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tenorlord wrote:

I play tenor guitar too. I don't play six-stringed guitars. JERSEYDEVIL (above) is quite wrong when he states tenor tuning. Traditional tenor tuning is in fifths: CGDA. I tune mine in the "Irish style": GDAE, same as a violin or mandolin.


Well lets all bow down to the tenorlord because we know nothing and he knows all.


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Call me crazy but I've never had a problem with barre chords.


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bensonp wrote:

I am sure his response to her was not meant as an insult, as was yours to him.  Time to move on.

Here here!!

reading the actual title of your thread made sense. I couldnt play other peoples songs if it wasnt for tab. We both should learn how to read music.

Tab is for people who cant read music.  If you cant read music and suck at reading tab, then whats left?  Not sure what your really asking for.


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I understand where Jerome is coming from and I understand where your coming from. From my exprience you dont want to buy a guitar (or uke) that youve never played before because theres always gonna be a problem. If your having a problem keeping a certain tuning, than yes, change the gauge of your strings. Hence the reason people who play death metal use a thicker gauge to maintain tuning. I dont think anything Jerome said was insulting. To tell some that their advice is pointless is insulting and defeats the purpose of there even being a chordie. On that note, I wont highjack this post any longer.


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As an avid slap bass player and fan of Flea, I suggest superglue.


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thats a damn good question


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Russell_Harding wrote:

Thanks Selso,did you click on the link under the song? (hardingwilliams) its the last song on the player smile 

selso wrote:

Cant seem to access myspace but coming from you guys, its gotta be good.

I did and it takes me to myspace but it tells me to update my browser and when I try to download the new one it wont let me.


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Cant seem to access myspace but coming from you guys, its gotta be good.


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Im in love with the singer.(the girl, not the guy)


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jeez, Im jealous!


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hey im just glad someone commented! hijack away when it comes to slide.


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thanks dino, I knew theres a reason I didnt throw it away that has yet to hit me yet.


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man i wish I could play slide like that! Thanks for that badeye.


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If you read all this, thank you. Kinda long and depressing.

I didnt want you
So you ran away
And now that your leaving
I want you to stay

I'm sorry I lied
Please let me in
My promise to you
is it wont happen again

Your all that I needed
Wont hurt you no more
Wont call you a bitch
Wont call you a whore

You've heard it before
But I'll get it this time
And walk with a reason
A rhythm, a rhyme.

I didnt want you
So you ran and hid
And now I am left
with all that I did.

Takes to much time
to get it all back
Wish that you'd give me
Just one more chance

As a person I've grown
As a lover I have not
I dont expect you
to give it a shot

I write theses lame words
Thinking of you
Lie to myself
How I have grew

It all seems the same
But seems strangely different
Now Im alone
Not out to win it.

We tried to play house
Without building a home
I know it's my fault
It's my burden alone

Cant help but be bitter
for all that came next
Get over myself
and repay this debt

That I owe to you
To get it all right
But all thats inside me
just wants to fight.


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Hey thanks for that. I think this might have put people off because I dont usually contribute to the poem section.


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ah, gotcha. Thx tops


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At the risk of hijacking a thread or sounding stupid, what is busking?


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I have a cheap rouge resonator and I love it.  they are versatile. I prefer a glass slide over a metal one. I love to finger pick on it. I got mine for about a hundred bucks through musicians friend.


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That kinda ended like that jets and N.O. game the other night.


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I'm not much of a poet. But for some reason I havent thrown this one away. Maybe some help? I'll make it into a song one day.

What if i wrote a song
That changed the whole world?
But when I read the words back
It sounded so absurd.
Im at the point
where its make or break
And I'm just getting older
Do I lift my head and spank
this sh*t just like I had told her?
I'm tired of my mom struggling to get her bills paid
And I'm tired of my sister sifting through all of her loose change.
And my kids just want their daddy but all I do is work
Every time I come home I'm tired and I hurt.


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I cant find them anywhere.


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the more you play live the more comfortable you will be. As with anything, pratice makes perfect.

I only play so I complain when I loose that I can actually play that song on guitar. Yes my non guitar playing friends hate me.