I'm kind of a budget consious guy, so I took my Takimine Jasmine, added an end pin jack, and hardwired a Seymour-Duncan Woody into it.  I get a really good sound with no feedback issues and I haven't invested a lot of money. It's pretty amazing how good some of the low end instruments sound these days.


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I could listen to the Eagles all day long. The Monkeys - not so much.


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You "NEED" as many as you can get.   If you know your instruments and do a little homework, you can really stretch your dollars at the pawn shop.


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Hi all,  I'll be 63 this year and have been playing since my teens. Cut my guitar teeth on Gospel and Bluegrass, but got influenced greatly by the Beatles. Now I play just about anything and enjoy it. I've gotten some of my greatest joy in teaching my son-in-law and my grandson to play. We have a great time jamming. Right now I have a Takamine, an American Strat, and an off brand from the 60's (my first electric) that I still play. I recently bought a Ukelele and it is really a fun instrument to play - adds a nice dymanic to a jam session. I continue to try to play the fiddle but with very limited success. Playing the guitar has been a great release for me over the years and I look forward to plating for many more.


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Thanks for the feedback everyone.  I think you're right about playing with another instrument or a CD. It seems to be a lot easier to keep the nots on key that way. Now if I could just get that squeak out of there....



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Hi all,

Just got my fiddle for Christmas and have been having fun learning to play. I've played guitar for 40 years, and have been afraid of not having frets. While it's a challenge, I'm getting a feel for it.  I did get a DVD to help me learn, but I was wondering if anyone might have some pointers on some additional aids for making playing a little easier or quicker other than practice, practice, practice.



You should be able to run the line out from the amp directly to the audio in on the laptop.

I use a program called Audacity, which I found on the web as a free download.