’ down through the [E] layers of sky

And the [D] clouds [A] part to [G, F#]let her through[E]

Because the [A] loving winds that blow to [E] help her fly

Can’t [D] heal a broken [A] heart over – [B7}night…


That's basically it except for a few add-ins here and there...