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Dirty Ed wrote:

Excellent Zurf!  I bet that Breedlove sounds great.  As you know, I've played around with Nashville tuning for years. My latest set up is on an all-mahogany Alvarez Mastercraft parlor (MPA66SHB) that just sings with those high strings on her. Besides the songs you mentioned, I suggest trying "Someday Soon", "Sounds of Silence", "Mr Tambourine Man" and "If You Could Read My Mind". Those four are probably my favorites I play in Nashville tuning. I finger pick them with metal finger picks.

I'm looking forward your video.


Thanks. Those are good recommendations. Probably not Mr. Tambourine Man for me. But the others maybe. BGD recommended Del Shannon's Runaway. I gave it a quick try and it made the cut.

I'm so used to trying to play both a bass line and the strumming pattern or the picking pattern simultaneously that just strumming has been the biggest challenge for me trying to make this tuning sound good. I'm eager to try some multi-track recordings with it.     


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I have a Breedlove OM Retro that I bought from Dirty Ed a while back. It's a wonderful guitar that I've always thought sounded better with lighter strings than heavier ones. It has a terrific mid and high tone response.

I had put an extended nut on it and was trying to learn lap steel, but that did not work out so well. Mostly just me not taking the time to practice with intention.

Last night, I took off the nut extender and restrung it with Nashville Tuning strings. The G string broke, but fortunately I had a replacement string of the same diameter in my "spare strings" drawer and was able to replace it.

Boy, it sounds wonderful set up like this. I was surprised that I didn't need to do a neck adjustment with the much lower string tension, but the action was great. I did a fret leveling while I was at it. It plays like butter now.

I'll post a video in a couple days once I've had a chance to figure out a proper arrangement for the new sound. I tried playing Cat Stevens Wild World and also Steven Still's Southern Cross, and they both sounded pretty good. I think some Tom Petty may sound real good on it too, since he has some real good 12 string strummers. 

A song like that, simple and heartfelt, gets you right in the gut. I'm not so sure about the "Etc. So forth" verse...  LOL.     


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RobertDiamond wrote:

I'm a newbie here. I would like to know more about it. Please share more details. Thank you!


Wonderful droll sense of humor Robert. Nicely played!     

Thanks Jim.     


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I've grown weary of the Dean Markley Cryogenic strings tearing up my fingers. They sound good. I like the tone. But by the end of a two hour practice, my fingers are raw. They literally file the callouses from my guitar playing off of my fingertips. So I'm going to put some I've got three different types of bass strings in my string drawer. One is a set of GHS Boomers in light scale (.40" as the thinnest string) and the other is a set of D'Addario XL half rounds (which are round wounds that have been lightly filed to knock down the roughness) in a slightly heavier "light" scale (.45" being the thinnest string).  I think either of them will be better than the Dean Markley's for finger soreness. I also have some Hartke strings that are pretty brutal, so I'll not use those.

I'm going to try the GHS Boomers.

Also, I got in a thingy to hold down the D and G strings against the nut better (in black). And I got black strap buttons. So all the chrome will be off the bass once I do that. But the strings and frets are still shiny. I don't expect to do anything about that.     

While I'm at it, I'm going to switch my Breedlove OM Retro from being modified for lap steel to being regular action, and will be stringing it with Nashville tuning strings as an experiment. I'm eager to hear how that sounds.


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Robert - If you know the manufacturer of the sound card, you should be able to download the driver from them. If it came with the computer, you may be able to get a driver pack from the manufacturer's web site. Good luck. Missing drivers can be a real pain.

BlueJeep - Try this. It may work. It may not. In the little white box in the lower left corner, type on Cortana. When you find Cortana, look for a setting to keep her quiet. Shooting your computer will certainly quiet it, but it will also hamper your ability to use it for Chordie access.     

Good luck Easy Beat.     

I've got a song idea on a similar topic. I've made a few passes at it, but can't put anything together.     

It's about someone I knew, which makes it harder I think. But I'm not such a good abstract thinker, which also makes it hard.  LOL!


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Merry Christmas a day or two late.

And Happy New Year a few days early.     

