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I start with the music then write the words. The music usally sets the tone. As long as your words fit the progression you should be cool.


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I think the whole state of New Mexico runs a close second

Right now Im kinda of helping hand to this guy. Pretty much anything that needs to fixed, he can fix it. I ran a pizza joint for along time. Cooking is what most of my background is in.


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Thanks guys. Anymore slide tips?


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When Im playing with a slide am I actually pressing down or just lightly putting it over the string?

Detman101 wrote:

Keep your head up man.
That freedom you have now...I agree that you should make the most of it. I'm sorry to hear about your situation with the kids but they will understand when they're older. Thanks for sharing your plight with us here, it's helped me to take a better second look at my own situation.
When you get your finances back in order, go out and listen to some free live music. Heck, if there are any local venues that have live music, go give it a listen. Everytime I go away on business (My only ME-TIME) I try to go out and listen to live music, be it jazz, blues, indie or just amateur night at some place. It's always therapeutic to sit back and get taught by someone showing the way live right in front of you. 
I don't know if you're a believer, but I am and I'll be sending some prayers up on your behalf. Some things...we have to tolerate because we are in this world for the time being.
The rest, God can fix.

Good luck and God bless,

Thanx man

I pretty much lost everything, from the car to the house, to friends. You name it, she got it. Even had to sell most of my music equipment. Im not really bitter, well yes I am. I never wanted to be a weekend dad. Thats what gets me the most. I love my kids.  Anyway, slow and steady wins the race. I always complained I never had time to my self, now I got all can handle. Better make the most of it rather than sit around feeling sorry for myself. Russell's cd came in today so thats giving me something to listen to and learn. Trying not look in the songwriting section. Trying to get it by ear. Makes it more exciting for me. Thanx for all the support. I knew I'd always love this site for a reason. Again thanx guys(and girl).


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Russell_Harding wrote:

looks like Monday at 7am I will be in the hospital the surgery is set for 9am and they want me to stay till Tuesday to recover I know this is routine stuff but I am feeling a bit nervous.

Id prepare myself for a longer stay. They say nine am but they really mean 6pm the next day. Hope all goes well for you Russ. Too bad they dont let you take a guitar with you.


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I would love to order one but am truely broke!!

Not to spill the beans or nothing but I did just go through a pretty bad divorce. The thing of it is, in the past every time we fought it was at least worth a song or two. Now it's just blah. Thanks for the advice. I guess I just need to get over my self.


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try playing more with your figer tip. Run scale exersises being aware of how your knuckle is postioned. Hope that helps a little. I have the same problem.

Dearest Chordie memebers,
I dont know what my problem is. I've tried listening to different types of music, learning new songs, scales,chords, etc... I just cant seem to write anything worth keeping. Tried jamming with people but either they flake out on me or were just not compatable together. I dont think Im truely loosing intrest but it seems more of a burden then anything. Im I just forcing it and thats why? I guess my question(s) would be have you ever been through this and how the heck do I get my thunder back?  I love to play any type of music or any type of instrument. Im just not feeling it theses days and it worries me.
Thank you ,

Only if you could careless about the amp. If you do I wouldnt suggest it.

Havent commented in awhile but I like this thread so: The sole reason I stuck to it was because it drove my parents crazy. Back then I listened to heavier stuff (Slayer, Primus, etc..) and they hated it. They would always tell me I wasnt any good and that the music I listened to sucked.(classic, right?) Sounds like a sob story but it did me alot of good. Made me determined to prove them wrong. Now my mom loves the way I play and my dad is even trying to learn. Its cool because we have something in common now. My musical taste has soften but I still love me some death metal. Thinking about starting a John Prine death metal cover band.(dont lynch me!) Any takers?

What up Chordie!!! I dont get around a computer much and my phone doesnt let me access chordie. Still love the site, still writing songs, still learning songs.

Awesome. Thats 1 of his best songs.


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I always enjoy your stuff.

Im not inclined towards anything but I wish your friend and his family all the best.


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I for some reason can not find the recording of this.


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I know exactly how you feel, ray


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Ya know, I finally listen to this and I gotta say I really liked it. It's written very well structurally. I really like the way you changed it up from Russ singing in the intro to Phill's parts through out, then ending on Russ again. Just goes to show you don't have to write a song starting with a verse. And I really like the lyrics.

I found to, if the song title is missed spelled or grammatically incorrect, it will so the same thing.


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I dont think you need anymore coffee.

Yeah, that sounded great. Never heard that song. They have a Woody Guthrie museum the next town over. Yet to check it out. Great job, none the less.


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KAP54 wrote:

Hiya Selso, Just stopping in to say Boo, I'm not sure if you caught it or not but that was two years ago and is water under the bridge, Ev-v-vverybodies a happy camper. big_smile

Sorry for dropping in stealstrings....You've been Chordieized and that means you have to post more music. smile



I didnt even notice that. Maybe I'll think next time I open my mouth. Thanx Kap.