What about a name that celebrates your nerdness while at the same time not being obvious about it like.....

Zero Slope
Scale Factor
Ordered Pair
Point of Symmetry
Direct Variation

Good Luck!


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I have never personally played a Martin but I hear they are nice.I do, however, have a Taylor and I love it.It really comes down to personal choice and what you can afford.Good Luck!!


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Thank you for the prompt response and resolution http://smilies.vidahost.com/ups/DeNiro/peace.gif


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I see alot of img links in peoples signatures(including mine) and no images.....is the tag [img],[/img] and a host all we need? It usually is on other forums that I frequent.Thx!!!


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Great Site Everyone!! I found it while searching for some Brad Paisley songs from the Cars Motion Picture smile  I'm from a town in Cental California called Ceres.I've been playing ever since a guitar class in junior High School.My father traded a set of golf clubs for my first guitar(gave it away a few years ago).I'm now 39 years old and still strumming away!!

I have several guitars but my favorite is my Taylor 710CE.This one has the Fishman pickup instead of the new Expression System but it still sounds great to me.Next one will be a Taylor T5!!