Peatle Jville wrote:

Zurf Merry Christmas reading your post about mortgage lenders these words came into my head.
Mortgage lenders steal a man's soul.
While putting him in a hole.
So deep you wonder if there is light at the top.

Yeah.  I wish they would!     

TIGLJK wrote:

mortgage lender, mortgage lender you ought to be ashamed
useless inspections, long distanced drives, I'm tired of your games
I told you everything you asked so you could make this sale a go
termite n' septic tests, and a title search - but now you just say no !



Have a Happy Holiday anyway!


That is fantastic!     

TIGLJK wrote:

mortgage lenders, mortgage lenders,  they prey on the poor
usury interest rates,  always more,more more

here is a start smile

That's not my problem. My problem is that they WON'T lend on a property I'm trying to sell. But they made the decision on the basis of an issue that was freely disclosed two months ago before they put us through the expense of termite inspection,  dye test on the septic field, and a title search. I just love hiring exterminators, plumbers, and lawyers on a fruitless and unnecessary exercise. Bear in mind the property is 200 miles away, so I have to drive there whenever someone needs access, or if the realtor lets them in then I at least have to go check out the property to make sure it's secure and they work was done in a proper manner and correctly cleaned up after.

I'd LOVE to find one of those greedy usurious aggressive lenders if he'd just make the deal.     

Thus the need for excessive, creative, and voluminous profanity.

I'm not sure I know enough cuss words. 


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I don't do well in the cold, nor the dark.

The winter solstice is usually a celebration time for me. I invite the neighbors over. I have the rare fire in the fireplace (my wife is allergic to the ash and it's a huge deal to introduce known allergens into the house). There's usually whiskey, egg nog, and wine (sometimes mulled). Guitars are picked. Songs are sung.

Tonight, there's a pandemic on. My wife is diabetic and at high risk. I'm a big fat load and at high risk. The kids would be fine. There's tons of insurance money to keep them in frozen pizzas until they graduate college.

No neighbors. No picking and singing. No whiskey. No fire. But I'm opening a bottle of wine. And it's going to be up to my wife as to whether she participates in the emptying thereof or not. 


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easybeat wrote:

here in NZ we`ve got 2 feet one on each leg!

Ha ha. I do love your word play.     


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We were well under predictions. I'm about to go shovel out the cars. A neighbor has already run a snow blower down the sidewalk. That was nice.     


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Peatle Jville wrote:

DE I ;love the way you use the weather as a metaphor to describe what's going down in the relationship.

This is why I don't write songs. I'm too literal for folk, and too metaphorical for country.     


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Well that just gets down to the root of the matter right quick.

Kind of blown away by it, actually.  I'm going to give it a try, I think.  I'm just wondering if I should listen to your SoundCloud version first.  LOL!  I sometimes like to bring my own approach to songs before hearing how it's supposed to sound.     


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Dirty Ed wrote:

I look forward to the time we can again sit around a campfire, tip a few adult beverages, talk about the things we've been up to and play some tunes together my friend.



This is one of your songs that beats everything on Country radio.

I have burned your Hell And High Water CD to my computer. I'll try to find an original to return to you. Text me your address.     

I didn't know you were on SoundCloud. I'll follow your station. I used to use it quite a lot, and need to get back to doing so. I miss hearing all Jets60's new songs.


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Very nice. Three chords and the truth.     


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"Recorded on a cheap mic in a spare bedroom under the influence of adult beverages." Wasnt that the warning label on your first album?

I have always appreciated your ability to formulate a song around a phrase. Your word play has always impressed me, and as I've gotten to know you better, I've noticed that its something you continuously practice and hone. There's a lesson for me in there somewhere.     


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TIGLJK wrote:

Jeez Zurf     

I can't remember half the stuff from last week !  smile

Yeah I thought you were going to do a couple a while ago, though I can't remember which ones

If you want to give this one a shot be my guest. I thought Phill was going to do it but Ann must have made other plans for him smile  just like my wife does.

Anyway, I'd be honored if you did one of my songs. I'm not much of a musician and it is always so cool for me to hear my songs really played by guys that actually know how to play and can sing.

Thanks and I hope your new equipment is awesome.


Quick shot at it.


I don't lay claim to "guys that actually know how to play and can sing."  I do lay claim to "I have very little shame and will give it a shot."